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Talent Acquisition and Recruitment Services Performance Development
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Talent Acquisition and Recruitment Services Performance Development


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Product brochure outlining products and services specific to developing performance, success and employee engagement within the recruitment and talent acquisition industry.

Product brochure outlining products and services specific to developing performance, success and employee engagement within the recruitment and talent acquisition industry.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. CONTACT US Aspire Advance Ltd +44 (0)845 116 2404 Advancing Engagement Achieving Potential ©Aspire Advance Ltd 2013 Engagement and performance development TALENT & RECRUITMENT SERVICES
  • 2. TALENT & RECRUITMENT BUSINESSES  PERFORMANCE DEVELOPMENT  EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT  SALES PERFORMANCE  BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT  NEW SERVICE DELIVERY  LEADERSHIP/MANAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT  ONBOARDING FOR RESULTS FRAMES® SERVICES PERFORMANCE DEVELOPMENT ENGAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT TRAINING COACHING CONSULTING FRAMES® is our proprietary model for the foundation of our approach, systems and tools. It focuses on key first principles for developing performance, strong ethical perspective and inclusion. FRAMES® is shaped to identify personal barriers to successful outcomes, and is systemised to create individual roadmaps towards supporting better results. A disruptive technology for developing people, FRAMES® is an intuitive and dynamic platform for facilitating increases in aspiration, engagement, performance, responsibility and well-being within its users. Combining principles from Carl Rogers, Kolb & Maslow; along with principles taken from elite sporting and business performers, FRAMES® is designed for universal application and accessibility. SERVICES Enabling you and your organisation to achieve top results via transformational engagement, increased performance and effective change. Products & Services include: Recruitment & Talent performance development FRAMES® Launch - Self Assessment & Development FRAMES® Advance - Training & Licensing Training programmes - Recruitment Sales & Process skills One-to-One / group coaching programmes Aspire Advance delivers performance improvement to the talent and recruitment industry through our ground-breaking coaching, training and development systems, tools and approaches. We work with you to support and achieve peak performance in people and organisations, through person- centred performance development programmes. Aspire Advance is a professional services company who supports and accelerates the talent & recruitment industry. We deliver services that can be tailored to your business, support your growth and accelerate the results you are capable of achieving. ©Aspire Advance Ltd 2013
  • 3. FRAMES® Launch An innovate and person centred online self- assessment and development tool. FRAMES® Launch generates a personalised development programme, specific to the person, highlighting the core areas that will add the greatest value to their goal. Easily adaptable to any individual employee workplace, or support services user’s, goal this intuitive system offers significant value; is cost-effective and highly scalable; and is ideal to form an integral part of self-delivered engagement and performance development programmes within your organisation. Person-centred and designed for highly facilitated programmes of engagement and performance, FRAMES® Advance is our flagship peak performance development system. Available via direct Aspire development programmes, we also offer training & licensing with the highly powerful FRAMES® Advance tool included. Ideal for complimenting management training, or people delivering support services, FRAMES® Advance provides you with speed and reach in order to achieve peak results. Our talent development consulting services identify the areas within your recruitment business and process that will add the greatest value to your business when developed. Areas we develop include:  Staff performance & capability  Recruitment lifecycle & process measurement /mapping  Business Development Strategy  Services (e.g. Permanent, Contract, Executive Search, RPO) & New Product/Market Development We work with you to first to identify ‘what is’ and then work with you to plan, and implement, the best course of development in order to reach the goals you aspire to. FRAMES® Advance BENEFITS  INCREASED PERFORMANCE  INCREASED ENGAGEMENT  SYSTEMIZED, SCALABLE & FLEXIBLE  SELF DIRECTED & INTUITIVE  COST EFFECTIVE  PERSONALISED  TRANSFORMATIONAL SECTORS BLUE CHIP PUBLIC SECTOR SME OUTSOURCING VOLUNTARY SECTOR APPLICATIONS PERFORMANCE DEVELOPMENT EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT SALES STRATEGY OPERATIONS PROCESS IMPROVEMENT CUSTOMER SERVICES ONBOARDING CHANGE & TRANSITION EMPLOYMENT ©Aspire Advance Ltd 2013 Talent Development Consulting
  • 4. CONTACT US Aspire Advance Limited +44 (0)845 116 2404 FRAMES® For Engagement We believe positive engagement forms the cornerstone of any development programme towards success. As a member of the UK Government Task Force for Employee Engagement, we are committed to supporting you in achieving optimum engagement within your organisation. Whether internally with employees in the workplace, or externally with users of support services within public and voluntary sectors, Aspire Advance products and services work with the value of positive engagement as the cornerstone of our approach . Working with: Discover more how Aspire Advance can accelerate your results today, and contact us now on: +44 (0)845 116 2404 ©Aspire Advance Ltd 2013