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This is a sampling of a daylong seminar that provides a comprehensive overview of social media (and a brief look at social business) for business executives. Featuring numerous case studies and multiple methods for determining ROI, the seminar provides excellent background for making strategic social media decisions. The information was current as of April 2012.

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  • Session 2: Facebook: The 800-pound gorilla of social mediaWeb site vs. Facebook: Pros & consThe basics: Getting startedPages vs. groups vs. branded pagesTimeline, tags & privacyTabs & applicationsBuilding & sustaining community Converting “likes” into actionCase studyHow to deal with, “my employees are spending more time on Facebook than they are working.”
  • Just make sure that the profile photo works on its own, since it represents your brand on Facebook anywhere you post or comment. Your profile photo is 180 x 180 on your page, 32 x 32 on other parts of Facebook.
  • Facebook have introduced direct, private messaging between any Facebook user and pages. When arriving at a brand’s page, someone simply needs to click the ‘Message’ button (placed prominently right next to the ‘Like’ button) to initiate the process. Brands have the option of disabling this functionality if they wish.This means fans and non-fans alike suddenly will be expecting near to real-time and personalised customer service on Facebook, something, let’s face it, most brands are just not prepared for. Those brands that disable the functionality will appear to be distant and un-progressive.Expect brands who have properly operationalised social media customer service to gain even more competitive advantage, and many more social media fuelled crises for brands that haven’t, as frustration at unanswered messages (or the inability to send them) spills over into the rest of social media.--Only you can see your activity log They can promote the most engaging Page posts by pinning them, putting media behind them, and creating more of them, thereby increasing reach and impact They can quickly recognize posts that aren’t performing as well and update them or post new content
  • Might not see it because of personalization/privacy preferencesPrint out fpr summary of sponsored storyies, page 10
  • SOCIAL REACH People who saw your ad or Spon- sored Story with the names of their friends who liked your Page, RSVPed to your event, or used your app. Ads shown with the names of people’s friends are twice as effective as those without, but if you’re not advertising a Page, event, or app, your ad won’t have social reach.
  • Socialmedia seminar-sampling

    1. 1. 2: “FACEBOOK NATION”
    2. 2. Post Any Facebook entryStatus A single entry reflecting a location, activity or state of mindupdateNews feed Constantly updating list of stories from people and Pages you followTagging Identifying text for a photo, video or postApplication Small program such as games or features added to a Facebook accountEvent A calendar-based resources that lets users share news about upcoming eventsFan A person who connects or engages with a Page
    3. 3. STATS & FACTS• 845 million active users POPULATION 57% female; 43% male REGION %AGE 80% outside US/Canada N. 50.3• Avg. user visits 40x/month America Australia 37.7• 1 out of every 5 page views Europe 27.5• 20-23 minutes spent per visit L. America 25.5• 1 in 7 minutes spent online are on Middle 8.4 Facebook East• 425 million mobile users Africa 3.6• 2.7 billion “likes” daily• Avrge: 130 friends; likes 80 pages February 2012
    4. 4. GROUND ZERO
    5. 5. Top networks in Europe GROUND ZERO
    6. 6. FACEBOOK VS. WEB SITE FACEBOOK WEB SITEOwnership “Leased space” Owned real estateData control Complete ownership Complete ownershipSEO Google indexes little of Can advance page rank FacebookSet-up Easy & fast Simple to complicated“Look-and-feel” Standard format CustomizableManagement Constant Less demandingReach Facebook nation Entire InternetCommunity Instant Must work to build & maintainVisitor value 18% higher conversion Normal conversionCost “Free” Minimal to expensive
