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  • Hi just showing turning of layers is not going to get you high marks for media.Need to show detail in previous prelimary work and how you improved .need any advice ask.i can help if i get time.need to use all the key terms about media,photoshop and how you evolved to a decent contents page
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Production of my contents page

  1. 1. ByJoshua Connolly
  2. 2. To produce my contents page I used Photoshop as I knew it would be a lot of photomanipulation and visual design needed. Firstly I copied the mast head that I hadpreviously made for my front cover and added a transparent filter onto it to make it standout less. This is so that the name of the magazine gets more notice.
  3. 3. Next I added a blue rectangle in line with the masthead. This was so that I could write“contents” in white the contrasting colours would therefore make that most appealing onthe page. I also used the text tool to add the issue number and date onto the shape.
  4. 4. Using an image I had previously take I manipulated it using the quick selection tool anddeleted the back ground. By doing this I could move it to the right and make it look asthough the artist was leaning on the page. Also I added a colour boost filter and mdecopies to give it a bit more of an edge.
  5. 5. For this part of the process I used an image of the drummer sitting down and againremoved the background using the quick selection tool. Then I made the image smallerand placed him in thee bottom corner to make him look like he was sitting on the page. Ialso added a contrast boost to make the image look a bit more clearer.
  6. 6. Here I added another blue box to keep in fashion with the colour scheme and addedsome text on top about the enquiry a band which featured in my magazine. To make itlook like the drummer was holding the box I cut a piece of his hand and feet and placedthe box on top of the image and then added the thumb and foot back on top to make itlook like one big image.
  7. 7. Here I added a quote from the artist this keeps in design with what the double pagespread looks like. I changed the colour of the quotation marks to make it stand out. “myukelele got me through the hard times” keeps consistent with the image of holly holdinga ukelele.
  8. 8. To give the page more colour I added another image I had previously taken. This onehowever I kept the back ground on and just used the colour outline tool to give it aborder. Also I added a “fresco” filter to it to give it more of an “indie” look.
  9. 9. Below you can see that I have added the text onto the page. This is the part where youcan read what is in my magazine I made this using two text boxes and various sizedwriting for the headers and the page information. Also I made the page numbers in redthis helped them to stand out on the page making the contents page easy to navagate.
  10. 10. Lines were added in this section to seperate the text on the page from the images thisboxed of look helps the page to look more organised . On the lines I also added a dropshadow to make them stand out. Near the bottom a title and box was also added for theparagraph on the enquiry. Transparent tool was used to make sure the image wasntblocked.
  11. 11. Just to make it clear as to what the images represented I added white boxes with thepage numbers in near each image so that the also could be used as a form of navigationthroughout the magaine.
  12. 12. Finally after everything else was done I added a grey box around “monthly” to seperate itfrom this weeks highlights this was so that regular pages could easily be identified. Belowis the finished product of these may steps.