You are a Resource Revolutionary.                                                 Paper Manufactured and Printed Using    ...
Rethinking. Reimagining. Resourceful.                                        01
WELCOME TO OUR     TRANSFORMATION     Forty years ago, in a small shed    Revolution. We are proud to         business str...
REvOLUTION     IS INEvITAbLE     The human desire to improve,          Global resources are under     invent, and innovate...
It’s clear that solutions for       Of course, this concept is more               resource productivity are the       than...
A newdirectionTo support our transformation         else is the wrong course of action.   The graphic overlapping in theto...
Heiner Bevers                                                                       Head of Central and Eastern Europe    ...
PAST         Beginning with the invention of the world’s         first reverse vending machine in 1972, all         the wa...
1972                                                                                                                      ...
1972                                                                                      1986                            ...
UNITY         TOMRA has experienced rapid growth         throughout its 40-year history. Growth has         been driven by...
COLLECTION SOLUTIONSREvERSE vENdING                                         TOMRA is the undeniable leader             ann...
COLLECTION SOLUTIONSCOMPACTION                                                We are the world’s largest                  ...
SORTING SOLUTIONSRECYCLING                                              We have pioneered the automa-              plastic...
SORTING SOLUTIONSMINING                                               We provide a complete product        With approximat...
SORTING SOLUTIONSFOOd                                               We are a leading provider of              get it to wh...
Business                             Stream                                                            We are fortunate to...
TOMRA’S RESOURCEOPTIMIZATION LOOPUsing tomato juice as an example, we can take a journeyaround the TOMRA resource loop and...
TODAY           In order to move forward effectively, it’s           crucial that we’re also moving forward in theINTO    ...
Our mission:                                                   TO CREATEOur MISSION statement represents ourdefined purpos...
Our vision:                                                   LEADINGOur VISION statement captures our aspirationsin strai...
WHAT dOES THERESOURCE REvOLUTIONMEAN TO YOU?This is exactly what we asked our team in workshops around the world. Provided...
ResouRceRevolutionARies46                47
IDEAS         As important as it is to understand what the         Resource Revolution represents, it’s equallyINTO       ...
LEAdING THROUGHOUR CORE vALUESOur values are critical to everything we do—they reflect what we believe matters,how we cond...
PILLARS FOR SUCCESSSuccess doesn’t just happen. True success is a result of high standards, greatexpectations, and clear p...
LET’S STARTLEAdingThE RESouRcEREvoLuTionIt requires a radical shift in how   We stand at an importantsociety thinks, how p...
Rethink. Reimagine. Resource.             Rethink. Reimagine. Resource.Rethink. Reimagine. Resource.                      ...
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Tomra brand book reference


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Tomra brand book reference

  1. 1. You are a Resource Revolutionary. Paper Manufactured and Printed Using TRANSFORMS 100% Certified Renewable Electricity TN#: 11-5005-1040 This publication is printed on Mohawk Options PC100 Paper which is process chlorine-free and is FSC®- certified and Green-e® certified paper, made with 100% post-consumer recycled fiber. Mohawk Fine Papers purchases enough Green-e® certified renewable energy certificates (RECs) to match 100% of the electricity used in its operations. This paper is also certified by Green Seal™.85749_JDK_CVR.indd 1 12/6/11 4:40 PM
  2. 2. Rethinking. Reimagining. Resourceful. 01
