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Holiday Memories
Holiday Memories
Holiday Memories
Holiday Memories
Holiday Memories
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Holiday Memories


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contemporary literature year four, suggested activities

contemporary literature year four, suggested activities

Published in: Education
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  • 1. Contemporary Literature Year Four Anthology of Poems Suggested Activities and Worksheets By: Asmah Hanim Che Ani SISC+ Perlis Jabatan Pendidikan Negeri Perlis.
  • 2. Anthology of Poems Year Four No. Poems title Duration 1. At the Playground 2 weeks 2. Clap Your Hands 2 weeks 3. Woodpecker 2 weeks 4. Holiday Memories 3 weeks 5. Sand Castle 2 weeks 6. Grandma’s House 2 weeks 7. Noisy Food 2 weeks 8. Sounds Like Magic 2 weeks Total weeks 17 weeks
  • 3. Holiday Memories Suggested Activities Week 1  About the poem.  Word prediction o Part 1: As per worksheet o Part 2: Enrichment, Teacher can prepare two project papers for this purpose. Teacher can help pupils justify the relevance of the words in respective categories. Week 2  About the poem.  Draw an imaginative map of the places in the poem.  List the verb, past and present tense  Make words using the letters from the word ‘Hippopotamus’. Week 3  About the poem.  Pupils answer comprehension questions. o Teacher can apply Kagan’s ‘Fan and Pick’ to brighten up this activity. Day: ____________ Date: _____________ Holiday Memories Based on the title, list down 10 words that you think will appear in the poem. No. Word Appear in text? Yes Appear in text? No 1. 2. 3.
  • 4. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Score Compare your words and score with your friends. Enrichment activity: Pupils to write their words in two categories appear in text or did not appear in text. Day: ____________ Date: _____________ Holiday Memories How many words that you can make from the word
  • 5. Day: ____________ Date: _____________ Holiday Memories Based on the poem, answer these questions. 1. What was the main idea of the poem? 2. How many places does the author been to? List them out. 3. Based on the list, classify the places into: 1) Place in this world ii) Place out of this world. 4. Which place do you think the author like most? Why do you think so? 5. Can you explain what must have happened when the author chased a band of pirates?