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Online Marketing (SEO.PPC)
Online Marketing (SEO.PPC)
Online Marketing (SEO.PPC)
Online Marketing (SEO.PPC)
Online Marketing (SEO.PPC)
Online Marketing (SEO.PPC)
Online Marketing (SEO.PPC)
Online Marketing (SEO.PPC)
Online Marketing (SEO.PPC)
Online Marketing (SEO.PPC)
Online Marketing (SEO.PPC)
Online Marketing (SEO.PPC)
Online Marketing (SEO.PPC)
Online Marketing (SEO.PPC)
Online Marketing (SEO.PPC)
Online Marketing (SEO.PPC)
Online Marketing (SEO.PPC)
Online Marketing (SEO.PPC)
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  • The minimal cost of AdWords is a real benefit to advertisers. ANIMATION First, there is no minimum spending limit. You can spend a small amount at first…to test new keywords and ads…and then increase spending when you become comfortable with the success of your advertising. Google welcomes all advertisers, regardless of budget constraints. ANIMATION Secondly, you can choose your daily spending limit. Google display your ads so that the number of clicks you receive does not exceed your daily budget. ANIMATION You choose the maximum amount you are willing to spend for each click on your ads. Google never charges you more than this maximum amount. In fact, Google’s automated auction system often charges you less than the maximum you are willing to pay. For more details on this, please see the module on Pricing and Ranking. ANIMATION You pay for clicks on your ads. You are charged only when users are interested enough in your product or service to go to your website, and possibly become your customer. Google charges for advertising on a cost-per-click basis. Advertisers pay when a consumer clicks on their ad. This is called a pay-for-performance, or pay-per-click model. Contrast this with the majority of online advertising, where pricing is based ad impressions; this is usually a fee per thousand impressions. There are no guarantees that a consumer will actually click through to the advertiser’s website with that model. NEXT ANIMATION With AdWords free conversion tracking and online reporting, advertisers get customizable reports that continuously track their sales conversions and return on investment. These reports can also be emailed automatically on a regular basis. These capabilities give the advertiser full control over their campaign spend and clear insight into performance. See the training modules on Reports and ‘ROI & Conversions’ for more information on this subject.
  • Transcript

    • 1. The Importance of PPC Paid Search & SEM for your website
    • 2.
      • What is Search Marketing?
      • How Can Search Marketing Help You and Your Business?
    • 3. There are two ways of appearing in Google Natural (Organic) Search Paid (PPC) Search
    • 4. Natural (Organic) Search
      • ‘ A Good Natural/Organic Search Ranking is the No 1 Priority’
      • Natural Search Traffic is believed to be higher quality
      • Natural Search Traffic is ‘Free’
      • But there’s a huge volume of competing sites out there, all looking for natural search traffic
      • And it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get a good natural ranking for a new or small site
    • 5. The Disadvantages of Natural Search
      • It takes a long time to see results
      • There is huge competition
      • Larger, more established sites are ranked higher
      • SEO is very time consuming and/or expensive
      • It is inflexible
    • 6. Therefore
      • You can’t afford to rely on Natural Search – you need marketing activities that you can control
      • That’s why we advocate Pay Per Click (PPC) or Paid For Listings (PFL) Search Engine Marketing to be a part of most businesses online marketing strategy
      • And if you pay for traffic to your website, your website must give your target customers what they want!
    • 7. What Do We Do?
      • On-Page Factors (Organic)
          • Title tags <title>
          • Header tags <h1>
          • ALT image tags
          • Content optimization<body>
          • Hyperlink text
          • Keyword frequency & density
      • Off-Page Factors
          • Link Popularity (“votes” for your site) – adds credibility
          • Anchor text
          • Search directory submission
    • 8. Why PPC Search Engine Marketing?
      • Targeted
      • Huge Potential Audience – bigger than TV or Sporting Events
      • Cost Effective
      • Immediate
      • On Demand
      • Controllable
      • Trackable/Measurable
    • 9. Benefits of AdWords: Cost
      • You choose your own maximum daily spending limit (daily budget)
      • Choose how much you want to spend per click for every keyword
      • Pay Google for users who click on your ad
      • More cost-effective than Yellow Pages, Banner Ads & Direct Mail
      ** U.S. Bancorp Piper Jaffray, New Methods in Search Marketing: Contextual Advertising and Other Evolutions (Safa Rashtchy), June 2004
    • 10. Immediate & Flexible
      • You can set up new ads & keywords in minutes
      • You can react immediately if things are not working or working really well
      • You can run campaigns at very short notice e.g. Nokia ran search ads reacting to the Apple i-phone price cut/refund debacle within hours of the story breaking
      • You can stop/start, change prices, offers, targeting, wording, whatever, whenever you choose
    • 11. Measurable is Manageable
      • Every click is measured, every enquiry, sale or download is monitored
      • We can see what works and what doesn’t and react accordingly
      • We can monitor how visitors behave on the website and which phrases, advertising, targeting, etc., lead to conversions
      • We can refine our activity, monitor, measure, refine and so on.
    • 12. What Do We Do?
      • As Search Marketing Specialists we make sure that your online marketing delivers results in the most efficient, effective and cost effective way.
      • We specialise in using Search Marketing to target your ideal customers and prospects and deliver defined objectives from your marketing activity.
    • 13. What Do We Do?
      • Target Keyword Research
      • Creative Copywriting for ads
      • Monthly Bid Management
      • Monthly Report for PPC, CPC
      • Google Analytics Setup
    • 14. What Will It Cost?
      • All monthly management fees vary based on ad campaigns and keywords. Discounts apply for managing two or more accounts (Example :MSN, Yahoo & Google AdWords)
      • Fixed monthly fee:
    • 15. And then?
      • Will develop a search marketing campaign incorporating a huge range of keyword phrases, targeted ad copy, and help develop targeted landing pages
      • Then monitor and actively manage the campaign, continually refining existing activity and testing new activity to optimise the results from your search marketing and maximise conversions.
    • 16. An Ongoing Relationship
      • Once one of our clients has seen the results PPC can deliver they will nearly always want to do more
      • But we also put the experience gained in PPC to use in Natural Search and seek to optimise the best performing phrases for Natural Search, thus potentially further reducing costs
      • And we assist you with other forms of online marketing activity where appropriate for your business
      • If a new keyword gets popular then we recommend it to you
    • 17. How Can It Help You And Your Business?
      • If you want:-
      • More/Better Quality Enquiries
      • More Sales
      • More Profitable Sales
      • More Effective Advertising
      • Lower Risk/Lower Cost Marketing
    • 18. How Can It Help You And Your Business?
      • if you want:-
      • To Market a New, Innovative, Unique or Niche Product/range of Products or Services
      • Then PPC will certainly help you