  3. 3. WELCOME TO OUR TRANSFORMATION Forty years ago, in a small shed Revolution. We are proud to business stream together. in Asker, Norway, two brothers, have been among the first to Yes—we are becoming one Petter and Tore Planke, started recognize that a better environ- TOMRA. Until now, TOMRA working to find a solution to a ment is better for business. We has been organized like a loose problem: a local grocer wanted a understand the challenges in collection of entities—working machine that could quickly and front of us, and are energized by for the same cause, but without a easily take back empty bottles. them. TOMRA has been a leader united vision and mission. Now, Intrigued, the brothers said they in creating solutions for optimal for the first time in our history, could build one. resource productivity for four we are, finally, one family. Everything we do is based on one We stand together at the threshold overriding concern: creating solutions of a cultural transformation at TOMRA, a change that will make for optimization of the earth’s resources. us stronger and our worldwide A spirit of entrepreneurship, a decades, but at no time has our impact greater. We hope that passion for innovation, and a leadership in creating a sustain- everyone here is excited about focus on finding solutions guide able world been more critical our company and the challenges TOMRA to this day. What started than it is right now. ahead. As it was forty years ago, as a task for a single store has so it remains today: the heart of become a mission that encircles That is why we also constantly TOMRA is its people. We want the globe. Everything we do is strive to improve our own this to be a great place to work, based on one overriding concern: practices, to optimize our own a place that gives us all a chance, creating solutions for optimiza- resources. Led, as always, by a every day, to make a difference, tion of the earth’s resources. spirit of innovation, increased where we can say with pride that effectiveness, and committed the world is made better with We are proud to be at the stewardship, we have decided to every decision and machine we forefront of the Resource bring all our people and every make together. Stefan Ranstrand President and CEO, TOMRA Group02 03
  4. 4. REvOLUTION IS INEvITAbLE The human desire to improve, Global resources are under invent, and innovate is relentless. unprecedented pressure. Today From the transformative phases it takes one and a half years to of the Industrial Revolution reproduce the biomass that the to the sweeping changes that world consumes in just one continue to define the Information year. And although the world’s Age, it’s undeniable that how we water supply is expected to stay work, live, and think is constantly essentially flat over the next 20 changing. And yet when we look years, demand is expected to back over these many shifts in increase by almost 65%. our global culture, something else is undeniable—the lifecycle Resource productivity must that these past revolutions were increase to ensure sustainable built on is outdated, inefficient, development. When we see and detrimental: that over the next 40 years, 30% Consuming. more people will need to be fed Wasting. with, at best, today’s availability Discarding. of farmland. We know that something needs to change. As a planet, we are running We know that rethinking how to the end of our leash. The we obtain, use, reuse, and world population will increase optimize the world’s resources by 30% in the next 40 years. is the right path at the right Seventy million people enter time. And this is how the next the middle class every year. revolution begins. The world is at the dawn of a Resource Revolution.04 05
  5. 5. It’s clear that solutions for Of course, this concept is more resource productivity are the than the latest trend— it’s been key to tomorrow’s revolution. our business for 40 years. We’ve Where do we come in? Easy: known that in order to move smart solutions for managing our forward, we all need to rethink resources—sourcing them, using and rework how things have been them, stewarding them, reclaiming done in the past. Every day we’re them, recycling them, and focused on transforming how the revitalizing them. Simply put, world obtains, uses, and reuses optimizing the use of the world’s its resources. precious resources is the answer. It’s good for the environment and it’s good for business. Simply put, optimizing the use of the world’s precious resources is the answer.06 LOCATION: NORDKAPP, NORWAY 07
  6. 6. A newdirectionTo support our transformation else is the wrong course of action. The graphic overlapping in theto one TOMRA, we have made a The drive to move forward with arrow signifies the unity of mul-strategic decision to add an arrow little thought given to conse- tiple business streams, workinglogo to our existing wordmark. quences is what’s exhausting together to take TOMRA—andUsing an arrow is not a new our precious natural resources. the world’s resources—in a new,concept for TOMRA—our Society has to move in a new positive direction.current wordmark features an direction—one that ensures thatarrow in the R. However, it makes the resources of today are managed The wordmark has been changedgood