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  1. 1. Main Task
  2. 2. The Main Image is an image of the band Magazine Analysis 1 that the main cover line is talking about. This image will be seen by the fans of this band and it will appeal to them. This Header is a simple image of the band looking straight at the camera.The Masthead used is one of the The Cover Lines on this magazinelargest things on the cover. It are used to show the reader what’suses a broken text font which going to be in this issue of thecould be linked with the music magazine. They are usually quite biggenre and serif is used. The but on this specific cover we can seemasthead is being covered by the that they’re quite small. They’remain image but people will still placed on a black background soknow what the magazine is as they stand out from the image andthe can tell by the first few letters are clearer to see. The colour of thedue to it being an established text is blue and white is used tomagazine. The font makes it look make it contrast with the blackdifferent to all magazines and background it’s on.looks pleasing for the reader. Thetitle of the magazine is alsoonomatopoeia as it sounds like aguitar. The Main Cover Lines on this front Strap Lines on here are cover is there to sell the magazine to used to give the reader the reader. It uses a large simple serif more information about text and is in red so that it stands off what is going to be in the the page. Large strap lines are also story. They are smaller font used to give the reader an insight into size than the cover line and what the article is about. Also a grab a different colour. quote is used. The large text will appeal to the reader and make them want to read it. Price and date In the Footer plus signs are used to show what else is Barcode going to be in the magazine. The use of the plus sign is to separate each title on the footer. This looks different to other magazines and may appeal to the reader.
  3. 3. The header is used so that more information about what is going to be on the magazine Magazine Analysis 2 can be shown to the reader. This is always at The Main Image is always used the top of the page. Yellow is used on this to back up the main cover line text to make it clear from the red on the front cover. We see the 2 background. White is also used on this band members that the article header. The text is again serif and is bold to is about standing back to back make it stand out to the reader. The red and facing the camera. They background also sticks to the house style of both have straight faces. This the magazine will appeal to fans of these people and make them want to buy it. Masthead is Large and in the top left corner so it is clear for the reader to see. Also uses borders to make it stand out. Serif font. Very short, only The Main Cover Line is used to uses 3 letters. Text is red as it show what the main article is about is the main colour scheme of in the issue of the magazine. It is the magazine. the largest piece of text on the page as the editor wants to make it standPuff/Pug black so out to the reader. It is linked withit looks bold and the main image on the front cover.stands off the The text colours used are red topage. Yellow text Cover Lines used to keep it linked with the house styleused to show it is show the reader what is but some white is used to break itdifferent to the in the magazine. They up and make it more clear. There iscover lines. On the are in red which sticks to a mixture of serif and sans serif textleft side so when the colour scheme of the used.on the shelf it can magazine. Large font sizebe seen. Yellow and bold are used totext is used to make them stand out toseparate it from the reader. No outlinethe cover lines though. All cover lines are serif. They are all on Barcode the left side of page so when on the shelf they can be seen. Price and date is used to show what This is a Grab Quote from within the magazine article. It will be date the magazine a sentence taken from the article that the main cover line is was released and about. This gives the reader a little insight into what the article how much it costs.Strap Lines are used to give the reader more information about the cover is about and will help them decide if they want to read on or They are usually oneline. These are in a smaller text underneath the cover lines. They are in not. It is large text and uses a sans serif font. The quotation of the smallest thingsblack so you can tell that is a strapline and that it is not a cover line. All the marks at the beginning and end of the sentence show that it is on the page.strap line text is serif and uses no outline. a quote taken from the article.
