Analysing nme dizzee cover prep for blog ppt


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Analysing nme dizzee cover prep for blog ppt

  1. 1. Analysis of Magazine Covers By Lucy Hughes
  2. 2. Analysis of magazine front covers Cover 1.NME Sept 2009 Dizzee Rascal Edition
  3. 3. THE MASTHEAD: - NME= enemy, this creates the sense that the magazine is creating quite a rebellious vibe as you relate FRONT COVER ANALYSIS THE HEADER: enemy and graffiti as anti- - The whole magazine is colour coded this establishments. is to create a ‘branding’ for the magazine, it also highlights the genre of the USE OF A FLASH: magazine as red, white and black are - Appeals to the target ‘rocky’ colours. audience, makes them want to find out more THE SELL LINES/COVER LINES: about the topic that is being advertised. - Are very bold and take up a lot of the shot. ‘man’ in the cover line makes the magazine seem friendlier and appeals toBACKGROUND: the target audience too through the- Appeals to the target audience which is language used as its very informalmainly male as the bands advertised are all language. The main emphasis of the‘male’ bands and the colours and fonts magazine is people’s musical taste.used are not feminine. The backgroundwith the graffiti in the background and the THE MAIN COVER LINE:image of Dizzee jumping out of the picture - Big/bold and takes up the whole shot, puttingcreates a very ‘hip-hop’ vibe which appeals emphasis on the artist who is being the younger generation. The wording is big and bold and heavily shadowed making it stand out massively. The USE OF A PULL QUOTE: shaping of the words creates a very edgy vibe which would appeal to the target audience. - The font of the pull quote makes the magazine more informal and friendly. It creates a happy/care free vibe to the magazine. Also THE MAIN IMAGE: the pull quote gives the magazine enough information to entice the -Fills up most of the shot, putting all the attention reader and make them want to on the artist. The artists name is anchored so the find out more and therefore buy reader knows who the artist is. Anchors weigh the magazine. something down but they have meaning. Barcode-date/issue/price; lets the reader know how expensive the magazine is and how up to RULE OF THIRDS/THE LEFT THIRD: date the information is. The barcode is out of the - This gives the magazine a professional way and doesn’t take up a lot of the space. layout and gives everything a significant place. It prevents the magazine looking THE FOOTER: used to highlight to the reader what other bands are going to be advertised in the magazine. Appeals to jumbled and un-professional. the target audience as these bands are bands that interest them and they want to find more about. The white background with black font makes the text and bands stand out more.
  4. 4. TARGET AUDIENCE OF THIS MAGAZINETarget audience Profile:Musical interests/favouriteartists etc.: METHODS USED TO ATTRACT- NME magazines attracts people THIS TARGET AUDIENCE ARE:who are interested in theindie/rock genre of music. Hip Hop artist; Dizzee is a well known hip hop artist because ofGender: this people will want to buy the- Attracts male and females; but magazine to find out more abouton this particular front cover its the artist. Also the positioning ofmainly aimed at males because Dizzee is very friendly andmale bands are the only ones informal which makes thebeing advertised. magazine seem more down to earth and easy for teenagers toAge: read.- Age group which they targetranges from 16-19 years old.Social class:- From my research I have come The positioning of the letters isto the conclusion that the very ‘hip-hop’ and street whichmagazine would be targeted at makes the magazine seemthe group C1 and above, this is informal and appealing to thebecause the magazine costs £2.20 younger market as it isn’t justso you’d need a good income to boring and in a straight line. Theafford the magazine every week. shaping of the wording goes with the whole urban vibe of the magazine; with the positioning of Dizzee and the graffiti in the background.
  5. 5. NME Background research NME magazine is published by IPC media. NME was first issued on the 7th March 1952; the original copy of the magazine was published in a non- glossy tabloid format on standard news print. The magazine focuses on the genre ofNME magazine is targeted at Indie/Rock. NME magazine was thepeople between the ages of 16- magazine that created the new music trend19, the magazine is also called Punk Rock.targeted at both genders whohave an interest in theIndie/Rock musical world. The The magazine on average is 70 pages long,people reading the magazine the main focus is on guitar and rock music.will have an interest in the up The magazine is made up of a news page tocoming gigs and other musical start with telling you the most up to datesocial enjoyments which they happenings in the music world and then itcan enjoy with other people goes on to articles on specific artists (onewho are interested in the same may be advertised on the front cover) andmusic. interviews.