branding sense to ensure properly so that they will be the to black, to complement thethat the arrow we use going forward resources of tomorrow. blues in the arrow with a senseis consistent across everything of strength and to emphasize thewe do. This will help us to create We have retained our existing serious mission of our business.a strong, unified brand, both blue within the arrow, andinternally and externally. complemented it with fresher, Create a strong,In many cultures, an arrow re- more optimistic hues. Blue is a relevant color for its history as unified brand.presenting forward motion will part of TOMRA. It evokes What we’ve stood for sincepoint to the right. At TOMRA authority and security, and it the beginning is what will ulti-we believe that blindly following represents our planet as seen mately lead us into a successfulthe same direction as everyone from space. and productive future.8 9
  8. 8. Heiner Bevers Head of Central and Eastern Europe We believe in Collection Solutions transformation. Ton Klumper Head of Western and Southern Europe Collection Solutions Håkon Volldal Head of Business Area Collection Solutions Reverse VendingRune MarthinussenHead of Business AreaSorting Solutions Harald Henriksen Head of North America Collection Solutions Espen Gundersen CFO TOMRA Group Stefan Ek Head of Orwak Fredrik Nordh Collection Solutions Head of Nordic Compaction Collection Solutions 12 13
  9. 9. PAST Beginning with the invention of the world’s first reverse vending machine in 1972, all the way to providing the most innovativeINTO sensor-based sorting solutions today, TOMRA has continuously redefined whatFUTURE it means to be resourceful.14 15
  10. 10. 1972 The original TOMRA 1 1974HOW The first TOMRA model installed in the USTOMRAbEGAN 1971TOMRA was founded by two problem, but offered instead After a series of meetings vending machine was installed in The first RVM prototypebrothers, Petter and Tore Planke, to present the problem to his with supermarket owners and one of Aage Fremstad’s storesin Asker, Norway. In 1971, brother Tore to see if he could bottlers, Petter and Tore had on January 2, 1972.Petter, who had been working come up with a solution. gathered the information theyin the supermarket industry would use to form a product As a new company, our focus wasas a salesman of labeling and At that time, Tore, an engineer, specification for the design of a exclusively on the design, manu-price-marking equipment, was was working on the development prototype. What Tore and Petter facture, and sale of reverse-vendingapproached with a problem by of the world’s first fully auto- were hearing from the super- machines. Since that day, TOMRAone of Oslo’s leading super- mated navigation systems for market industry was basically has experienced 40 years ofmarket owners, Aage Fremstad. supertankers at the Foundation this: they wanted a machine incredible change—rapid growth, for Scientific and Industrial that had one hole that could be global expansion, and relentlessPetter recalls, “One day Aage Research at the Norwegian used for the return of all bottles innovation. Now TOMRA is activeFremstad asked me to come to Institute of Technology and a printer that could print in more than 50 markets withhis office to discuss a problem (SINTEF). In his free time, he out a receipt indicating the over 2,400 employees worldwide.he was having. He said, ‘Petter, began looking at Mr. Fremstad’s total refund amount of the Through new partnerships,please help me, we’re drowning problem with empty bottles. bottles returned. additional business streams, andin empty bottles. There has got Tore’s involvement in cutting- continuous innovation, we’re ableto be a better way of handling edge microelectronics combined It wasn’t long before Tore to evolve and thrive.the return of empty bottles than with his training in mechanical and Petter were back before thethe way we are doing it.’” Petter design proved to be a perfect group of supermarket owners to As with any business, to under- pitch the design Tore had devel- stand the way forward, it’s critical oped. They made a proposal to that we understand what drives TOMRA has experienced the owners: if the group funded us. We’re not just a technology 40 years of incredible change, all the material costs of building company. We believe in innovation that leads to solutions. And the a prototype (which amounted to and relentless innovation. about NOK 20,000), Petter and passion for solving problems that Tore would agree to work free of was present at our founding stillexplained that the company he match for the development of an charge to do it. A deal was struck, drives us each and every day.was working for would not be automated system for the return and Tore’s handmade prototype 1993able to help with this particular of empty bottles. of the first TOMRA reverse TOMRA headquarters, Asker, Norway Open to view the TOMRA16 timeline of innovation. 17
