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  1. 1. Music magazine analysis
  2. 2. Front Cover analysis
  3. 3. The main image on the cover is the band Green Day. They are easily recognisable and so people who enjoy their music would want to buy the magazine as they want to find out more about Green Day. The banner on the left-hand side of the page has images of artists who are also included in the magazine. The images are generally of the singers in the band or the most recognisable member so their fans will the magazine and know its them. The footer of this cover is stating the other bands that are going to be in the magazine so it grabs the attention of the reader as they may like some of the bands and then want to read the magazine. The masthead is the name of the magazine KERRANG. The font has cracked pieces on it almost like smashed glass which promotes the Rock vibe of the magazine and the anti social themes which are generally associated with rock. The main cover line is in a big font and is bold and as it is white text it stands out over the picture of the bands clothing. This is used to catch the potential readers eye and tells them that they are going to be the main feature in the magazine. There is use of a barcode on the magazine cover. This is conventional but some choose to put the bar code on the back as it is seen as the cover looks better without the bar code.
  4. 4. The main house style colour used white and Eminem is wearing a black t-shirt meaning that he stands out on the front cover of the magazine. He also has a vague aggressive expression on his face which makes it seem that he is a confident and an individual that never backs down. The main cover line of the magazine is a big font and in a red colour which stands out to the potential reader that Eminem is the main story within the magazine and that will then attract people who are interested in that genre of music. The magazines masthead is VIBE. The black top half fading into red for the bottom half stands out over the white background and the main image of Eminem covers part of the masthead, this is conventional as the reader probably would know the magazines name well enough to realise that it is a VIBE magazine. On the front cover the main image is of eminem in a medium shot. He is a easily recogniseable figure so people who like him and his music will want to buy and read the magazine to find out more about him.
  5. 5. The masthead of the front cover is different compared to other music magazines as the masthead does not go from one side to another it is placed in the top left third of the cover which means the masthead makes the rest of the page stand out as it is different and will be easier to see if stacked on top of each other on the shelves. The main image is of Dave Grohl in a close up. He has been sectioned in the middle and right third of the page. His facial expressions show that he is angry or frustrated with gritted teeth he fits the rocker vibe. His facial expressions also link to his quote as I tells us that he is not dead as a recent speculation it was believed that he was dead. The header shows another main story that readers may be interested in. The header stands out as it is red writing over a yellow background so the colours stand out over each other The house style colour is red, white, yellow and black. Red is the most dominant colour. These colours work well as the yellow and white stand out over the red background so the cover lines attract the readers attention. The font is bold as well so the this helps it to stand out even more. A puff or pug is used to attract the readers attention as it stands out on the front cover about the competition that the magazine is offering to the readers. This attracts the potential reader as they want to know how to enter the competition. The puff/pug is red and has white and red text in it the pug also has an effect on it so it looks wrinkled and like a sticker which helps it to stand out even further.
  6. 6. Contents page analysis
  7. 7. The band index gives the reader a list of all the bands that are listed in this magazine so they can see their favourite bands and artists and so they know which page they are on as well. There is a advertisement to subscribe to the magazine so that the reader will get the newest edition of the magazine delivered to them this is more convenient and gains the magazine more money. There is use of a puff/pug which tells the reader which page there is a main article on which give the reader the incentive to go and check out this page. The main image shows the artists playing guitar and singing which enforces the fact that the magazine is a music magazine. There is a dateline at the top this is a convention of music magazines. The pages in the contents are all split up in to sections according to their genre this means that the reader will be able to choose exactly what they want to read by looking at the genres and seeing the different articles in that section. The font for the heading is big and bold and are white over a black background this makes it stand out an tells the reader that this is a section.
  8. 8. The magazines masthead The features show the artists that are in the magazine this is good for the reader and appeals to them as they can look at their favourite band/artist and see which page that is on so the reader can easily make the judgement of which page to go to. The main image also has a number in the top right corner this is linked to the features on the left side of the page so it gives a small insight into what the reader will see when they g o onto that page The page also has a issue number which tells the reader which issue this is this is appealing to the reader as they may collect Q magazine and it shows how long the magazine has actually been running for. This is a convention of music magazines. The main image shows the lead singer of muse which is shot in a medium long shot and the pose he is gives the impression that the magazine is quite informal and a laid back and also a fun person.
  9. 9. The title is telling the reader that this is the contents page. The font style and colour applies to the house style which is that font and either white or yellow coloured font. This font amplifies the fact that the magazine is informal. There is a editors note on the left side of the page this is a convention in music magazines. In the note he is even recommending what the reader should read which gives the impression that he cares about the readers. The features of the magazine are all in sections so the reader can choose what they want to read easily so this is convenient for the reader. There is a date line on the magazine which tells the reader the cover date and the issue number of the magazine which shows that the magazine is successful and the reader may collect kerrang magazines so this would be useful to them. The main image in this contents page is of Slash in a medium close up shot. He is the lead guitarist from Guns and roses, the image shows him dressed in his well known leather jacket and top hat so he is easily recognisable and the reader then knows that he is featured in the magazine and will be able to go to the feature about him straight away as the page number is displayed at the bottom of the image. In the image there is a lot of black which amplifies the kerrangs genre of punk and rock. There is a advertisement at the bottom of the page which tells the reader how they can subscribe to kerrang and have the new edition of the magazine delivered to them which is convenient for the reader and the magazine gets more money as a result.
  10. 10. Double page spread analysis
  11. 11. The layout of this double page spread is 50/50 with a image in a medium close up shot with little text on the left side of the page spread this is a convention of music magazines. There is a quote by Jay-Z himself which is him giving a speech for people to take into their own lives and the image also applies to this as the image has represents the light and the darker side of his life. There is a red effect on the image which applies to the house style of Q magazine which is red and white. There is picture credit in the bottom left corner of the page these normally say who took the photo who is in the photo and the date it was taken. The article has starts with a drop cap which is red this makes the article stand out and people will want to read it as it will look appealing to the reader. The red font also applies to the house style of the magazine which is red and white.
  12. 12. The image is a medium long shot which takes up half of the page and the article itself takes up two thirds of the page this is also a convention of music magazines. The title for the page is a white and is sans serif it also is placed over the image which tells us that is informal and the dirt effect gives the sense of rebellion. There is a pre review of some of the bands upcoming songs which allows the fans of the band to be able to anticipate the band s future songs. The page uses the magazines house style to look appealing and to stand out as black, white and red are in contrast with each other and stand out on one another. The images show all the band members from my chemical romance this means there is a balance between images and text and we then know exactly that this is what the article is about
  13. 13. The page uses a lot more text than it does images which shows that the magazine doesn’t need a lot of images and is focused on the text and that the information in the review is important. The headings and the title are all in a sans serif font this amplifies the idea that the magazine is very informal. The heading is a white font which stands out over the picture so it is obvious who’s album this review is taking about so readers who are interested in his music will then know that this is the review they want to read. The double page spread reviews the albums before the reader actually buys the album so the reader is more inclined to read and buy the magazine and others that come after it. The house style of the magazine is blue, white and a little bit of black which are all in contrast with each other and stand out on each other and make the magazine look more appealing.
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