  4. 4. Puff/Pug is used on the page to Cover Lines used to show the Magazine Analysis 3 give even more to the reader reader what is in the magazine. about what is in the magazine. They use large serif font so they It is red which sticks to the are clear on the page and easy main housestyle of mojo to see. They use red font and magazine. white as these are the main colours of the magazine. The font type is the same as the logo font which keeps a consistent house style.Masthead is one of the largestthings on the front cover. Ittakes up the majority of thetop third of the page but is Strap Lines are used to give thecovered up by the main reader extra information and add toimage. This is acceptable the cover lines on the front page sobecause it is an established that they can know more about themagazine so people will know articles. They use a smaller text andwhat it is by seeing 2 letters different colour text to the cover lines so that it is clear to the reader that they are different things. The same font type is used keeping to the consistent house style of the Cover Lines used to show the magazine. reader what is in the magazine. They use large serif font so they are clear on the page and easy to see. They use red font and white as these are the main Main Cover Line is the largest piece colours of the magazine. The of text on this page. It shows the font type is the same as the reader what the main feature within logo font which keeps a the magazine is and will appeal to consistent house style. fans of this artist. It sticks to the house style of the magazine by using a red font and the same font as everything else on the page. It is very large so is eye catching for the reader. The main cover line is just under the main image of the artist which arguably makes it the second Strap Lines are used to give the reader extra information and add to the thing you see on the page. cover lines on the front page so that they can know more about the Barcode articles. They use a smaller text and different colour text to the cover lines so that it is clear to the reader that they are different things. The same font The main image is the largest thing on the front cover. It is linked with the main cover type is used keeping to the consistent house style of the magazine. line as it is always the person the article is about. The eyeline is in the top third and the person I looking straight down the camera. This will make people look at the magazine. It will also appeal to fans of the artist as they will instantly recognise him.
  5. 5. Headings are white on this page and use a clear bold Contents Analysis 1 Logo is large at the top of the page in the same font as on the text as it stands out. It is front page. Very clear at the top of the page. Reminding the also left aligned so that you reader what magazine they are reading. Sans Serif font used. can see it is a heading and not a feature title. Pretty plain and simple with not very much to it. Sans serif font used Main image is a mid-shot of one of the members ofFeature title is large and used to the band that is a featuredshow the reader what is within the article in this magazine.magazine issue. Again like the The photo is in black andheadings white bold text is used to white which is different tomake it stand out to the reader. other magazines and willNot a clear difference between the appeal to the reader. Itheadings and cover line, which shows the band membercould confuse the reader. looking drunk and withNumbers next to headings do some beer in his hand. Thismake them stand out and a bit represents the personalityclearer. of the band member. This photo will appeal to people who like this band and will make them want to read more.Grab quote taken from thearticle in which the mainpicture on this page isbased on. This will makefans of the personinterested and will makethem want to read more.The text is red which fitswith the magazines house Strap lines are telling the reader more about thestyle and main colour articlend give them extra information. This will helpscheme. them decide if they want to read on or not. Small white text is used. It is small so that it is clear to see the difference between the cover line and strap line.
  6. 6. Contents Analysis 2 The headings on this page are on Large logo at the top of the page to remind the the left side, use large text and are reader what the magazine is. Uses same font and red. This is so it stands out from the colours so sticks to the housestyle of the contents cover lines. It is clear on magazine. this page to see what is a heading and what is not. The cover story heading is set out the same way but Issue number it is split up from the other headings with 2 lines. This makes it stand out and clear that it is one of the major Main image is mid shot of an artist that a feature stories in this magazine. Red sans is about. We can see the side of her body and she serif font used which keeps to the is facing away from the camera. The words in the consistent house style of the contents are shaped around her body. She is magazine. Same font as the logo. taking up half the page from the left side. This goes against conventions as it is not split into thirds like a normal contents but it is half and half. DateContents cover lines are used here totell the reader what the article on apage is about. There are also a few linesunderneath each one which give thereader more information about whatthe article is about and will help themdecide whether they want to read it ornot. Small sans serif text used so it isclear which is a cover and which is a Grab quote from the main article. Gives the reader an insight into what it isstrap line. All the same font and size to about and it may make them want to read on after seeing the quote. Largestick to the house style. serif font is used so it stands out to the reader. Red and white text used. Sticks to colour scheme of the magazine.