  11. 11. 1972 1986 1987 1999 2006 2008 TOMRA’s first reverse vending machines Aggressive expansion into the US market dovetails with a worldwide Cutbacks and consolidation go ISO 14001 Environmental Management TOMRA acquires Commodas—a leading TOMRA’s Industrial Processing Technology installed in Norway. Twenty machines surplus of scrap aluminum, overall adverse market conditions, and into effect to save the company. system certification is achieved. supplier within the field of sensor-based business segment, which was first established are sold based on the prototype and the the collapse of the platform for RVM sales—pushing TOMRA to the TOMRA bounces back from its 1995 products for mining and metal recycling. with the acquisition of TITECH, grows sub- company is then founded April 1, 1972. brink of bankruptcy. Petter Planke resigns as CEO of the company. pre-tax losses of NOK 129.6 stantially over the next few years. Revenues During the last five years of the 1990s, TOMRA’s The position is taken over by Jan Christian Opsahl. million in 1986 to deliver a profit within the segment more than double, from annual revenues increase from NOK 501 million in 1995 of NOK 10.3 million in 1987. NOK 379 million in 2005 to NOK 793 million to NOK 2.1 billion in 1999—representing an annual 2005 in 2008. increase of 46%. The most influential factor behind this growth is TOMRA’s increasing presence in the United 1999 TOMRA acquires Orwak Group, a leading By the end of this provider of compaction solutions for States. By the end of 1999, TOMRA’s sales in the US a variety of materials. Through these 1992 account for over half of the corporation’s revenues. decade, TOMRA has 2011 1981 1983 TOMRA’s extensive annual customer developed into a acquisitions, TOMRA positions itself to improve the existing recycling infra- 2008 major international TOMRA acquires Odenberg, rounding out TOMRA repurchases TOMRA’s first fully owned subsidiary is satisfaction survey is launched. structure in markets without deposit, as TOMRA acquires corporation with the offering to include food optimization. Ultrasort—specialists Hugin’s 33% share- established in the Netherlands. Subsidiaries in 1995 1996 over 1700 employees well as for a broader range of materials. in sensor-based holding. The Hugin the US, Denmark, and Germany soon follow. In Odenberg introduces Sven Jacobsen resigns as CEO and working in 34 differ- mining technology. network continue to Oldenzaal, a new factory manufacturing RVMs the first optical sorter Erik Thorsen enters the CEO office. ent countries and 46 sell TOMRA products. to handle one-way containers is opened. 1990 using collimated light separate markets. 2005 TOMRA redefines its US business sources. TOMRA launches the UNO RVM with 1977 model by embarking on an active 1996 one camera combining barcode and 1983 program of organic growth and TITECH autosort: 2001 shape recognition. TOMRA creates the industry’s first Odenberg launches the strategic acquisitions that cover the 1993 First high-capacity RVM speed dramati- 2009 RVM utilizing laser and fiber optics first optical sorter using full container recycling value chain— TOMRA creates the RVM Launch of Tx2 in optical near-infra- cally increases thanks for recognition and microprocessors for self-programming. LED technology with collection, pick-up, processing, North America and red (NIR) sorter for to TOMRA’s invention 2005 industry’s first true multivision- multiple wavelengths for materials handling, recycling, and sorting beverage of single-chamber based unit, solving common Scandinavia. First commercially available dual- spectral analysis of food the production of new containers. cartons. recognition. recognition problems. energy X-ray transmission sorter for products. mining launched by Commodas. 