Photos for my magazine


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Photos for my magazine

  1. 1. Photographs for my magazine
  2. 2. FRONT COVER PHOTOSI love these images I have taken for my front cover. I used a whitebackground therefore they would be easier to work on photoshop with, I Pretty much the same photograph as the one on the right, however I have asked thecan easily put in sell lines however the photo could have been better if I band to be serious and to give the camera eye contact. By doing this, the band create ahad left more room at the top for a masthead, and also got the full guitar in relationship which the reader as eye contact can be intense and personal. Same overallof the artist on the right. Overall I love the picture as it shows the fun side conclusion, not enough space for masthead, and the landscape format however likeof the band furthermore I have decided not to use it as I took the photo the postion, props and setting and facal expressions of the models.landscape which will make it difficult for me to edit of photoshop.
  3. 3. This is the image I am going to use for my front cover, the format of thephotograph, portrait is perfect for editing on Photoshop. The band are all Landscape view of the photo on the left. All members of the band are givinggiving eye contact to make the a direct connection with the reader. I have direct eye contact. Like the use of the props, facial expressions, are seriousused props for the photo shoot to make it look realistic. Overall l am however fun and happy. Used casually clothing will the band tour in and weardefiantly using this photograph for my front cover. The negative points of in their everyday lives, I like the initial idea of this photo shoot as it isn’t overthe photograph are that the background colour is great, however to get a the top staged and look natural. Negative points are the same, the pip are infull shot of the artists the pipe and plug socket are in the photograph. the way and part of the carpet border.Furthermore which the image is zoomed in on, on the front cover to makethe artists higher on the page for the masthead, I believe the image willwork well.
  4. 4. CONTENTS PAGE PHOTOGRAPHS This one of my close friends who is modelling as a solo music artist. I tried to set up a photo shoot of her performing musical tasks, therefore I can portray her as a music song writer, I have accomplished this by using various props such as pianos, microphones and music stands. I have provided to clothing of the artist and have inspired her to look like Jessie J who is one of my favourite artists and who is also very big in the pop/hip hop sector which is my chosen genre.In this photograph I have used props, such aspianos, headphones and music stands to make This is one of my favourite photographs from the photo shoot, showingthe artist to appear as if they are song writing or the solo artist recording in a music studio. The photograph is very natural,even recording. The photograph as it is natuaral, the artist is not extremely made up, in my opinion she is a classy, prettyshows the artist at work, the only downside is the artist who females artists will inspire to be like. I especially like the shadowplug socket in the background and also the blue of the microphone in the background as it is really effective. The imageschair, however with photo shop editing the on the side are my other attempts of the images at different angles,photo should look better. however this is my favourite.
  5. 5. Possible photos Using a actionfor my contents shot to showpage. Placing the the artist, songmodel in different writing as Iposes, using a plain will bebackground, featuring “6therefore it is easyto edit straight on tips of songmy contents page. writing” in myI like the facial magazine.expression of the Showing amodel, as it is action shot, isdirect and more natural.connects with the The prop Iaudience. have used is a piano.
  6. 6. This is the imageI am planning to This is anuse on my image of acontents page amp, in theadvertising a new music studio.solo artist Harley These are usedAshton. I used a in the industryplain whitebackground, of Hip hoptherefore I could and pop.adapt the image Thinkingon Photoshop aboutand a make it featuring it oneasier to crop the contentsaround. page – For sale.
  7. 7. ARTICLE PHOTOGRAPHS Solo shots of Tom – drummer of Odd Future. I like this photo, as he looks cool and is a action shot. The photograph is not posed, therefore it is more natural.Action shot of Jamie,playing the guitar –natural shot. Lots of Solo action shot of Nick.props around, Prop – Electric guitar,however I do not like natural shot however looksthe background of slightly posed. Onlyphotograph as it negative part of theappears “too busy” photograph is the background props.
  8. 8. ARTICLE PHOTOGRAPHSI am planning on using either of these as my main article photograph. Using different facial expressionson each model, therefore it creates a different impression of the band. The photo of the band pullingfunny faces, this creates a fun impression of the band, having a good time while recording. The photoon the right is a more serious pose however, the band look happy, only downside is the cables, but to beable to use the props to create full effect, the props where needed.