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X-Men: First Class
X-Men: First Class
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X-Men: First Class


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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  • 1. X-Men: First ClassT he genre of this sequence is a spy thriller. This is established through the way that it is secretive and very slick, suggesting to the audience that there willhighly trained spies that will serve as the protagonists inthis movie. There are also circle with letters in them, whichgives the audience perceptions of it relating to a secret orsecret codes. The back ground is black which adds to thesuspense. The typography of this sequence is clear, sleek andsimple, which indicates to the audience that there issomething which is hidden within plain sight. The circles andthe square shaped patterns can be related to the thoughprocess of a devious criminal. While the strands of DNAinsinuates to the audience that forensic sciences will bepresent.T he narrative is established through this sequence which seems to have its share of reality as well as the top secret life of an espionage facility. There are noimages in this sequence suggesting to the audience that thespies that end up solving the crime do not wish to show theirface. The spiralling set of blocks connotes to the audiencethat these special ops have many enemies because of what theydo. Meanwhile the different coloured Xs suggests to theaudience that these indicate how many special ops there are,or perhaps even how many enemies or innocents they have torecover. As well as training their current special ops inperfecting their abilities.
  • 2. T he characters are established through in this sequence as being the X-men, denoted to us through the usage of the many Xs. The name or the letter X is related topeople whose identities need to be hidden away from sight. Agood example is patient X in the TV series Mutant X; this isbecause his mutant powers were the ones that were causing thecatastrophes. This also suggests to the audience that thesespies are something more than human, perhaps even that theyhave special mutant abilities which they need to keep secretor risk being imprisoned against their own will. The nameitself also hints to the audience that this is a secretrecruitment agency that works to bring others like them intothe safety of their fold. This all contribute to the espionagethriller action genre.T he atmosphere of this film is established through the use of its mysterious and fast paced rhythm. This is indicated to the audience through the usage of the deepspy type music. Every time the screen changes, there is asound bridge of music which eases the change and maintains thepace and the suspense. The black contributes to the enigmacode and the titles are all in white which does not disorientthe whole of the sequence. The whole process of letters andnumbers makes the whole concept of the film to be intriguingas well as dark. It is almost like the audience is about toenter the world of the unknown, and they will share themissions of the protagonists in a suspenseful and thrillingmanner.