  7. 7. Magazine heading at the top of the contents Contents Analysis 3page on a red background which sticks to thehouse style of the magazine. Issue number Main cover line and main strap line is Main image used to cover 2/3rds of the used to tell the reader what the main page linked with one of the articles article is in the magazine and give them within the magazine. Photo will appeal information about what it is about. It is to fans of this band and will make them usually linked with the picture on the want to buy the magazine. The front page. The font is Bold, san serif contents does use the rule of thirds and slightly bigger than the other cover even though the picture takes up the lines. This is to make it clear that it is majority of the page. Long shot used. the main cover line. The strap line text is also slightly bigger and red to show it is about the main article. Large number represents page and shows the reader what page the picture is linked to so people can jump straight Contents cover lines are used here to to it if they want to. tell the reader what the article on a page is about. Bold sans serif text is used and underlined by a red line. These 2 things make it clear to the reader that they are cover lines and make them easy to see when glancing at the page. Page numbers also used to tell the reader what pages the articles are on and are in order.
  8. 8. DP Spread Analysis 1Grab quote from the articlegives an overview to the reader Grab quote from the articleabout what kind of things the again giving the reader anarticle is going to be talking insight into what the article isabout and what could interest about and what the man beingthe reader. interviewed is like.Drop caps used within thearticle at the start ofparagraphs. These can beathsetically pleasing for thereader and makes it for thereader where paragraphsstart. Main image takes up a page on the right and is linked with the Large letter used as a back drop to the article presumably this article on the right hand side. This is the person who is being has something to do with the article or theme of the issue of interviewed. It is a long shot of the person being interviewed and this magazine. E.g. a-z of bands. It is red which sticks to the he is looking away from the camera with his head slightly tilted house style of the magazine. up. This will be athsetically pleasing for the fans of this band and they will enjoy the article.
  9. 9. DP Spread Analysis 2Grab quote from the articlegives the reader an idea of whatthe article is about. The text isred which is the same colour asthe lead singers hair. This ispart of the house style.Paragraphs used and whitewriting is on the blackbackground to make it standout. Two columns also usedon top of the picture. Photo credits Break in the paragraphs to give the reader a break from lines Main image of the band the article is about. Medium shot and of information. Also is an advertisement for the next issue of they are all looking in different directions. Fans of the band the magazine. will be attracted to this image and will make them read it. IT takes up the majority of the double page spread.
  10. 10. DP Spread Analysis 3Page header gives the readerinformation about what thearticle is about and will makethem decide if they want toread it or not. Orange usedthroughout and sticks to a Main text is columned and ishouse style white on top of the black background, which is part of the main image, to make it stand out more to the reader and makes it easier to read. Main image of the people that the article is about. Will appeal to fans of the band and will make them take a look at the article. Pretty normal medium shot of the two with one looking at the camera and one looking away. Drop caps used within the article at the start of Photo credits and witter paragraphs. These can be credits athsetically pleasing for the reader and makes it for the reader where paragraphs start.
  11. 11. • NME is a music publication produced in the UK that has been sold weekly sing 1952• NME is aimed at people interested in new under the radar artists but it does also target people interested in bigger artists by including them in the magazine as well.• NME is a weekly magazine the costs £2.20.• From the of 21 March 1998 the paper has no longer been printed on newsprint and more recently it has shifted to tabloid size. It has full glossy colour covers• In 1996 the NME started its website NME.COM
  12. 12. • more than 60 iconic media brands• the UKs leading consumer magazine publisher• engage with 26m UK adults - almost two thirds of UK women and 42% of UK men• three publishing divisions. IPC Connect, IPC Inspire and IPC Southbank• IPC Connect. mass market womens division comprises famous womens weeklies including Now, Chat and Woman• IPC Inspire, has a wealth of leisure brands including Country Life, Horse & Hound, Rugby World and Decanter, as well as lifestyle brands including Nuts, Mousebreaker and NME• IPC Southbank is our upmarket womens division and comprises luxury fashion brands including Marie Claire and InStyle, lifestyle brands including woman&home and Essentials and home interest brands including Ideal Home, Livingetc and housetohome
  13. 13. Q magazine is a magazine that I would like to base mine on as it covers similargenres and targets a similar target audience to who I would like my magazine toreach out too. It’s main focus is indie music but does use other genres so it is notlimited to satisfying one person.
