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Join us creating leaders for the future

Join us creating leaders for the future



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PMG creating leaders Presentation Transcript

  • 1. The ELITE™ Process Pinnacle Management Group, Inc. Metropolitan Area, St. Louis
  • 2.
    • Investing in the development of high-potential people is the single most important thing we can do for the long-term good of an organization.”
    • Ed Trainor
    • CIO, Amtrak
  • 3. Contents
      • About PMG
    • The ELITE (Elements of Leadership
    • Influencing Team Effectiveness) Process
      • The ELITE Process Benefits
      • The ELITE Process
  • 4. PMG Background
    • Headquartered in Greater St. Louis, Missouri, USA
    • Established in 1997
    • Sample of Customers: Arizona State University, NASA, State of Arizona, US Army, US Department of Justice, Arizona Public Service ( Largest utility provider is state of Arizona), White Mountain Apache Indian Tribe.
    • Principles have more than 30 years combined association with a US Fortune 500 Multi-national Company
  • 5. PMG Background (cont)
    • Performed research and published many articles and white paper on Emotional Intelligence
    • Recognized expert on Emotional Intelligence
    • Performed services in India and Indonesia
    • Developed all of the curriculum, processes, and assessments marketed and sold by PMG
  • 6. PMG Vision
    • The vision of Pinnacle Management Group, is to establish a global network of highly qualified providers who share our philosophy of improving the world by assisting individuals and organizations to reach their full potential in order to create stronger economies and communities.
  • 7. PMG Mission
    • It is the mission of PMG to assist individuals & organizations to achieve maximum results by providing creative solutions in the areas of Emotional Intelligence, Leadership Development, Team Alignment, and Organizational Excellence
  • 8. PMG Values
    • PMG takes responsibility for quality;
    • Our products & services will be the best in class in terms of value received for dollars paid;
    • PMG delivers customer satisfaction;
    • PMG provides leadership and innovation;
    • PMG acts with integrity in all we do;
    • PMG values our customers and partners;
    • PMG is committed to openness and trust in all relationships;
    • We are committed to help individuals to reach their full potential.
  • 9. PMG Key Strengths
    • PMG is committed to offer the proven solutions that provides measurable return on investment;
    • PMG offers strategies for developing leaders within a company;
    • PMG assists customers to develop a sufficient talent pipeline to ensure success in the future;
    • PMG addresses specific development needs of the individual leader by creating the right portfolio of development experiences;
  • 10. PMG Key Strengths (cont)
    • PMG’s solutions drive organizational excellence through team alignment experiences;
    • Our process is founded on industry best practices and global research;
    • The process utilizes a proven combination of assessments, learning, implementation activities and feedback.
  • 11. The ELITE™ Process
    • The Elements of Leadership Influencing Team Effectiveness (ELITE) Process is based on best practices and extensive research on the most efficient approach for transferring the knowledge and skills required to maximize individual and team performance.
    • Use of diagnostic instruments
    • (Team Scorecard & Leadership 360̊ Assessment)
    • Courses offered to enhance individual and team performance
    • Coaching
    • Consulting
    • Mentoring
    • Discussion Groups
    • Follow-on 360’s and Team Scorecards
  • 13. ELITE Process
    • Because each organization is different, we work with the client to design a program that is customized to achieve the desired results
    • The Team Scorecard™ is used to assist in developing a baseline as well as a roadmap for further actions
    • The Learning process begins with Team Centered Leadership™
  • 14. Team Scorecard™
    • The Team Scorecard is used to :
    • Measure the level of Thrive in the organization;
    • Measure the productive and counter-productive activities, behaviors, and activities that impact organizational performance;
    • Measure the Current Environment and the Desired Environment;
    • Create the baseline in order to customize the learning to meet the organizations needs and expectations;
    • Remove barriers to learning and to achieve Full Team Engagement
    • Increase training & development return on investment
  • 15.
    • Each leader will be asked to complete the Leadership 360° Assessment™ with input from his/her supervisor, peers, internal/external customers, and staff members
    • With the Leadership 360° Assessment™, the leaders are rated in the areas of:
      • Strategic Leadership
      • Communication
      • Developing Others
      • Results and Accountability
      • Inspirational Leadership
    • Outputs from the Assessments are used by the trainers to assist in overall preparation for the ELITE Process and Team Centered Leadership training
    The Leadership 360 ° Assessment™
  • 16. Team Centered Leadership™
    • The Team Centered Leadership course is the cornerstone of the ELITE Process.
    • The course is tailored for the organization based on results of the Team Scorecard and other data gathered from the client
    • The course provides the team with strategies to develop better communication and cohesiveness in order to turn counter-productive behavior into productive behavior
    • It aligns and motivates the team, to achieve overall success of the organization;
    • Teaches methods to enhance the bottom-line of the company by making targeted improvements to the Human Elements of Communication, Trust, Alignment and Productivity
  • 17. Team Centered Leadership , cont.
    • The outcome from this course is a more engaged team with a better understanding of the "big picture", and participants armed with tools and skills that will allow them to make a positive impact on the future of the organization
    • Effective communication principles, basic problem solving and continuous improvement process techniques are introduced in this course
    • The course provides leadership skills that participates can apply immediately;
    • The team will learn strategies that to replace counter-productive attitudes, activities and behaviors within the team with those that are productive and contribute to moving the company and themselves forward
  • 18. Team Centered Leadership, cont.
    • Course is held over a 3-day period
    • Major components of the training include:
      • Review of the Team Scorecard Results
      • Leadership Overview
      • The TCL Tool Chest
      • How to Handle Difficult Situations
      • Communication Styles and Preferences and How They Impact Performance
      • Leadership Styles
      • Action Plan Development
  • 19. Team Centered Leadership, cont.
    • At the end of the course participants will complete an implementation plan
      • This ensures that the knowledge gained will be put to use and that others will benefit from the process
      • It also sets the foundation for the follow-on activities
  • 20. Additional Courses
    • The ELITE Process offers a full suite of courses designed to enhance individual and team performance. Most are offered both on-site and on-line. Some of the more popular courses are:
    • Handling Difficult People
    • Effective Mentoring Techniques
    • Providing Feedback
    • Human Engagement
    • Stress Management
    • Time Management
    • One-on-One Leadership Development
    • Continuous Process Improvement
    • Strategic Tools
  • 21. Support and Reinforcement
    • To maximize the impact on the organization and the value the participants get out of the training, selected follow-on activities are included in the customized ELITE Process.
    • Coaching
    • Mentoring
    • On-line discussion boards
    • Consultation
    • Succession Planning
    • Suggested reading list
    • Train-the-trainer to support on-site activities
  • 22. Coaching
    • According to research and experiences, those who receive coaching are more successful at developing and refining leadership skills
    • Coaching is delivered in half-hour sessions via the internet
    • This service is priced separately as requested by the client
  • 23. Evaluation & Feedback
    • The final element of the ELITE Process is to ensure that participants receive effective feedback and evaluation. This is accomplished in concert with team leaders as well as through the use of follow-on 360 Assessments and Team Scorecards
  • 24. Certification
    • Participants are offered the opportunity to obtain certification. Details of the process and the requirements for certification will be provided upon request.
  • 25. Contact Information
    • For further details please contact:
    • Pinnacle Management Group, Inc.
    • Sigve Hamilton Aspelund, Agent
    • Email :
    • Telephone No. : +4792647129
    • Linkedin:
    • Twitter/Skype: aspelundsigve