Mister Mouse
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  • 1. Good Morning Mr. Mouse
    Written by:
    Addie Sherman
  • 2. In a nice little classroom beyond the grassy knollTaught a kind Mr. Mouse in his cozy little hole. He was such a kind teacher and the students would all agree,There was not better classroom then the one in this tree.
  • 3. Good morning Mr. Mouse! Would start off the day.And Mr. Mouse would have lots of new things to say. We would do the lunch count and take role for the day, and before we knew it, it was time to go play.
  • 4. At times Mr. Mouse would get just a little bit mad,He said our talking out of turn was making him sad.
  • 5. Mr. Mouse was patient and would ask us just twice, and then he would say, now listen close little mice.
  • 6. I want you to learn lots and grow to be smart.I want you to be kind and love from your heart.
  • 7. Mr. Mouse was so funny, oh the jokes he would tellWould make the day fly by, like the ring of a bell.
  • 8. His lessons were fun and they made the day fly,And before you knew it, it was time for goodbye!
  • 9. I learned so much in Mr. Mouse’s class, I think I did it, I think I will pass!!
  • 10. Make sure to be nice and not talk out of turnI’m ready to go to school, I’m ready to learn!