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Aspen Far

  1. 1. ASPEN FARRELL Living in Montgomery County, Hatboro, Pennsylvania
  2. 2. What Does My Name Mean? According to Google, the name of Aspen represents self-assurance, independence and confidence. It also represents strong characteristics that make a person a leader. The name Aspen as a first name is not very popular, showing uniqueness in an individual named Aspen. “Aspen is a type of tree noted for heart-shaped leaves which flutter in the slightest breeze”
  3. 3. My Interest Profiler Says… Investigative:  I enjoy observing, learning and evaluating.  I like the challenge of thinking through problems.  I may describe myself as inventive and original. Social:  I enjoy assisting people in various ways.  I like working in groups.  I find that verbal and communication skills come naturally to me.
  4. 4. Survey Says…According to the Myers-Briggs survey, I have an ENFP personality. This means I am very outgoing, enthusiastic and spontaneous. It also says I am curious, fascinated by new people or things, love to talk and people enjoy my unusual sense of humor and find myself to be fun around. The survey also says I am sensitive and empathetic towards others.
  5. 5. Personal Goals… My personal goals in life are to have a successful career in the sports medicine area, get married, have two children, a dog, live in a suburban neighborhood and be happy.
  6. 6. Professional Goals… My professional goals in life include going to a college that fits my field of profession, becoming successful in that profession, making a decent amount of money to live off of and have the necessities needed to live.
  7. 7. My Passions Include…My strongest passion includes dancing. I have been dancing ever since I was three years old and this is my14th year dancing. I hope to continue dancing through out my life regardless of what my career may end up being.
  8. 8. My Dreams Fit Me…I believe my dreams of being in the medical field suit me well because both of my parents are apart of the medical field and I can learn from their experiences.
  9. 9. Personal Struggles & WorkExperiences… Some personal struggles I have include, procrastination, and not making up missed work on time. I have only had one job in my life so far and it has been going very well. It has taught me patience and how to make time for the most important things in my life.
  10. 10. Least Likely to Live…I would be least likely to live anywhere in a country type area. I have always wanted to live in New York City or stay around the suburban areas because I enjoy being around a lot of people and having options of going out in the town or a lively area.
  11. 11. Who I Am… I am a friendly, outgoing person with many goals that I plan on succeeding in my future.
  12. 12. To Reach Me…E-Mail: Thank you for your time!