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To generate more clients for your law firm from your website, that site needs to attract visitors AND convince those visitors to contact you and request a consultation.

Let's say you're succeeding in driving visitors to your website with referral networks, a Google paid search (pay-per-click, or PPC) campaign, your search engine optimization program, a blog and other marketing techniques.


But that is just half the battle.

What happens when after investing all that time and money to draw traffic to your website not enough visitors are calling or emailing, or taking time to fill out those contact us forms to ask for a consultation? You have a "conversion" problem. Your website can’t do this alone!

The solution: live chat.

Here's why:

1. Round-the-clock engagement.

Live chat operators can proactively engage your website visitors before they abandon by addressing their questions immediately, in real time, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Think about it: A potential client under stress, possibly upset and impatient, is searching your website but can't seem to find what they're looking for. Up pops a live chat window with an operator — not a software program, a professionally trained live operator — who answers questions about your firm.

Rather than abandoning and moving to another site, the visitor sticks around and is now engaged with your firm. Chat operators ask specific questions that are carefully placed in the transcript by you. The operator, after the chat session ends, forwards the information collected "as is" to you immediately, even after hours and on weekends or connect that person live if desired.

2. That, in turn, makes it easier to screen and subsequently convert quality leads.

You (or an attorney from your firm) review the chat and if it looks promising, respond immediately by phone or email directly to the prospective client and possibly schedule a consultation the very next day.

Talk about getting a jump on the competition! If you're the potential client and you've just made an appointment to meet with an attorney, are you going to continue searching other law firm websites?

You may also be able to place a chat icon on attorney blogs and a select number of social media platforms. Live chat is a great way to complement your other online legal marketing efforts and turn a higher percentage of website visitors into paying customers.

So don't just "wait and hope" that your website visitor will call or fill out the contact form. It cost you nothing to make live chat part of your online marketing toolbox.

To learn more about our chat solution, contact a ViaLiveChat Law Firm Marketing Specialist or signup for our Free 2 Week trial at absolutely no-risk.

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ViaLiveChat™ Humanize your website - Never Miss a Customer

  1. 1. No matter where your website is!!Our chat agents got it covered 24x7, Try us Free 2 Weeks, YOU NEED INSIGHT. WE’VE GOT YOUR BACK.Your Website can’t do it alone. Get the industry trained Live Chat Agents to monitor yourwebsite 24x7. You need to keep your competitive edge, get all the leads you can – Try it Free!You’ll get all the software platform and chat agents for which ViaLiveChat is famous:  Live engage of your website visitors, provide basic information about your services and get them hooked  Timely assist them when they are actively searching on your website before they bounce off to your competition  Plus, provide free human monitoring on your website, customer service, promotions, and communicationAnd, all these leading services without any CapEx cost - Just Pay-Per-Lead
  2. 2. “If we’re going to stay competitive, we need to find other ways to grow.”(write these wordings in 3row style on a picture or image of marketing discussions of websiteowners from the Law firms, healthcare, and contractors or generic people discussing growthimage) Live Chat Solution In today’s competitive environment, you need a partner Complete committed to helping you reach your goals – now and over _______________________ time. At ViaLiveChat, our relationship managers take the time Robust Software Platform to gain a deeper understanding of your business. With our Industry Trained Agents complete robust platform backed by our industry-tested No CapEX Cost or Contracts knowledgeable agents, we can help you respond to challenges Pay-For-Performance/Lead and opportunities to drive your visitors into success. So No Setup – Just Add a Code whether you want to expand online or you’re looking for innovative ways to stay competitive, make ViaLiveChat part of your team. To learn more about how our capabilities can work for you, visit and try us for Free 2 Week. ViaLiveChat a business website essential a humanized website makes people stay longer, satisfied and more engaging. Most businesses ignore this essential service because they can’t justify staffing and maintenance cost due to the unpredictability of when chats will come. That’s why ViaLiveChat™ provide complete software platform and trained agents, and offer Pay-For-Performance/Lead plans. Never Miss a Lead Again!
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  4. 4. A balanced website starts with contents and marketing BUT SHOULDN’T END THERE. Business owners are looking for new competitive edge They are looking for new ways to increase revenues without adding new cost In today’s interconnected world, consumers are looking for instant answers They want to do business with websites with human touch ViaLiveChat™ has the answer – Try us for Free 2 weeks. TAKE THE CHARGE ACTIVATE THE HUMAN THAT MAKES YOUR WEBSITE FEEL ALIVE ADDING JUST A “LIVE CHAT” DOESN’T DO IT JUSTICE TRY VIALIVECHAT™Complete solution with a robust platform and industry trained agents, no upfront cost, or contract. Just Pay-For-Performance/Lead – Free 2 weeks Trial
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