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AmericasMart Atlanta Social Media 101 Presentation
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AmericasMart Atlanta Social Media 101 Presentation


Published on

This is the deck from a presentation I gave September 12, 2009 at AmericasMart in Atlanta, GA. …

This is the deck from a presentation I gave September 12, 2009 at AmericasMart in Atlanta, GA.

The audience was mainly retailers and manufacturers and focused on gaining a basic understanding of the Twitter and Facebook platforms.

The presentation included a live demo which is represented in this deck as screenshots. It also included examples of tweets focused on specific tactics for promotion and measurement/analytics examples.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • Image Devin Poolman
  • Transcript

    • 1. Social Media 101: Understanding Facebook & Twitterand How They Will Help Your Bottom Line
      Greg AsmanDirector, Digital Analytics & Social Media@gregasman – Twitter
    • 2. Key Topics for Today
      A quick overview of “Social Media”
      Questions to ask yourself before deciding on Twitter and Facebook
      Twitter and Facebook 101
      Real world demo of Twitter, Facebook and more
      What should you talk about?
      How do you measure results?
      Additional Resources
    • 3. Social media is the return to community-based dialogue.
      (it’s the content, not the platform, but more on that later.)
    • 4. So Who’s Behind Social Media?
    • 5. 5
      We are!
    • 6. So are they…
    • 7. 7
      Or you can dive in and participate!
      You can watch from the platform…
      Facebook & Twitter are platforms
    • 8. Are my customers using social media? If so, how?
      What are they talking about and what’s important to them?
      Is social media an important marketing channel for my business?
      What are my marketing and sales goals?
    • 9. 9
      What they are and what they mean to your business
    • 10. Why Twitter & Facebook? GROWTH!
      Facebook – over 200 million active users Increasing (159%)
      Twitter – over 14 million active users Increasing (964.5%)
      MySpace – over 53 million active users Declining (13.5%)
      In General – 276% growth in 35-54 year old users
    • 11. Building your Brand on Facebook
      Utilize Facebook to interact with a wide variety of customers, leverage marketing collateral and develop a network of brand “fans” and advocates
      • Post photos, videos, links, etc.
      • 12. Foster user-generated content (UGC)
      • 13. Discussions on topics interesting tothe participants
      • 14. Highlight new products
      • 15. Launch contests
      • 16. Expand the brand into “fans” profiles
      • 17. Highlight events and promotions
    • Social Media Darling Du-jour…
      Use Twitter to announce product launches, advocate the brand, build relationships and provide customer support
      Twitter allows people to send out brief (140 character) “tweets” on what they’re doing, thinking, etc.
      Brands use Twitter to:
      • announce new products and link to micro sites/product pages
      • 18. provide customer service and support
      • 19. highlight trends, news, and useful information
      A brand is typically represented by a real person or team of people who help personify the company
    • 20. Learning the Lingo… What the F’s!?!?
      FriendsPeople you’re connected to on Facebook
      FollowersPeople/Companies who track your Twitter updates
      FollowingPeople/Companies who’s Twitter updates you track
      FansPeople on Facebook who become fans of your page
    • 21. Tweet’s Anatomy
      140 Characters including spaces and punctuation
      A Twitter update is a “Tweet”, a person who uses Twitter is a “Tweeter”, not a “Twit” (though that’s debatable sometimes)
      @username is how you refer to another Twitter user. Ex: @gregasman
      RT is short for “Retweeting”. RT’s spread other peoples’ tweets to your network. RT’s are a great way to share knowledge and grow followers
      #hashtags are ways to tag tweets for a certain topic. Ex: #fashion, #FF (for Follow Friday… a way for people to promote each other)
      Avatars ( here’s mine) are your icons within Twitter (48x48 pixels)
    • 22. 15
      let’s dive into a demo!
    • 23. 16
    • 24. 17
    • 25. 18
    • 26. 19
    • 27. 20
    • 28. Some Topic Thought Starters
      Blogger outreach
      Driving high value in-store visits
      Retweeting shopper testimonials
      Free shipping
      Shopping advice
      Promoting new website features
      Charitable efforts
      Articles about your brand/store
      Time-limited offers
      Proactive communication
      Promoting ‘pick of the week’ products
      Multichannel promos
      Driving awareness of other social media profiles
      Sale announcements
      Networking with influencers
      Dealing with PR issues
      New ranges and pre-order alerts
      Sharing videos
    • 29. 22
    • 30. How does analytics fit into Social Media?
    • 31. Social Media & Analytics
      Social media, like all other channels must be measured to determine how best to communicate with customer and prospects.
      Linking website behavior to social media sources paints a picture of visitor interests and behavior.
      Embedded within viral video
      Monitor tweets that drive site traffic
      See how social media flows into the behavior of your site
    • 32. Measuring Performance
      Use tracking codes and promotional coupons specific to the channel
      Tag your links with tracking that can be picked up by your analytics tool
      Test different content around your offers
      Monitor how many mentions you have and how engaged people are with your brand
      Track your fans and followers to understand your audience
    • 33. Know your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)!
      Cost per Lead (CPL) = Campaign Cost / # new leads
      This gives us a single number that tells us how much each new sales lead cost based on the total cost of your campaign
      Cost per Sale (CPS) = Campaign Cost / # sales
      Based on the campaign, this tells you how much each sale cost. This number should always be greater than or equal to your CPL.
      Estimated Revenue per Site Visit (ERSV) = Avg. Sale Volume / # visits
      This KPI is important to know when you’re determining how much to invest in your online channel. If it decreases, you may have an issue with your sales values dropping or too many visits not producing enough sales. If it increases without an increase in Sales Value, watch out… you may be losing visitors!
    • 34. Some Links of Interest
      Facebook –
      Twitter –
      Tweetdeck –
      Basic Twitter Backgrounds –
      WeFollow Twitter Directory –
    • 35. Tracking Tools
      Web Analytics Packages
      Google Analytics – CrazyEgg
      Yahoo Web Analytics – Omniture
      WebTrends – CoreMetrics
      Social Media Monitoring
      HowSociable – SocialMention
      Twitter Search – Google Trends
      URL Shortening – –
    • 36. About Greg Asman
      Greg on Twitter
      Greg on Paper
      I’m the Director of Digital Analytics & Social Media for Aspen Marketing Services, the largest privately-held marketing agency in the US.
      I’ve spent the last 18 years involved in Internet development and strategy for lots of big and small companies.
      I like to be creative but I’m a numbers guy, too. I don’t go for “hot” technology unless it can be used effectively. Or it’s super-cool. I am a sucker for super-cool things.
      I believe that social media is not a new concept, just a new implementation of basic human interaction.
      Contact me on Twitter @gregasman or by email –
      Greg on Facebook
    • 37. Thank You!
      This presentation will be made available on the AmericasMart blog after the show:
      Be sure to follow AmericasMart on Twitter: