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Renewing natural processes_in_an_urban_area
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Renewing natural processes_in_an_urban_area



China January 2012 Talk

China January 2012 Talk



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  • Urban sprawl/unplanned growthUrban pollution to the natural environment and water resourceshttp://neutradesign.files.wordpress.com/2010/07/urban-sprawl-in-united-states-eden-prairie-aerial-florida.jpghttp://www.flickr.com/photos/crouch/2075385806/
  • Urban Waste landHabitat destructionEutrophication Diminution of littoral and riparian habitatDischarge of poisonous material to the land and water http://www.quora.com/Biology-1/best_questions
  • http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/5/51/Mainelupin.jpgLupinus perennisLupinus polyphyllus http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Lupinus_polyphyllus.JPG
  • Cities tend to be built on migratory corridor disruption
  • ChannelizationFilling wetlandsDiversion through turbine and damsWithdrawal for ag, industry and human consumptionIndirect changes by cutting down treesContaminated discharge from industrial and municipal uses (pix)Runoff and erosionAir-depositionCSO
  • ChannelizationFilling wetlandsDiversion through turbine and damsWithdrawal for ag, industry and human consumptionIndirect changes by cutting down treesContaminated discharge from industrial and municipal uses (pix)Runoff and erosionAir-depositionCSO

Renewing natural processes_in_an_urban_area Renewing natural processes_in_an_urban_area Presentation Transcript

  • Samuel H. Sage1, Hongbin Gao1 and Ping He2 Atlantic States Legal Foundation1 (ASLF)and International Fund for China’s Environment2 (IFCE) January 2012
  •  ASLF ