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Southeast District webinar 051111
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Southeast District webinar 051111


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A webinar discussing governance and staffing changes in the Southeast District of the Unitarian Universalist Association.

A webinar discussing governance and staffing changes in the Southeast District of the Unitarian Universalist Association.

Published in: Spiritual

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  • 1. Town Hall Webinar Governance and Regionalization May 11, 2011
  • 2. Agenda
    • Welcome
    • Opening Words
    • Update on Governance Initiatives
      • UUA Board
      • DPA (District Presidents’ Association)
      • Southeast District (SED)
        • Profile
        • SED Board Actions
      • Southern Region
        • Profile
        • December Orlando Meeting
        • Orlando Platform
      • Governance Next Steps
    • Regional Staffing
  • 3. Opening Words
    • These are the days that have been given to us;
    • let us rejoice and be glad in them.
    • These are the days of our lives;
    • let us live them well in love and service,
    • These are the days of mystery and wonder;
    • let is cherish and celebrate them in gratitude together.
    • These are the days that have been given to us;
    • let us make them stories worth telling to those who come after us.
    • William R. Murray
  • 4. UUA Board Actions
    • Transition to Policy Governance
    • Focus on linkage with sources of authority and accountability (congregations)
    • Strengthening the democratic process (5 th Principle Task Force)
    • Reducing UUA Board Size (Representation and Restructuring Task Force)
  • 5. DPA Actions
    • Represents 19 districts
    • Challenged the status quo
      • Co-employment of staff by districts and UUA
      • Value of global ends for districts separate and distinct from UUA
      • Equity of district funding from UUA
  • 6. UUA Governance Org Chart
  • 7. Southeast District (SED) Profile
    • NC, SC, VA except DC Metro, GA except ATL Metro, eastern TN plus 1 congregation each in Nashville and Memphis
    • 10,628 + and growing members
    • 63 affiliated congregations
    • 9 emerging congregations
  • 8. Context of SED Actions
    • Trust in UUA Board and staff
    • Trust in DE and district staff
    • Deep dives in board retreats to confirm values and vision
    • Understanding the sense of urgency
      • Can’t continue to move at the “speed of church”
  • 9. Context of SED Actions
    • Critical mass of board members with governance experience
      • Understand governance as enabler of vision and strategic goals (Global Ends)
      • Familiar with service level agreements to manage relationships between disparate groups
    • Acknowledgement of a cumbersome, flawed organizational system that inhibited growth and agility
    • Desire to be bold, challenge conventional wisdom, model a new way
  • 10. SED Board Actions
    • Trained on governance modes in 2008
      • Governance as Leadership; Chait, Ryan, Taylor
      • Understanding fiduciary and strategic roles but focusing on generative thinking
    • Transitioned to policy governance in 2009-2010
    • Recommended changing the name of the district Apr 2010
    • Suspended TJD ends in favor of UUA ends Oct 2010
  • 11. SED Board Actions
    • Suspended co-employment Oct 2010
    • Agreed to work with UUA in linkage with congregations Oct 2010
    • Reached out to MS and FL districts to discuss consolidation
    • Accepted AR Task Force report Aug 2010
    • Sponsored and supported People of Color gathering at Penn Center
  • 12. SED Board Actions
    • Established Multi-racial, Multi-cultural monitoring process Oct 2010
    • Committed to honing our cultural competencies
    • Established covenant between DE, SED Board, UUA Dir. of Congregational Life Feb 2011
    • Participated in cultural competency training at Feb and April meetings
  • 13. Southern Region Profile
    • Comprised of SE, Mid-South, Florida, SW Districts
    • Southland staff (staff of the 4 districts) has been operating for 2 years in coordinating/sharing delivery of services
      • Southland UU Leadership Experience (SUULE) delivered region-wide training in 2009 and 2010
    • First meeting of the 4 district boards was held Dec 3-4, Orlando
    • Orlando Platform was released Jan 12, 2010
  • 14. Orlando Platform
    • Acknowledged that our faith is at a crossroads, not growing, little influence
    • Acknowledged need to re-affirm Cambridge Platform of 1648 that congregations cooperate with and be accountable to one another
    • Agreed we need only one policy board, the UUA Board of Trustees
  • 15. Orlando Platform
    • Agreed we must move from co-employment of district staff to UUA employment
    • Agreed to work together as district boards going forward in defining district roles
    • Agreed to strengthen clusters
    • Acknowledged that Elders could be called on to be witnesses to the faith, augment shared ministry with district and UUA staff, hold congregations accountable to our covenantal polity
  • 16. What We Don’t Need
    • 19 districts and 160+ passionate UUs focused on fiduciary roles
    • 19 approaches to global ends and strategy
      • UUA Board should have singular responsibility for governance and strategy
    • Resources diverted away from services and extension of UUism
      • Duplicate costs of governance
      • Diversion of excessive volunteers to governance
  • 17. What We Do Need
    • Middle judicatory at something less than 19 to right-size resources
    • Passionate laity focused on shared ministries as staff multiplier
    • Reclaiming the notion of preaching and teaching elders from the Cambridge Platform
    • Encouragement and modeling to isolated congregations that our historical covenant calls each congregation to be accountable to other congregations
  • 18. Next Steps
    • Energize clusters
    • Celebrate and encourage intentional multi-racial, multi-cultural congregations
    • Celebrate and incent growing congregations
    • Determine role of district boards without governance
      • Smaller board focused on fiduciary role and geographic tactical objectives
  • 19. Next Steps
    • Recognize elders
      • Assess Council of Elders concept
      • Consider if and how council might perform linkage work for the UUA Board
    • Examine by-laws
  • 20. Regional Staffing
    • The staff of the 4 Southern Region districts are combining into one regional staff by July 2012 to:
      • Implement a regional growth vision
      • Maximize staff resources
      • Encourage collaboration
      • Bring more skills to each respective district
      • Will announce a plan for input by Fall 2011
  • 21. Closing Words
    • Take courage, friends.
    • The way is often hard,
    • the path is never clear,
    • and the stakes are very high.
    • Take courage, for deep down there is another truth:
    • You are not alone.
    • Wayne B. Arnason