Possible magazine front covers i could create


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Possible magazine ideas.

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Possible magazine front covers i could create

  1. 1. POSSIBLE MAGAZINE I COULD CREATE By Humayra Suleman• To come up with possible magazine ideas and also a chosen magazine idea to help create my own magazine cover.
  2. 2. POSSIBLE MAGAZINE COVERS: VIBE These are the two magazine covers I have chosen to possibly use. They are both from the magazine “VIBE”. This is because I like the style of the magazines. The text “VIBE” is behind both images, making the photos look 3D.I like these magazines because of the unique photographs and costumers the artists wear. It makesthe magazine different. I also prefer the bold text of “VIBE” and the bold cover lines. This suggests thatthe magazine is making a bold statement and also it shows its high status through all of the famousand successful celebrities. I believe that these magazines are possible choices because of their uniquestyles to other magazines and also the genre of the music magazine is pop and R&B two of the musicgenres I think that are successful within the customers who buy music magazines. I prefer the coverwith the female on, this is because of the creative outfit and pose, making it look different from normalmagazines you may see on the shelf.
  3. 3. BACKGROUND INFORMATION ON VIBEThis is a famous magazine brand whichVibe is a music and entertainmentmagazine founded by Quincy Jones.The publication features R&B and hip-hop music artists, actors and otherentertainers. is now issued every-othermonth. with double covers, with a largeronline presence. The magazines targetaudience is predominantly young, urbanfollowers of hip-hop culture. Althoughanyone can read the magazine, theseare the people that arte more interestedin it because of the hip-hop.Here is an image of the companywebsite, including details about theartists, albums, gossip, photos, newsand also the latest trends of whats in Vibe Magazine was known for the creative direction of their covers.fashion. R&B singer Mary J. Blige continuously created the covers of Vibe magazine, with countless articles following her music career.
  4. 4. POSSIBLE MAGAZINE BILLBOARD These are the two magazine covers I have chosen to possibly use. They are both from the magazine “Billboard”. This is because I like the style of the magazines. The text “Billboard” is not plain and elegant like most magazines, it consists of colours showing that the magazine is a bright magazine with a large variety.I like these magazines as they have a round and cool text as the magazine title. However thefeminine look makes the magazine look interesting to read as the women look stylish andglamorous. I prefer this magazine because its not mainly aimed at females as you can tell fromthe title “Billboard” and at the font style and size. Both covers include the artists name in frontin big letters, making the magazine interesting to read as it is identifying the artists in the maincentral image of the cover. I like the cover because it is very spacious, text hasn’t dominatedthe page allowing the image to look more sophisticated and stylish, without masses of textover it. I like the style of the magazine because the different colours in “Billboard” suggest itsfor everyone and not aimed at one gender or a certain group of people.
  5. 5. BACKGROUND INFORMATION ON BILLBOARDThis music magazine does not havespecific genres, most enjoyed musicgenres are included. The magazineBillboard is an international news weeklymagazine devoted to music. It is one of theoldest trade magazines in the world.Includes internationally recognized musiccharts that track and update the mostpopular songs and albums on a weeklybasis. The chart used is the Billboard Hot100, ranking the top 100 songs on digitalsales, radio airplay, and internet streamingdata; and the Billboard 200, thecorresponding chart for album sales.Billboard was first founded in Cincinnati byWilliam h. Donaldson and JamesHennegan. Originally it was a trade paperfor the bill posting industry and was titled Here is an image of the magazine BillboardBillboard Advertising. However, the name website, including details about thehad changed ever since it has been artists, albums, gossip, top songs etc. As yourecognised as a music magazine. can see Rhianna is featuring in the magazine again, as well as the previous front cover.
  6. 6. CHOSEN MAGAZINE COVER I have chosen this magazine cover because I think that the theme goes well around the artist. I prefer the magazine because of the angle Katy Perry is standing at, looking like she did this to revolve around the text on the page. I also like the flowers all over her body, making her look stylish yet creative. The colour pink is used because of the flowery theme, this portrays the magazine to be more feminine when really it is a unisex magazine. Men can read this magazine because of the attractive woman on the page, maybe to find out what a female likes in a guy or general preferences. I have chosen to create my magazine with some ideas from this because the magazine looks creative making the layout more spacious and also you are able to read the text clearly, without the artist getting in the way of the text. Another positive feature on the magazine is the flash which has text about the charts, this attracts the reader and shows an element of competition, making the reader wonder whether Katy Perry is on the top of the charts. The font style of “Katy Perry” is different and it is more classy and wavy just like the stance she is standing at.
  7. 7. BACKGROUND INFORMATION ON THE GENRE OF BILLBOARD MAGAZINEBillboard magazine has no specific genre of music. The company playand support a wide range of music genres from hip-hop to rock. Thishelps to gain more readers as one particular genre would only gainreaders who enjoy that genre. Otherwise the variety of genres can beread by anyone who is generally into music. Billboard hold some chartskeeping track of the latest music listened to by people like us. Thisinterests the reader because they can follow the latest trend, instead ofsearching for something they may like individually as a majority orpeople must like the song or album in order for it to appear on Billboardstop charts.
  8. 8. CONTENTS PAGE FROM BILLBOARD I have chosen this contents page because I like the layout of the page. It has been well thought out because the text for the contents page is laid neatly to one side with three images on the other and a cool unique looking woman who is looking very happy is standing in the middle of the page. I enjoy looking a the enlarged image of the woman at the front because she is happy with her arms wide open greeting the reader. Her funky and bright striped clothing also suggests fun to the reader, hinting that this isn’t a normal boring magazine. This interests the reader because it emphasises the excitement of reading billboard magazine. Also I like the way the producers have inserted the logo on the top left hand corner, making it very small. I have chosen this contents page because it seems like a multi gender magazine and it does not put any readers off. The colours are varied throughout the page as well as the images. As there are different artists representing different genres of music. Welcoming everyone with different preferences as Billboard magazine takes care of entertainment for everyone and their preferences in music. Particularly, I like the change of font “CONTENTS” as it shows change.
  9. 9. ARTICLES FROM BILLBOARD I have chosen this article because it balance a variety of text and images. The article is about hip-hop and the artists involved in the genre. This is a article placed in the magazine as this is one of the many genres the magazine features. I personally like the colour scheme as the colours white, red and black are used through the page. This suggests style and danger to the reader as hip-hop is meant to be a rough genre where artists who have grown up from rough backgrounds have become a success and the problem of a rough childhood is for most of the hip-hop artists. I also prefer the bits of the article where key phrases and sentences are made to be bigger and bold, standing out to the reader and catchingg the readers interest as it is a key part of the article. Another reason is that there is not a being continuous flow of text, the writer has made it interesting by including colour and making key parts bold, making the reader want to read the whole article as the key parts look to be very interesting from a further distance instead of actually reading the whole article.