1982 2005 2010 1976 1987 2000 2004 Amund First NIR sorter Sales figures hit A breakthrough in the German TOMRA returns to 1990-91 2008 market thanks to the launch of 1994 TOMRA predicts that in order to continue TITECH autosort NIR - Skarholt using spectral1973 NOK 6.9 million the first fully automated crate- its innovative roots TOMRA rolls out the second genera- TOMRA’s Quality Man- to fulfill its growth expectations, it needs to VIS: First high-capacity is TITECH introduces the imaging (compared to NOK and launches its named first full-width scanning TOMRA enters distri- tion of automatic crate-recognition develop a more comprehensive business plat- optical spectroscopy for mineral 700,000 the first recognition machine based on next-generation RVM, agement Program is transflectance-based NIR bution agreements machines, this time, based on a new form outside of the relatively niche industry sorter with 32 wave- CEO. identification. year of operations). a TOMRA-developed ultrasonic the TOMRA 300. certified according to system for measuring fat for markets in Europe TOMRA-designed laser measuring of reverse vending technology. A strategic lengths across the sound measuring system. Revenues rise 62% ISO 9001 standards. content of food online. and the United States. technology. The dawn of a second approach to acquisitions begins to take shape. visual and near-infrared between 1987 and 1989. rollout wave in Germany. Innovation does not stand still within the spectrum allows simulta- 2005 2011 RVM group. TOMRA creates the first combined neous measurement Odenberg 1996 infeed for transport and rotation. of color and material. develops the 2006 TOMRA begins the MasterPac features groundwork to unify first 3-way 1984 More RVM innovations. TOMRA optical sorter the invention of RVM its vision, mission, becomes the first in the industry and approach across Rollout of 2,000 in food sorting. parallel sorting. 1974 TOMRA CanCan machines to integrate camera-based shape all business streams. First major sales break- 1978 in Sweden, put in operation recognition and energy-efficient LED through comes when One of TOMRA’s competitors, Hugin Kassaregister AB, March 1 when the Can 1988 for illumination into the products. Systembolaget orders enters a joint agreement with TOMRA. They cease deposit system starts. With TOMRA back on solid financial 2004 100 custom-designed production of their own RVMs and instead begin footing, careful reentry into the US TOMRA acquires TITECH, the machines. marketing TOMRA’s machines. In exchange, TOMRA market is initiated. Focusing on two world’s leading provider of optical deposit states, New York and Con- 1993 2006 2012 sells 33% of its stock to Hugin. necticut, yields revenues of NOK 4.9 Construction begins on a new 1997 recognition and sorting technology for the waste industry. In May, a new national deposit TOMRA RVMs are launched worldwide through 1985 million in 1988 and NOK 12.1 million 10,500-square-meter building TOMRA acquires its largest system for non-refillable 2009 TOMRA completes Hugin’s international network; among the countries are Between 1980 and 1985, TOMRA achieves competitor in Europe, Halton. This its latest evolution, in 1989. Jan Christian Opsahl resigns to house both production and beverage containers is imple- Stefan Ranstrand Australia, Mexico, and Israel. Germany and Austria are an annual growth rate of 36%. same year, on April 1—TOMRA’s 25th from a business of and Sven Jacobsen becomes the office space. By the end of mented in Germany. TOMRA is named CEO. added to the European market portfolio. anniversary—TOMRA releases a totally many brands to one In this period, some 3,000 SP-2 machines third president of TOMRA. 1995, production volume has reengineers its complete new RVM generation: the T-600. brand with many are sold in France to handle refillable wine increased by 36%. product portfolio and places areas of expertise. bottles in a huge variety of shapes. 8,000 RVMs in this market. We are one TOMRA.
  12. 12. UNITY TOMRA has experienced rapid growth throughout its 40-year history. Growth has been driven by a number of strategic shiftsINTO involving a combination of organic initiatives and acquisitions. The sum of all theseGROWTH developments has shaped a company that today is organized in two business areas. Reverse Vending: TOMRA Recycling: TITECH Compaction: Orwak Mining: CommodasUltrasort Material Recovery: TOMRA Food: Odenberg22 23
  13. 13. COLLECTION SOLUTIONSREvERSE vENdING TOMRA is the undeniable leader annually. We offer consumers a in the field of reverse vending of convenient and rewarding way used beverage containers. We to recycle and our customers an have an installed base of more than effective and efficient collection, 67,000 machines across more sorting, and processing solution than 30 markets worldwide. Today for valuable resources—beverage our reverse vending solutions containers today and potentially facilitate the return of more than other objects in the future. 30 billion empty cans and bottles ROLE IN THE RESOURCE 30 billion used beverage containers REVOLUTION are captured every year by our reverse vending machines.*+Transforms consumer behavior RETURNS by making it convenient and rewarding for consumers to return their empty containers.+Improves logistics and handling of used beverage containers in the recycling chain.+Clean and efficient, ensuring correct INTO *The avoided greenhouse gas emission equals the annual redemption of containers. emissions from 2 million cars—each driving 10,000 kilometers.+Increases retail traffic and adds to retailer’s CSR image building.24 1972 TOMRA’s first reverse vending machines installed in Norway. VALUE 25
