Context and culture in language teaching


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Context and culture in language teaching

  1. 1. Getting to know them…
  2. 2. Daily Lesson Plan Subject : English No. of students : 33 Date : 26th March 2010 Time : 9.40 to 10.40 Topic : Looking Good Subtopic : Tidiness in the bedroom
  3. 3. Daily Lesson Plan Learning Outcomes  By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to:  Name and identify things shown in the picture.  Read and give details about the people in the story and relate the value in local and western culture.  Complete at least 6 out of 10 sentences with missing words (with little guidance) correctly. Prerequisite:  In general, pupils have read page 1 to 4 in the previous class and have general idea based on the title.
  4. 4. Daily Lesson Plan Teaching Aids  Reading text: Tidy your room, Tanya! By Pamela Rushby  Task sheet 1 and 2  LCD, Laptop Values Integrated  Cleanlinessin the bedroom.  How other culture value tidiness.
  5. 5. Daily Lesson Plan Step Step 2 Step 3 Set One While Post ClosureInduction Pre- Reading Reading reading
  6. 6. Daily Lesson Plan-InductionSTEPS CONTENT TEACHER PUPILS NOTES ACTIVITY ACTIVITYSet The dialogue to •Teacher acts •Pupils guess TeachingInducti use: “Tidy your out as Tanya’s and re enacted aid:on room, Tanya!” mother and the scene Tidy your(5 asks the pupils learnt in room,minutes to guess who is previous Tanya! text) the character lesson. by Pamela being act out. Rushby
  7. 7. Daily Lesson Plan-Pre ReadingSTEP CONTENT TEACHER PUPILS ACTIVITY NOTESS ACTIVITYStep 1 Pre-reading Teacher review Pupils volunteer to Note:(15 Characters previous lesson come and write on Whole classminut involved: from page 1 to 4. the board. activityes) Tanya, Identifying the Mum characters Teaching Things in involved, things aids: the present in the 1.Task sheet bedroom: bedroom and most 1 Cupboard, importantly what is 2.Tidy your Double Tanya looking for. room, decked Tanya! text bed, Toys, by Pamela Clothes Teacher lists out 10 Rushby Tanya was words from page 5 looking for: to 9 and check Note: Her pupils Pair work homework understanding on
  8. 8. Daily Lesson Plan-WhileReadingSTEPS CONTENT TEACHER PUPILS NOTES ACTIVITY ACTIVITYStep 2 While reading Teacher instructs Pupils reads Teaching(20 Chain of events the pupils to read page 5 to 9. aids:minutes page 5 to 9 of the 1. Tidy) text silently. your Teacher solicits Pupils participate room, details from the in teacher’s Tanya! pupils by using discussion text by graphic organizer Pamela (chain of events) Rushby Teacher 2. LCD, emphasizes on Laptop the words in the word list to Note: demonstrate Whole meaning. class
  9. 9. Daily Lesson Plan-WhileReadingSTEPS CONTENT TEACHER PUPILS NOTES ACTIVITY ACTIVITYcontinu Teacher distributes Pupils complete Teaching aid:e task sheet 2 to the the task sheet in 1.Task sheet pupils. pairs. 2 Teacher collects Note: finished work and Pair work will discuss in the next class.
  10. 10. Daily Lesson Plan-PostReadingSTEPS CONTENT TEACHER PUPILS NOTES ACTIVITY ACTIVITYStep 3 Post Teacher shows Pupils reflect on Teaching(15 reading picture of the cultural aid:minutes) Cross Tanya’s messy elements 1. Tidy your cultural room. presented by room, reference Teacher asks pupils the teacher. Tanya! by to tidy Tanya’s Pupils give Pamela room and give it Tanya’s room Rushby a new look. a makeover Note: During the by drawing it Pair work discussion, on an A4 teacher exerts paper. the importance of tidiness and how other culture value tidiness
  11. 11. ClosureSTEPS CONTENT TEACHER PUPILS NOTES ACTIVITY ACTIVITYClosure Teacher Teacher asks the 3 Pupils show Note:(5 stress on the pairs to volunteer drawing to whole Pair workminutes) concept of and show their class. presentatio tidiness in the work to the whole Pupils presented n bedroom. class their suggestion.
  12. 12. Cross cultural reference Teacher points out in local context tidiness are value as important. This belief stems from our religion, Islam which treasure good values in our daily life. Tanya’s family is a westerner also place high respect for tidiness as her mother pointed out on page 3, she asked Tanya to tidy her room. The view of keeping tidy further reinforce by the elder generation, which is Tanya’s grandma where she also emphasis on keeping the room tidy (on page 8). The similarities between the two cultures are striking as the two uphold tidiness and would not tolerate less. Teacher relates to the pupils context and advices on the same issue.
  13. 13. Tarzanya was in the jungle looking for a lost boyShe saw the boy was going towards the crocodiles. She saved his life and he wish to repay her.Tanya asked him to help her find her homework book. The boy suggested for herto look for it in the deep pit.Tanya looked deep into her toy box. Her grandma said her toybox was like a bears cave.
  14. 14. Vocabulary Jungle Crocodiles Deep pit Toy box Bear’s cave Swinging Looking Help Repay Find