    7. 7. FACEBOOK CHANGES (A LOT!)“We are evolving from ads to stories. Ads come from anyone atanytime. Stories come from people and things that you’re connectedto.” - Mike Hoefflinger - Director of Global Business Marketing, Facebook
    8. 8. FACEBOOK CHANGES (A LOT!)• Facebook Profile -- > Timeline – Seek to reduce information overload on news feed – More visual – Highlights feed • Mix of stories published by page, by friends, & stories that have received many Likes, comments & Shares – Apps more visible – Better administrative capabilities including real- time monitoring & 1-to-1 messaging – Realtime insights, plus knowledge about effectiveness of posts
    9. 9. FACEBOOK CHANGES (A LOT!)• Major changes – Facebook Offers better than Facebook Deals – No more default Landing Tabs (main page only) – Now featured Apps – Direct messaging added • Plus/negative: More direct contact with customers – Added “pins” & “starred” – Milestones added • Ability to tell a story – Posts can be hidden without being deleted
    10. 10. • Coca-Cola Facebook strategy:• Moving from “creative excellence” to “content excellence”• From announcement & broadcast to engagement & conversations
    11. 11. Cover photoSymbolizes yourbrand/company• No price/purchase information (eg, “40% off” or “Download it at our site”)• No contact info (eg, email, etc.)• No references to FB site features (eg, like/share)• No calls to action, such as “Get it now” or “Tell your friends”• 851x315 pixels
    12. 12. Profile photo• Sits on top of cover photo• Can be logo• Represents your brand anywhere you post/comment• 180x180/32x32About section• Most relevant information about your business• Appears on all Pages
    13. 13. HOW TO USE FOR BUSINESS Showcase service, customers, Cover products, team photo Consider composite photos Profile Logo/icon for all photo Facebook What is your business & what About do you stand for? section Can include address, contact info, Web site
    14. 14. Tabs/Apps• Only four can show• Can have up to 12• First one must be photos• Rest can be re-arranged
    15. 15. Timeline/Milestone• Highlight important events/tell story• Must specify year• Must include photo & title• Can add story• Can change
    16. 16. Star/highlight• Makes posts widescreen• Position on page doesn’t change• Only your postsPin• Makes post appear at top of timeline for increased visibility• Only one item at a time• Good for only 7 days (but can re-pin)• Only your posts• Also change date, delete photo, etc.• Unpin returns to original place
    17. 17. Pin• “Bookmark” icon
    18. 18. Engagement• What friends like/post• Posting/phot os• Interactive games
    19. 19. For private messages Unique interactions (posts, likes, sharing,Posts etc.) Impressions 5-10 minute delayAdmin panel • Tools to create ads, • Target updates• Metrics (impact of premium ads, • 1-to-1 conversations posts) sponsored stories (eg, customer service)• New likes • Hide posts w/o delete • Can be disabled
    20. 20. REACTION TO TIMELINE• Usability (eye-tracking) test with Timelines from American Express, Coca-Cola, Coldplay, Gap, Manchester United & Pizza Hut – Cover image is over-rated: Visually confused with banner ads; seen as advertising – About section: often overlooked
    21. 21. REACTION TO TIMELINE– Interested in history: But unable to understand how could have history before Facebook started– Distractions: Didn’t like delays when new sections of Timeline loaded– Following friends: Great deal of interest in box that highlighted friends who liked Pages, as well as status updates or comments from friends. Strong interaction with that content– Pinning posts ineffective: Users could not differentiate between pinned & non-pinned posts– 4, not 12, apps: Users didn’t interact with add. apps
    22. 22. FACEBOOK• Interest lists (aka “Twitter-fighter”) – “Interest lists can help you turn Facebook into your own personal newspaper.” • Can create your own, share with others, or subscribe to others – Popular topics (eg, recipes, Man United) that appear in left hand sidebar – Comprised of stories from a list’s members – Business applications • Create lists that show industry expertise and quality content