  14. 14. COLLECTION SOLUTIONSCOMPACTION We are the world’s largest We develop, manufacture, and manufacturer of vertical balers market a comprehensive range and we’re also an industry of waste compactors, baling leader in compaction and baling systems, and briquette presses solutions. To give a sense of our for recyclable materials that scope, we have an installed base makes waste management more of approximately 65,000 balers. efficient and more profitable. ROLE IN THE RESOURCE Our vertical balers enable daily savings REVOLUTION of 45,000 transport movements, which saves 700,000 liters of fuel.* Saves in storage of recyclable materials. MORE++ Lowers transportation costs. Daily savings of 45,000 transport movements, resulting in daily savings of 700,000 liters of fuel. *Saving 700,000 liters of fuel is equal to removing about 1,766 European cars from the road for one year.+ Overall lower waste handling costs of up to 50%, saving businesses money. = 100 INTO26 2005 TOMRA acquires Orwak Group, a leading provider of compaction solutions for a variety of materials. LESS 27
  15. 15. SORTING SOLUTIONSRECYCLING We have pioneered the automa- plastics, paper, and metals, tion of waste sorting and we’re and have an installed base of the world leader in this field. more than 3,000 units across With a strong focus on research more than 40 markets. Our and development, we spearheaded sorters provide clean material the development of this market fractions that result in a higher by offering cutting-edge tech- yield and higher profit per ton nology for sorting of recyclables. of input material. We serve key segments, such as ONCE 450,000 tons of metal are recovered ROLE IN THE RESOURCE REVOLUTION every year by our metal sorting technology.*+ Lowers operating and maintenance costs. INTO+ Reduces accidents and strain on staff.+ Diminishes costs. *450,000 tons of metal is equivalent to 2,771 Boeing 747s.+ Provides greater efficiency. Almost double the amount that have ever been built.+ Results in higher yields from products. = 1,000 AGAIN28 2004 TOMRA acquires TITECH, the world’s leading provider of optical recognition and sorting technology. AND AGAIN 29
  16. 16. SORTING SOLUTIONSMINING We provide a complete product With approximately 170 portfolio for efficient material installations worldwide, our separation in various mineral sorting solutions for mining help and ore applications such as to extend the lifetime of mining processing of industrial minerals, operations, increase the value diamond and gemstone recovery, of the deposit, and reduce overall and metal recovery from slag. expenses. ROLE IN THE RESOURCE The mining industry consumes 2%-3% REVOLUTION of the world’s energy just for crushing and milling – equal to that of global More efficient recovery of materials. aviation traffic. Our sensor-based sorters SOURCE++ Our sorters can reduce water consumption by 3-4 cubic meters per ton. can reduce the volume to be crushed by+ Better utilization of existing deposits. 15%-40% in specific mines resulting in+ Better carbon footprint. significant savings.*+ Reduction of acid mine drainage. INTO+ Less pollution.+ Greater yields.30 2006 TOMRA acquires Commodas. 2008 TOMRA acquires Ultrasort. RESOURCE 31
  17. 17. SORTING SOLUTIONSFOOd We are a leading provider of get it to where it needs to go by optical sorting and processing directing the food to channels technology for the fresh and where different food qualities processed food industries, with can be utilized. From tomatoes over 2,700 installations globally. in the field to tomatoes on the Our products improve profit- shelf, crushed tomatoes in a can, ability and protect the customer’s and pureed tomatoes in ketchup, reputation by ensuring high- our food sorting solutions make quality and safe food with the most of a precious global minimum cost. Our products resource with the least amount also truly maximize the yield of waste. ROLE IN THE RESOURCE from all types of produce and REVOLUTION Our advanced sorting system inspects Maximizes yield and recovery, while millions of individual produce pieces YIELD+ reducing waste.+ Minimizes energy and chemical usage. per hour, typically recovering 5-10%+ Increases productivity through high- capacity sorting. through higher yields and better+ Consistent, high quality food assurance. utilization.*+ Consumer food sfaety assurance. 1 truck= 1,000 trucks *That’s appoximately 25,000 trucks per year in potatoes alone. We also sort carrots, tomatoes, peaches... INTO32 2011 TOMRA acquires Odenberg Group. USAGE 33
