Google A Wonderful World


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A brief introduction to the Google technical

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Google A Wonderful World

  1. 1. A Wonderful WorldAsmaa El-BambyGoogle Student Ambassador
  2. 2. Do You Remember Life Before Google?
  3. 3. Life In The Library ….. (alone)
  4. 4. So What Does Google Do? Organize the worlds information and make it universally accessible and useful
  5. 5. Google Products and Evolution
  6. 6. Google StrategySearch. Apps. Ads.
  7. 7. How Google Spends Its Time and Resources 70% Search 20% Other Tools 10% Experimental
  8. 8. Google Apps Overview
  9. 9. Google Apps What Are They? Design, organize, portal and collaborate
  10. 10. Google Apps is more secureQuick facts 4th largest server manufacturer in the world Billions of $ flowing through systems Millions of credit card numbers100s of thousands of identical servers Hardened, custom Linux stack No unused ports or services available No third-party security issues Quick update of all systemData distribution & multi-tenant model Data shared across servers (GFS) Data obfuscation on disk Data replication Data Sharding (partitioning) over 4 datacenters SAS 70 Type II certification
  11. 11. Time To Switch To Cloud ComputingMicrosoft sells Office in packages that reportedly produce profit margins of about70%. Google already offers similar software that is Web-based. Google calls this cloudcomputing, meaning that anyone with an Internet connection can store data in thiscloud and retrieve it from any location.
  12. 12. Messaging & Collaboration are Better in The Cloud1. Less than 1/3 the cost of on- premise messaging systems2. No hardware or software to maintain3. More reliable and secure4. Better user experience5. Seamless voice integration with your existing phone system By 2012, 20% of enterprise e-mail seats will use a software as a service or "cloud" model for e-mail services (Gartner, May 2009) Source: Email in the Cloud: Pros and Cons, Matt Cain, Gartner, May 2009
  13. 13. Google Apps Solution for ITDevelop innovative user-centric technology for businessesBacked by Google’s core research and development1000+ people focused on serving IT customers20,000+ enterprise search customers3,000+ businesses sign up for Google Apps dailyOver 60% og the world’s top brands have (Gone Google)
  14. 14. Google Apps is dramatically less expensive Over $300 Under $90 On-premise Google Apps Source: Should Your Email Live In The Cloud?’, Ted Schadler, Forrester, 2009
  15. 15. Continuous innovation delivered without hassles
  16. 16. Google Apps – More Than Just E-mailGoogle Apps Gives Businesses…
  17. 17. So What Is Google Apps?
  18. 18. Getting Started with GmailGet control of spamAdvanced filters keep spam from employees inboxes so they can focus on messages that matter.Keep all your emailManage your email. 25 GB of storage per user means that inbox quotas and deletion schedules are a thing ofthe past.Integrated instant messagingConnect with contacts instantly without launching a separate application or leaving your inbox. No softwarerequired.Built-in voice and video chatVoice and video conversations, integrated into Gmail, make it easy to connect face-to-face with co-workersaround the world.Find messages instantlyPowerful Google search technology is built into Gmail, turning your inbox into your own private and secureGoogle search engine for email.Mobile integrationEmail and IM are easily accessible on the iPhone, BlackBerry, or other smart phones through clientapplications or web interfaces optimized to run on mobile browsers.
  19. 19. Have Friends, Be Coordinated!Google CalendarIts more than just a way to schedule appointmentsEasily schedule appointmentsOverlay multiple calendars to see when people are available. Enter meeting details, and Google Calendarsends invitations and updates RSVPs.Share project calendarsCalendars can be shared company-wide or with select co-workers. Users can select from a range ofpermission settings when sharing calendars with others - choosing who sees event details or makescalendar changes.Embed calendar on web pagesEmbed a daily, weekly or monthly calendar in Google Sites or on any web page; no programmingrequired.Publish calendarsPublicize external company events by publishing a calendar and making it searchable to the world in theGoogle Calendar gallery.Mobile accessView event details, add new events, and invite guests, using mobile devices like BlackBerry and iPhone.Receive calendar notifications via SMS.
  20. 20. Google Docs: The Best Way to Work in TeamsReal-time, simultaneous editingMultiple users can work together, editing online files at the same time. Real-timeCollaboration can be done internally, or, by invitation, with external partners and clients.No need for file attachmentsVersion control is easy because workers share the same online copy of each doc. All revisions aresaved, organized, and recoverable.Present and publish through the webDeliver presentations to remote audiences through an open browser window, and publish documentsand spreadsheets as internal web pages for easy employee review.Easy-to-make surveys and web formsThe "forms" feature within Google spreadsheets lets users easily create forms for collecting surveydata, simple registrations, or other form-based input. These forms can be published as web pages,embedded in documents, or sent as an email. Form input automatically populates the associatedspreadsheet.Manage and access files onlineAll Google Docs files (documents, spreadsheets, and presentations) are available and searchableonline, letting authorized users access their files from anywhere, even on mobile devices likeBlackBerry and iPhone.
  21. 21. Google SitesBuild any type of websiteCreate all types of websites: corporate intranet, team, project, departmental, training, wikis, and more.Sites can be shared internally with external users like partners, clients, and vendors.Embed rich contentDisplay documents, spreadsheets, presentations, videos, web forms, photo slide shows, and gadgets all inone place, with no coding required.Find information instantlyGoogle search technology is built in, so employees can find business content simply by using the familiarGoogle search box.
  22. 22. Google TalkChat directly from the browserWith Google Talk, instant messaging is embedded within the suite with no additional hardware or softwarerequirements. Employees can chat right from their inbox, including video and audio chat.Secure instant messagingAdministrators wont need to worry about employees using unsanctioned IM software. Google Talk is locatedwithin your secure corporate communication platform.Facilitate communicationEmail conversations can be too slow. Google Talk lets employees chat in real-time so they dont have to waitseveral hours for an email response.Easily connect with co-workersAll employees IM accounts are connected to their business email accounts.
  23. 23. What Made Google So Popular?1. Google is simple to use.2. Google serving over 1 billion users each week.3. Google searches more than 8 billion web pages.4. Google serves up results in milliseconds to complete.5. Google offers specialized services such as Scholar, Book Search, Image Search, News Search, Maps, Directory, and Answers.
  24. 24. YouTube
  25. 25. Facts about YouTube..1. Fastest growing website in internet industry.2. On average 100 mn videos streamed per day.3. 65,000 videos are uploaded daily.4. Youtube has 45 terabytes = 45,000 GB of videos5. More then 13 mn new users every month.6. An average user spends 30 minutes on youtube7. 58% of internet videos are watched on youtube.8. 4th most visited site of the world.9. Accounts for 10% of total internet traffic.10. $1 mn per month is the cost of bandwidth needs to support such a heavy traffic.11. The total time people spent watching Youtube since it started till it was acquired was 9,305 years.
  26. 26. Google Bonus
  27. 27. Stanford Lab (1997)
  28. 28. The Original Google Server: 10x4 GB
  29. 29. The Original Google Server Was Made from LEGO
  30. 30. Funny Facts You Didn’t Know About Google
  31. 31. Google Logo Was Not Centered Until 2001
  32. 32. First Google Doodle
  33. 33. Google’s First Ever Tweet
  34. 34. Google’s First Ever Snack Was Swedish Fish
  35. 35. Start Today Thomas Edisons 164th Birthday
  36. 36. Thank You!Asmaa El-BambyGoogle Student Ambassador