    23. 23. FACEBOOK FOR BUSINESS• Visibility – Advertising, Web links, etc. – Like & Send buttons on site• Engagement – Frequent posts (highlight best; every 3 hours?) – Exclusive offers – Interactivity – Visuals• Promotion – Facebook ads – Sponsored stories – Reach generator – Facebook offers
    24. 24. LocalizationCustomer, notproduct focus Interactivity
    25. 25. FACEBOOK FOR BUSINESS• Facebook ads – Targeting • Location, language, education & work • Age, gender, birthday & relationship • Likes & interests (“camping,” “autos,” “travel,” etc.) – “Friends of Connections” • Targets friends of users already connected to Page or App – “Connections” • Current fans (special offers, customer loyalty programs)
    26. 26. FACEBOOK FOR BUSINESS • Sponsored stories – Basis • George likes or posts on your Page • This appears in news feeds of George’s friends, but they might not see it • Sponsored stories increases visibility by prominently displaying them in news feeds & on right hand side – Types of sponsored stories • Page Like, Page Post, Page Post Like, App Used/Game Played, App Shared, Check-in and/or DomainSee – “Domain” drives traffic from Facebook to your sitehandout – “Page Like” promotes traffic to your Facebook Page – “Page Post” turns a positive post or comment into an ad
    27. 27. FACEBOOK FOR BUSINESS• Reach generator – Advertiser pays fixed fee (instead of per-click or per-view) – Users must Like a Page, or user’s friends must Like, Comment, Share, Check-in or claim an offer before paid ad shows up in feed – Facebook will push posts advertiser’s page into its fans News Feeds, mobile News Feeds, and log-out screen – Facebook guarantees content/ads will be seen by 75% of Fans
    28. 28. FACEBOOK FOR BUSINESS• Targeting & budgeting – Pick target group • Variety of demographic/psychographic criteria – Set budget • CPM (cost-per-impression) vs. PPC (pay-per-click) • Set maximum amount per day • Determine bid price • Use Ad Manager – Impressions & clicks – Audience characteristics – Determine performance by time period
    29. 29. FACEBOOK OFFERS• Facebook Offers for sharing discounts – Replaces check-in deals for retailers – Distributed through News Feed or as Sponsored Stories • If consumer likes a brand, coupons are inserted into his News Feed – No cost – Trackable – Macy’s • 3 days for 25% discount on $100+ purchases • Claimed by 41,000 customers
    30. 30. FACEBOOK GROUPS• Groups – Let you share different things with different people SHARE WITH CONTROL ACCESS GROUP CONNECTIONS•Secret: Only members can •Post updates, •Get notified see group & what members questions, photos, about updates post etc. •Connect off•Closed: Anyone can see the •Chat with the Facebook using group. Only members see group group’s shared posts •Create share email address documents•Open: Anyone can see group & what members post
    31. 31. PAGES vs. GROUPS PAGES GROUPS • Page info & posts are • Multiple privacy settingsPrivacy public (open, secret, closed) • Anyone can Like a • Membership must be Page & get updates approvedAudience • No limits on Likes • Some features limited when group tops certain size • Page posts appear in • Members get notifications by News Feed of people default when members post who like Page • Posts are removableCommunication • Page admins can • Members can chat, upload share posts & create to shared albums, customized apps collaborate on docs and invite to group events
    32. 32. EVENTS• Timeline changes • Privacy option added – Easier to make new events • Declines only sent to – Sorted by activity user who invited them • Contains option to ask – Comments push activities up questions – Time & location for event no • Page also suggests longer required people to invite
    33. 33. • FACEBOOK• APPS• Small programs that can be integrated with Facebook pages via Open Graph (allows specific actions to be shared on Timeline, News Feed, etc.) – Gifting – Quiz – Surveys/polls
    34. 34. FACEBOOKAPP CASESTUDYObjective: Engage readers by having them go thru medical codingchallengesExecution: After liking a Page, users are given a Coding Challengewith medical case studies. They can read expert opinions &compare them with their own. Users are able to share viewsregarding the coding challenge until the Coding Specialist provides“answer” to the ChallengeResults: 5,000 likes generated