Getting Back with an Ex Lover


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Getting Back with an Ex Lover

  1. 1. ==== ====For great tips on how to get your ex back CHECK THIS OUT! ====When it comes to getting back together again with an ex lover, things are not as cut and dry asyou wish they could be. Thats because people have all sorts of mixed emotions about their expartners that can make them feel happy one moment, and exasperated the next.Winning back your loves heart is not a game, although some people treat it that way. Its seriousbusiness, because it can affect your life for many years. Relationships have both good and badmoments, but one thing is true: everyone can learn from their mistakes.Here are two things that you should not do to win your lover back:Dont Become a PestNobody likes to be pestered, including your ex. So, why would you send him 50 text messagesdeclaring how much you miss him? This is something that is pretty common, and if you expect himto respond positively, youre going to be disappointed.Whether its text messages, voice mails, cards, or in person, bothering your ex to the point ofmadness is not going to get him to change his mind. Instead, all youll end up doing is driving himfurther away from your arms.Dont Try to Win SympathyWill I win my love back if I make her feel sorry for me?Ah, in a nutshell, no.Acting like youre the most miserable person in the world is not going to make her heart melt.Youre not a puppy dog, but a guy who she was seeing not too long ago. Women like to see a mandisplay self-confidence, and when you are moping around, thats not going to draw her interest.Here are two things that you should do to win your lover back:Do Enjoy Being FriendsThe relationship may be over, but thats no reason to end the friendship. Maybe youve heardgetting back together with an ex stories where a couple remained friends, and suddenly, they wereable to rekindle that spark of romance. Couples have even gotten remarried because of this.Accept that its okay to just be friends for now.
  2. 2. Do Get On With Your LifeWill you win back the love of your life overnight? Probably not. So, go ahead and throw yourselfback into living your life to the fullest. Sure, youve broken up with someone you care about, butthere are still places to go and people to see. Once you are fully engaged in life again, youllnaturally be happier. Your ex will notice this renewed sense of happiness and may just beattracted to you all over again.In addition to what youve read here, there are secret techniques you can use on your ex that canwin her back into your life. Countless people are successfully using these strategies to givethemselves a second chance at love. Go here now: http://winninglovebacknow.blogspot.comArticle Source: ====For great tips on how to get your ex back CHECK THIS OUT! ====