Magazine analysis


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This is my music magazine analysis which has:
-Front cover (3)
-Contents page (3)
-Double Page spread (3)
All related to Hip Hop.

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Magazine analysis

  1. 1. Abdallah Hassen
  2. 2. Main Image:- The main image is obviously of Lady Gaga, who takes up most of the whole page, making the text revolve around her body, which adds in extra emphasis on her curvy figure. Her pose can be seen as sexual to some extent, from her finger in her mouth, to her outfit, which is revealing. The colour of black relates well with the rest of the cover.. Furthermore, her black eye make up matches with the rest of her look. The side pose illustrates her figure, which also shows off her ‘sexy’ side. Other Images:- At the bottom, there are four other images, which show off her crazy outfits, which she is famous for. A picture of her as a child is also included, showing that the magazine covers a range of years of her life, which will attract readers even more. The colours within these images are also black, white and red, which is consistent from the rest of the front cover. Lady Gaga is placed between this strip of pictures, evening it out of two pictures on either side of the main image of her. SMASH HITS: Masthead:- The masthead is in capital letters, and red, which stands out, especially due to the plain white background. The font used isn’t very common, but the fact that’s its different gives a unique factor to the page. However, this can be seen as a contrast to ‘LADY GAGA,’ which may be in a different font and colour, but the size is still big, and grabs attention as its also placed on top of the image. Coverline: The cover line is ‘The world’s biggest start uncovered!’ Lady Gaga is considered as one of the biggest stars of today, therefore, this instantly attracts attentions to her fans, as they want to know more about her and her life. ‘BIGGEST’ is in a bigger font size than the rest of the text, which stands out, and is actually the first word you see within that section. Colour :- The colour scheme of the front cover is limited, only consisting of the colours black, white and red, with a bit of yellow in certain places, to grab attention. The use of each colour is used carefully and is relevant as to where its been included. Furthermore, the colours go well with the main image, which brings clarity to the front cover on a whole.
  3. 3. The Masthead“Rolling Stones” is located in the top left hand corner of the front cover. This positioning applies to all of their magazine issues. It is bold and they have given it a 3D effect to make it standout from the rest of the magazine cover. The green of the title also matches the house style. Cover Story: The cover stories give the audience an idea of what their magazine is about, with the language, the names of the people they have involved in them to target their audience. The Main Image: The picture is located in the middle of the magazine so it grabs peoples attention. It also overlaps the title showing that it is the main focus. The picture is very eye catching with the pose she is pulling, targeting the male audience as it is a very erotic pose. Cover Story: In the bottom right hand corner there is a section cut off with a headline in it. It is in bold, back font therefore emphasising the headline, encouraging others to read the magazine. The word “dark” represents mystery and therefore the producers of the magazine have hidden the headline in the corner of the page. There is a rhetorical question which lures people in to read the magazine, consequently the target audience want to read the magazine. Many people would disagree that she’s shy and therefore want to read the magazine to find out more!
  4. 4. The Masthead: The Masthead is in the top left hand corner, and this is how it is always positioned on their magazines. The writing saying ‘Ebony’ is in Capitals and bold making it stand out, with the background being red and the font being white making it stand out even more to catch your eye. Also the red background matches the house colour with this magazine cover. Ebony used some catchy words in the cover lines to grab the attention to both females and males, as ‘Super Sexy Singles’ could be meant for either. Another story with the magazine is called ‘Addicted to Facebook?’ this then grabs the attention to most people, as they have it. Also, it means it for a male and female audience as Facebook isn’t aimed at one specific gender. The font colour fits the house colour with the red from the title, and from all the stories. They haven’t made these titles have huge fonts making them seem not as important, but have used capitals to make them stand out. Cover Story: Ebony made the font size for the ‘it’ massive so that it grabs your attention, also the bottom left hand corner is the last place you look at when you first look at a magazine, so creating a cover story to have a big font means that people won’t miss it. Also, from the title it grabs both female and male attention, as females want to know who the 25 women are, but also males like to see this too. Information: They have put information about the magazine in the bottom right hand corner, in a small font showing it isn’t as important as the rest. The Main Image: Alicia Keys’ face is in the middle of the page, so it is the first part you look at. Her eyes are looking straight at us, so she’s engaging the audiences attention, making it seem like she is actually looking at us. Alicia Keys is a attraction for the male audience, as she is wearing revealing clothesattracting them to read the magazine, but also attracting females to read the magazine too as they might like her.
  5. 5. The main image is a mid shot of the rapper Kanye West who has a arm coming over his shoulder holding a heart-shaped object (only bright colour used on page which draws attention) which may infer that the woman is trying to win-over his heart. The image dominates the page and the simplicity of the page attracts the target audience as he is a famous rapper and this relates to the genre of the magazine and they are likely to listen to his music. Kanye is looking straight at the camera with a a moody attitude expression on his face which associates with rebellion and the genre of Rap music. Kanye West is on the front cover of this magazine as well which indicates he is the main feature. Also Kanye is dressed quite smartly considering he is a rap artist and this connects with the colour scheme and magazine being elegant/classy. Sub Heading- Like the word Contents above there are black bold sub headings which show the reader what the main areas of interest are featured in the magazine (features and fashion). The font used for the sub headings is fancy and stylish which again relates to the colour scheme and Kanye’s clothes, and also makes it look more interesting. CONTENTS WORD- The word Contents is in a large bold black font which is not in a straight line but is split up into three lines and contrasts with background which makes it original and stands out. Most Vibe contents pages display the word contents like this as well which ensures consistency and professionalism. The masthead is a large letter V which stands for the magazine name Vibe. It is always featured on Vibe magazine contents pages and is positioned in the top half of the page which keeps there magazines consistent and look professional. This also a sort of logo for Vibe and makes the magazine recognisable just by using the letter V. SUMMARY OF CONTENT WITH PAGE NUMBER- These are positioned under the sub headings which shows the category it comes under, and it show the reader what the main articles/stories are and the page number it is on. The font colour of brief headings is grey- making them stand out to the summary of content which is in black and matches the sub headings. The page number is in a bolder font than the heading which indicates it is slightly more important.