  18. 18. Business Stream We are fortunate to encompass such a wide range of innovation and expertise. As our company evolves, we will continue to unite further under the brand of TOMRA. We look forward to reflecting that spirit Business of consistency, collaboration, and unity in the years to come. Area COLLECTION SOLUTIONS SORTING SOLUTIONS Corporate34 35
  19. 19. TOMRA’S RESOURCEOPTIMIZATION LOOPUsing tomato juice as an example, we can take a journeyaround the TOMRA resource loop and demonstrate how,at every step, no precious resources are left behind. Can and multi-pack cardboard RECYCLING Can and cardboard separated placed in curbside recycling SORTING then baled individually bin for collection SOLUTIONS Tomatoes fresh from Recovers and the field CONSUMER processes cans Return empty cans REVERSE MATERIAL VENDING RECOVERY COLLECTION COLLECTION RETAIL SOLUTIONS SOLUTIONS FOOD Product suitable SORTING SOLUTIONS for retail Compacted bales of Product suitable for Shipping cardboard COMPACTION material mean fewer RECYCLING COLLECTION juice manufacturer compacted and baled trips to the recycling PLANT SOLUTIONS plant JUICE Canned tomato juice to Aluminum and pulp MANUFACTURER retail in cardboard boxes sent to be made into new packaging Recycled aluminum cans and packaging cardboard PACKAGING are returned to the juice manufacturer ready for reuse MANUFACTURER In an area without recycling infrastructure MINING virgin metals can be mined more efficiently SORTING with TOMRA’s mining sorting solutions SOLUTIONS36 37
  20. 20. TODAY In order to move forward effectively, it’s crucial that we’re also moving forward in theINTO same direction, with the same goals, and with the same approach to doing business.TOMORROW Why do we do what we do? Mission and Vision. Our Mission and What do we hope to achieve? Vision state—in straightforward How do we want to be perceived? language—what we do, why we do it, Any organization that hopes to move and what we aspire to. Our Mission and forward with clear purpose has to Vision also serve as a way of checking answer these questions. And we our decisions and initiatives. have done that, in the form of our38 39
  21. 21. Our mission: TO CREATEOur MISSION statement represents ourdefined purpose and is the fundamental reasonwe exist beyond profitability. A clear missionhelps us all stay true to what differentiates us SENSOR-BASEDin the broader marketplace. SOLUTIONS FOR OPTIMAL RESOURCE PRODUCTIVITY40 41
  22. 22. Our vision: LEADINGOur VISION statement captures our aspirationsin straightforward and concise language. A clearvision empowers the company’s internal culturewith a clearly drawn image of the future. THE RESOURCE REVOLUTION42 43
  23. 23. WHAT dOES THERESOURCE REvOLUTIONMEAN TO YOU?This is exactly what we asked our team in workshops around the world. Providedwith just a few items—blue paper, scissors, and glue—each person was tasked withvisualizing the Resource Revolution. From graphic representations of growth andprofit to resources being recycled and used again to a planet in balance, we believeeveryone can find something meaningful and worth connecting to in these images.44 45
  24. 24. ResouRceRevolutionARies46 47
  25. 25. IDEAS As important as it is to understand what the Resource Revolution represents, it’s equallyINTO important to understand what it does not. This helps keep us all on track and heading in the right direction.ACTION THE RESOURCE REVOLUTION IS... + Optimistic + Aspirational THE RESOURCE REVOLUTION IS NOT... - Pessimistic - Always being #1 + Creative - Angry + Collaborative - Antagonistic + Innovative - Extremist + Inviting - Arrogant + Educational - Violent + Progressive - Negative + Respectful - Disrespectful + Diverse - Subversive + Authentic - Contrived48 49
  26. 26. LEAdING THROUGHOUR CORE vALUESOur values are critical to everything we do—they reflect what we believe matters,how we conduct ourselves, and how we lead. They should be internalized by everyindividual within TOMRA and expressed not just in the big moments or duringcrucial decisions, but also in the smallest of decisions and details. Our values shouldreflect the best of each and every one of us. We are their responsible stewards.INNOVATION PASSION RESPONSIBILITY+ Open-minded. + Committed. + Honest.+ Creative. + Enthusiastic. + Accountable.