Recruiting SolutionsAureconCase StudyEngaging Candidates Globally“We had a Rail Engineer role that we hadn’t beenable to f...
“LinkedIn has been an important part of our social media strategy to engageour people, our clients and prospective employe...
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Case study aurecon


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Great success story finding key roles with financial payback

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Case study aurecon

  1. 1. Recruiting SolutionsAureconCase StudyEngaging Candidates Globally“We had a Rail Engineer role that we hadn’t beenable to fill through ads or agencies for 12 months. Objectives:Using LinkedIn, it was filled within four weeks.” • Support the company’s employer brandLiam Hayes – Human Capital Leader, Aurecon strategy by building awareness of, and favourability towards, the new AureconLiam Hayes brand after a global mergerHuman Capital Leader, Aurecon • Generate business growth and support Aurecon’s Recruitment Sourcing team byAurecon provides engineering, management, and specialist accessing a global pool of active and passivetechnical services for public and private sector clients globally. candidatesWith an office network that spans 24 countries, Aurecon has • Communicate employees’ personal brands been involved in projects in over 80 countries across Africa, to clients and other industry professionalsAustralia, New Zealand, Asia and the Middle East. Since a • Enhance Aurecon’s profile as a leader within rebranding in 2009, Aurecon has been consistently striving the industry and as an employer of choiceto ingrain its new brand in the wider market and within itsinternal workforce. Aurecon’s Human Capital department(which includes a Recruitment Sourcing function) also faces Solution:the challenge of recruiting and managing over 7,500 people • Equip team members with LinkedIn Recruiterinternationally across 11 markets. • Establish a LinkedIn Career Page • Connect directly with potential candidates Renewing Brand Awareness using InMail • Incorporate Job Slots for more engaging As a company, Aurecon is the culmination of almost 80 years recruitment campaignsof acquisitions and mergers. In 2009, Connell Wagner mergedwith Africon and Ninham Shand to become Aurecon. Human • Promote the brand using LinkedIn Recruitment AdsCapital Leader Liam Hayes says, “Our name changed overnightand it has been a challenge to re-establish the new brand as • Start a ‘Follow Us’ campaign to encourage some candidates didn’t know our new name. LinkedIn has LinkedIn members to follow Aureconsupported us in very quickly building our brand using InMail • Engage followers by posting company news and LinkedIn Ads.” and other updates on Aurecon’s Company Page • Integrate LinkedIn with other online internal and external communications programmes
  2. 2. “LinkedIn has been an important part of our social media strategy to engageour people, our clients and prospective employees, and demonstrate through ourengagement strategies how Aurecon is a leading, vibrant and global professionalservices company.”Danielle Bond – Head of Marketing Communications, AureconInternational Recruiting, LocallyLinkedIn Recruiter has been integral in two of Aurecon’s Why Use LinkedIn?international recruitment drives and has recently beenused to hire seven people from the UK. Liam Hayes • Improve the choice of potential candidatesexplains, “It is much more effective than our traditional with a highly targeted approachmethods of international recruitment in which we would • Connect and communicate with specificattend career fairs where we weren’t sure about the industry members en masse to build brandquantity or the quality of potential candidates. LinkedIn awarenessgives our internal teams the power to do international • Enable both local and global recruitmentrecruitment themselves.” drives at any time with easeMaking Difficult Tasks Easy Results:Aurecon saw results within four weeks of using LinkedIn • 15 senior roles filled in the last six months,Recruiter, filling two specialised positions that had been saving the business $750,000 in recruitmentvacant for 12 months. Since then, LinkedIn Recruiter has agency feessaved the business into the millions in recruitment agency • Within four weeks, filled two specialised rolesfees. With LinkedIn Recruiter, the Aurecon team has also that had been vacant for 12 monthsbeen able to instill a much more personal approach,developing a successful and prominent employer • Significant improvement in brand awarenessbrand. LinkedIn was initially the place where Aurecon’s by generating over 8,000 new followers on theRecruitment Sourcing team searched for candidates, Aurecon Career Page in less than 12 monthsbut it is now becoming a key avenue for posting jobs, • LinkedIn Recruiter is a key sourcing channelparticularly by using Job Slots. Liam Hayes says, “The for Aureconresults have been outstanding and FY13 planning has amajor focus on where we can take LinkedIn.”LinkedIn Recruiting Solutions Copyright © 2012 LinkedIn Corporation. LinkedIn, the LinkedIn logo, and InMail are registered trademarks of LinkedIn Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. All other brands and names are the property of their respective owners. All rights reserved.