  6. 6. THE MAIN IMAGE- The main image is a mid shot of the vocalist from the band The Bronx who is shown singing at a gig. The image is larger than the others on the page which indicate that it is the main feature of the magazine, and it gives the page number in the top right corner of the image and a brief description of article. The page number is in a larger and bolder yellow font style than the brief description which is in a white font colour and this makes it stand out more and signifies that it is slightly more important. OTHER IMAGES- The images are dominant on this page which is appealing for the reader as it indicates that the magazine includes a wide range of articles and imagery. It also looks quite cluttered which associates with Rock. The images to the side and below the image of the singer from The Bronx show that the articles related to the images are less important as the images are smaller. They also have smaller sized font for the page number and brief description which confirms this. WORD CONTENTS AND BOX- The word contents uses a bold yellow font in a black box which contrasts and makes it stand out and shows what the page is about. It is also inconsistent with the front cover colour scheme which is unusual in magazines and this associates with Rock- individuality. DATE AND ISSUE NUMBER- The date and issue number are important features as they identify how current it is and when it was published and for example buyers and target audience can see whether they have missed out on buying the previous issue(s). Also they are in a white font contrasting with the box- making it stand out.
  7. 7. In the masthead there is obviously the name of the magazine which in this case has been abbreviated to RS standing for ‘Rolling Stone’. This constantly reminds the reader what magazine they are reading. Nearly every contents page from Rolling Stones has the same masthead abbreviated to ‘RS’ this makes their magazines consistent and professional. main Page numbers in grey – article. May be a hint as stand out. Titles in bold – easy to who the article is about to find desired section. The background colour is white because this makes the other conventions of the magazine stand out distinctly. The images on the contents page all show hip hop artists, which relates to the subgenre of Hip Hop. The artists used are seen as legends in the hip hop industry, this would certainly attract readers because they could be seen as idols to readers. The Contents page has a bit where it says ‘Features’ this sums up all the main articles in the magazine. This is also used for the audience to know that these are the Main Headlines. ‘Special Edition’ has been written in black and red; colours that stand out which also reflects how special this part is. Following the ‘Special Edition’ the subtitle has been written in bold to make it stand out and also to keep a consistent theme so there is an element of familiarity.
  8. 8. The artist is looking away from the camera giving the magazine a sense of professionalism through acting like a model. The quote has some words filled in white to A fade has been used in the show which words are important. Quote marks have been used to show these words have came from Fiasco. The words filled in white mostly seem to be verbs. This suggests Fiasco wants his fans to act upon his words. Page number and ‘Streetz’ on ever page. Headline: “Fiasco @ 9:30” is coloured in gold to make it contrast with the black This double page spread uses black and dark grey. background. It is obvious that this is a time of a The black is used to make the words contrast, and performance by Fiasco. The use of gold throughout the dark grey is used to make Fiasco stand out from this double page spread corresponds with the artists the page. The left background has a non-focused clothing and jewellery. effect which increases the artists visibility. A fade has been used in the image of Fiasco performing to highlight the spotlight on the body of the artist. This shows that the artist is entirely centered around Fiasco. The information in this double page spread has been put into columns to make it easier to read and understand. This suggests that the purpose of this double page spread is to inform people. This double page spread uses black and dark grey. The black is used to make the words contrast, and the dark grey is used to make Fiasco stand out from the page. The left background has a non-focused effect which increases the artists visibility.
  9. 9. The facial expression of the artist seems to look quite sarcastic but at the same time serious. It looks as if he thinks he is too good. The quote by ‘Jay-Z’ is positioned in a black rectangle. This contrasts deeply with the colour white and it suggests that this artist wants his words to be seen. Page number positioned above a thin black line. It looks neat with the background colour. Large ‘I’ to start off the article. This shows that this double page spread is purely based on the rapper ‘Jay-Z’. Large image of rapper ‘Jay-Z’ which indicates that this double page spread is based on him. There is a shadow on the right side of his face, makes the title of this spread contrast. He is also turning his face towards the source of light. Futuristic text- Implies Jay-Z is the future of the hip hop industry. As we know he is already been named as one of the all time greats with a lot of his songs on top of the charts. The title ‘Jay-Z’ is filled with the same colour as the background so there is no edges for the ‘Z’ in this title. The ‘J’ in this title is stretched upwards to the top of the page. This neatly separates the first page to the second page.
  10. 10. Clear white background has been used to show the depth of the image which gives more emphasis and elaborate the pose the artist is in. They have cleverly incorporated his name (T.I) in the article heading. They have also used a different style font to create a summer time theme The colour scheme for this double page spread is mixed, it has five different main colours on the page. The piece of text at the top of the right page indicate that the colours have been used. The image that has been used is a mid-shot. This gives the impression that he is ready to branch out and spread his wings to achieve new goals. The colours of his shirt is the same colour as the heading at the top of the right page and the overlapping circles in the centre of the page. At the top of the right page it has a sell line with the same colours as the circles in the centre of the page. The creator has decided to overlap circles over the text, this may have been done because the main article about summer time, so they decided to do summer colours to represent the sun. The article has been separated into three different paragraphed sections. The author has done this so it is easier for the intended audience to read .