+ Continuous Improvement. + Engaged. + Predictable.We will continue to move We will create a culture that We will demonstrate that trans-forward with drive, creativity, captures the imaginations of the parency and responsibility go handand open minds. And through- best talent in the world. We want in hand. Honesty, accountability,out all business streams we the truly innovative, engaged, and predictability will be at thewill recognize and reward and motivated to be a part of the core of our communications andinnovation—always. Resource Revolution. approach.We will build networks of We will emphasize the important We will exhibit best practices bothpartners in multiple disciplines role of passion in innovation. It’s internally and externally, sharingand categories so that we may just one way we’re able to build resources, insights, and solutions.learn from one another and grow team spirit and reach our goals. And it is the responsibility oftogether. We will document everyone in our organization tothe history of our solutions We will build lasting relationships participate and collaborate.both physically and digitally. and celebrate individuals whoAnd we will invite customers, lead through positive change. We will openly discuss goals andconsumers, and recruited talent business realities—withinto experiment. We will communicate the TOMRA’s ecosystem and beyond. importance of the ResourceWe will connect with business, Revolution—better for the We will share information inengineering, and design schools environment AND business. simple, clear, and usable waysin order to build a better knowledge with employees, customers,network and establish advanced We will provide outstanding and and mentoring programs. service. To our customers. To our partners. To each other. Everyone We will continue to invent andWe will be present and participate inside our walls matters as much evolve transformative the key platforms that are as those outside.leading change.50 51
  27. 27. PILLARS FOR SUCCESSSuccess doesn’t just happen. True success is a result of high standards, greatexpectations, and clear priorities. Like the foundation of a house, these fourpillars allow us to work on solid footing while reaching our goals.LEADERSHIPFrom the First Day to Today COLLABORATIONS INSPIRATION Working Together for Competitive Advantage From Ideas to SolutionsThe founding and continued Working collaboratively All innovations and solutionssuccess of TOMRA are the both internally and externally are born from inspiration. Seedsbest examples we have of the is the key to our continued of ideas are everywhere—it’simportance of leadership. From success. Respect for our internal up to us to gather and nurtureour very first innovation—the partners across all business them. And as we interact withdevelopment of the RVM—to streams leads to solutions that our partners and customers, it’sthe first high-capacity optical matter. And working openly and important to truly listen to thespectroscopy sorter, all the way thoughtfully with our external stories being told. Inspiration forto the innovations we have in partners provides effective new products and technologiesdevelopment today, TOMRA answers to challenging problems. can be found in everyday conver-leads with confidence. Without collaboration, there can sations—what are the challenges be no Resource Revolution. and problems our partners face in the short term and long term?SOLUTIONSFilling a Need, Changing the WorldInnovation that leads to solutions TOMRA was founded on theis the critical foundation of all wedo. TOMRA was founded on the spark of an idea. Seeds of ideasspark of an idea. Presented with a are everywhere—it’s up to us toproblem—and a challenge—ourfounders rose to the occasion. gather and nurture them.Over the past forty years, we’veproudly unveiled solution aftersolution. As we strive to tacklethe resource challenges of thefuture, we’ll tap into our talentfor providing innovative answersto the toughest problems.52 53
  28. 28. LET’S STARTLEAdingThE RESouRcEREvoLuTionIt requires a radical shift in how We stand at an importantsociety thinks, how people moment in history—a turninglive, and how we do business. point where the environmentIt requires us to move forward matters as much as the economy,with eyes and minds open, and progress and profitsready to identify opportunities aren’t mutually exclusivefor innovation. And it requires goals. Transformation isus to imagine how we might happening not only withineven change our approach our walls, but all around innovation itself. Together, The more we collaborate,transformation becomes innovate, and transformpossible. New partnerships, together, the more powerfulnew possibilities, and new and positive our impact willsolutions. A shift to systems be on the future.that work. A time to movepast the false choice betweenthe earth and the economy.54
  29. 29. Rethink. Reimagine. Resource. Rethink. Reimagine. Resource.Rethink. Reimagine. Resource. INSIDEb INSIDEb