  14. 14. My Initial Magazine Ideas• For my magazine I have come up with 2 ideas for names that I feel represent music and are catchy and memorable. The 2 names are ‘EQ’ and ‘TREBLE’• I think these are good names for a music magazine as they are both components of an amp or an instrument and are both musical terminology.• One of the genres of music I would like to have the main focus in my magazine is ‘Indie’ as I feel it dies not get as much media publicity as it should. It is also a good way of bringing new music to people.• However I may use other genres as well so my magazine can be read by many people who like other genres and not just indie.• For my article I have come up with the idea of an interview with an artist as it is a good way of engaging the reader and keeping them interested• It will be a Q&A type of article
  15. 15. Questionnaire ResultsGender Age GenreRead Music Mags? How Often Do You Read Music Mags?
  16. 16. Questionnaire ResultsWhat do you like in music mags? Preferred Heading Font? Preferred article Font?
  17. 17. Questionnaire Analysis• In my questionnaire I asked 8 questions that relate to helping me decide on what my magazine will be like.• The answers of my questionnaire were very interesting as some questions had unanimous responses e.g. What do you like in music mags? And others had very varied answers like the favorite genre question• This has supported my idea that I would like to make a magazine that uses a wide range of genres but has a main focus. The main genre focus for my magazine is indie which was one of the most popular genres shown in my questionnaire.• My questionnaire has helped me decide which age group to target my magazine at as the most popular was 16-19. My results may have been better if I had given the questions to all age groups and not just one.
  18. 18. Formal Proposal• The magazine title I have chosen is ‘TREBLE’. This is because it is a memorable name and is linked with music as it is a parameter of an amp. Although I liked the name ‘EQ’ I thought it was to similar to a magazine called ‘Q’ so calling it the ‘EQ’ would’ve been a bad choice.• I have chosen ‘Indie’ as my genre as I feel it is a popular genre that doesn’t get much coverage so using it would be wise. It was also a popular answer in my questionnaire.• For my front cover I am having my masthead in the top left corner of the page using a large sans serif font so that it is clear to the reader what the magazine is called. I am having a MCU of the featured artist on the right side of the page so it is clear that this is who the main feature is about. On the body of the image I will be having my main cover and strap line that will be the same sans serif font as the masthead so it is clear to the reader that they are linked with the picture. On the right side I will have my cover lines and strap lines again that will use the same sans serif font as the masthead to stick to the housestyle but they will use a smaller font. I will also have a header and footer on the front page.
  19. 19. Formal Proposal Continued• For my contents page I am having it split in half which is going against conventions of normal magazines. I am having the logo on the top left of the page like on my cover and underneath that I am having 4 round images linked together going vertically down the page. On the left sode of my contents I am having a message from the editor as it is the first edition of the magazine and then below that will be the main contents. The main feature is going to be in it’s own little box to separate it form the rest of the features.• For my double page spread I am using the left page for one main image of the artist with the photo credits below. On the right page I am having a large heading at the top of the page in sans serif font and the same font as the masthead to keep to a housestyle. I am then having a small image under the heading in a border like an picture from an old camera.• I will have a grab quote directly beneath that and then the rest of the page will be filled with the interview.• I will be using 7 images in total. 3-4 of the artists and the rest will be objects linked with music or the genre that I have selected. (DPS image border)