Analysis of magazine bilboard


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Analysis of magazine bilboard

  1. 1. The masthead Subheading: The subheading is also taken The masthead is has over by the main Image which Main Image: been suppressed by This medium close up of Lily shows how important music the main image which Allen is used to capture her artists are to “Billboard” shows the magazine is expression and her hairstyle. The magazine. all about music. Also full white attire makes her eyes the Billboard is white and hair stand out which reflects which connotes this is a the masthead where the letter “D” new/ fresh edition. The stands out. Also white again letter “D” is green this connotes that she is a new/fresh connotes the magazine artist. Her expression suggests is interesting because she is looking right at the its colourful. audience which reflects herCover Lines straight-forward personality. She The cover lines are split into is portraying the an “innocent” two colours white and pink. look which relates to the The colour pink connotes stereotype of an R& B artist being feminism which relates to the soulful. The lighting is quite bright audience being mostly on her face which looks like its female. As well as the fact glowing this relates to her being Lily Allen is female. The pink angelic. lines are smaller than the white lines which shows Main Cover line white is initially the theme Her cover line is also in white colour of the cover page. which matches her attire The cover lines are all in because it is white which again Capitals which states their suggests she is a new artist. importance. The language is quite formalInfo/Price: The date shows which relates to the “innocent”this is the first edition of that yearwhich reflects the colour theme look she is portraying. Thewhite which connotes it being new. cover lines almost camouflageAlso the online magazines are into her which shows she ismentioned which shows the speaking from her heart. Themagazine is always accessible.The USA and UK price is also font is simple this adds to thenoted which tells the audience the simplicity of her.
  2. 2. Issue number: The issue number hasBillboard Charts been placed here toThe magazine is known for its express the magazine‟smusic chart, which features on the professionalism.content page this connotes theimportance of this chart. Main Image The long medium shot is placedBanner on the left third to show it is aThe contents banner is used page in itself. The artist isto inform the audience this is wearing a suit with a hat whichthe contents page. The contrast. This relates to hip-hopbanner has slits inside it to stereotype of clashing classyshow the Contents page with street. Also his posture andcontains a lot of information. expression both show attitudeThe colour black has been which also relates to the hip-hopused to stand out. stereotype. “81” this page number is put against him toContents page prove he is in the magazine.numbers Subsidiary Images:The most important page There are three images which all arenumbers are the biggest which medium shots apart from the firstare evidently about famous one which is a medium close-up. The MCU is taken to catch thecelebrities. The remaining happy expression of the artist.content page numbers are Whereas the Medium shots are usedsmaller , they are in blue so it to mainly capture the attire of thestands out. artists. This shows the magazine is Magazine Logo: star studded. The logo is placed on Headings: the right side to promote The heading for the promotional the magazine also to let features looks like it has been the audience the Promotional Features: These features give engraved into the title this shows the target audience an idea of what is on the website. that this is a permanent feature on prominence of the logo. the contents page. The white colour Also it shows the website has more to offer than other magazines. connotes that these features are
  3. 3. Copy The drop cap “I” tells the target audienceMain Image she is speaking herThe main image shows Lily heart. It also createsAllen in a Tomboy look which relativity between herrelates to the lyrics of her and the targetsongs. The check shirt is audience. The text iscasual it shows she isnt four columns whichbothered about her shows that she isappearance. It‟s a mediumshot so it captures her body narrating a storyposture which shows attitude about the paparazziwhich reflects her personality.Her hair seems to scruffy thisagain shows she isnt botheredabout how she looks. Thepicture takes up a whole page Subheadingof the double page spread The subheading talkswhich relates to music briefly about what themagazine being more image article is going to bebased than text based. about. The name “lily Allen” is in red in the sub title to catch the readers Main Heading attention. Also the font of The main heading that looks the name is dissimilar to like it has been cut out from the rest of the a newspaper this relates to subheading to make the the article being about name stand out. paparazzi. The heading takes up most of the article which is a pull quote. This pull quote relates to her care free attitude. The heading By-lines The by-line is in the seems to scattered the same font style as the letters aren‟t balanced this heading which shows shows that shes crazy. The she has designed the font is clean cut which heading. reflects her saying shes
  4. 4. What is the article about? The article is about Lily Allen‟sjourney to fame and what she thinkspeople‟s opinions about her are.The style of the article?The style of the article is more imagebased than text based which relatesto Lily Allen „s pull quote being themost effective piece of text in thearticle. It is quite informal whichrelates to her childish personalityThe headings connote The headingconnotes her attitude towardsjudgemental people. It also informsthe audience that she isstraightforward.
  5. 5. The mast head always has different colour fillingsHas a main coverline for all mainimages on Cover House Features the most popular music artistspage style Main image always seems to cover Masthead. Uses colourful colour scheme
  6. 6. I have learnt how to analyse a magazines from different genres, this has been useful because it has informed me of what a magazine should consist of and how a professional magazine should look like. I have analysed these magazines to provide me with possible ideas that I can input into the magazine I will be making. Exploringdifferent genres has now allowed me to think of what genre is right for a magazine and what target audience eachgenre has. This will help me because I can always go back to these analysed magazines when editing my own magazines.