  6. 6. Analysis of magazine front covers Cover 2.Q magazine
  7. 7. Masthead: Front Cover Analysis- The masthead for Q isquite unusual as it doesn’tcover the whole of top Use of flash:centre of the magazine it’s - A flash is used to highlight tojust one letter in the left the reader all the extra thingshand corner; this makes that are going to be in thethe magazine very magazine, lists all the famouseffective and very unique people they’re going to haveand stand out on the interviews with. Attracting theshelves. Also the read reader to want to go and buybackground with white the magazine.lettering is very powerful Cover/Sell lines:and emphasises the - The cover lines show all thepowerfulness of the content that’s also going to be in themagazine. magazines. They’re very bold so they stand out to the reader, theyBackground: also follow a red/black/white colour- The background for Q is very scheme which goes with the indiepowerful, this is because its just plain vibe of the magazine.white which puts all the emphasis onthe artist positioned at the front. Use of pull quote:There is nothing to distract the reader - It entices the reader and makes themfrom the artist. want to find out more about the story. It’s the only wording on the picture Rule of thirds: which puts more emphasis on the - The rule of thirds has been used words and the fact that Brandon in this magazine to make sure flowers’ been ‘reborn’ is interesting to everything has a place and make the reader and fans of the Killers. sure the magazine doesn’t look messy or unprofessional. All the writing is placed to the left hand Main image: side this is because when the - The main image is made to look very magazine is on a shelf the reader effective by only this one image on the at the point can only see what’s front cover. It puts all emphasis on to on the left hand side. the artist and gives a feel to the reader that the main story is going to be on the Killers. The positioning on Barcode: Brandon is a low angle shot making - The barcode is placed in the bottom centre him look very powerful and gives him of the magazine out of the way from the main quite a ‘bad boy’ vibe with his leather features in the magazine, this is because the jacket and his had pointing upwards, barcode doesn’t have much relevance to the he’s also wearing all black which gives reader so the magazine publishers don’t the image no colour. want it to take up too much room.
  8. 8. Target Audience of QTarget audience Profile: METHODS USED TOMusical interests/favourite artists etc.: ATTRACT THIS TARGET AUDIENCE- NME magazines attracts people who areinterested in more mature ‘older music’ ARE:Gender: - The colours used are- The magazine says it attracts male and very mature and notfemales but it’s more targeted towardsthe male generation extremely bold orAge: bright, attracting more- The age group that Q attracts is the older to the oldergeneration such as people in their generation. Also the30s/40s who are looking for a differentmode of address, more sophisticated and placing of the coverjust want to know more about the music lines and images makeSocial class: the magazine look- From my research I have come to the more sophisticatedconclusion that the magazine would betargeted at the group C1 and above, this is and don’t make it lookbecause the magazine costs £3.90 so like a ‘child’’d need a good income to afford themagazine every month.
  9. 9. Analysis of magazine frontHeader: cover 3. Kerrang Main image: -Very effective as its just one image that takes up the majority of the-advertises competitions that are frame. Also it is clear to see who thecoming up for the fans. Also band is due to the large captionsummarises the main bands that placed in the middle. The backgroundwill be featuring in this issue- is a mix of colours between red andbands are all associated with the black creating a ‘rocky’ vibe.‘rock’ genre. Masthead: Main sell line: - Title ‘kerrang’ stands out and - It anchors the main image so its made takes up a lot of space making clear to the audience who the band is. the title very bold and effective. This is the only cover line on the The font style used is Dafont magazine putting emphasises of who the site which creates a very magazine is going to be about. The font dramatic effect and makes it is big and bold making it stand out. look like broken glass suggesting rebellion. The ! Emphasises the rebelliousness Barcode, date/issue and price: - These are all essential Layout follows the ‘rule of thirds’, this elements are a magazine and are adds interest to the target audience. always featured. Its always Everything has its own specific place to placed in a small box and in the make the magazine look professional. The corner of the magazine out of cover is very image dominated and even the way of the main features. though every thing has a place it creates a very ‘cluttered’ vibe which makes it seem Freebies makes the reader want rebellious and going against the norm. It to buy the magazine as they get suggests that the magazine is going to be 7 free poster with the magazine. very busy full of rock content and the The posters are all of famous reader of kerrang! Magazine is very popular rock bands which unconventional. Footer: would appeal to the reader. - Lists all the other bands that are going to be appearing in the magazine
  10. 10. Target Audience of Kerrang!Target audience Profile: METHODS USED TOMusical interests/favourite artists etc.: ATTRACT THIS- Kerrang! Magazine attracts readers whoare interested in the genre of TARGET AUDIENCErock/punk/indie/grunge music. ARE:Gender: - The colours used attract- The magazine says it attracts male and the target audience asfemales but it’s more targeted towards they’re very rocky andthe male generation, this is because ofthe colours used and the striking fonts, it rebellious which woulddoesn’t make the cover very feminine. attract more to theAge: younger generation than- The age group that Kerrang attracts is older. Also the style andteenagers between the age of 15-19 who placing of the font createsare interested in the type of genre that an edgy vibe whichKerrang! Provides. attracts the targetSocial class: audience of 14-19 year- From my research I have come to the olds.conclusion that the magazine would betargeted at the group C1 and above, thisis because the magazine costs £2.20 soyou’d need a good income to afford themagazine every week.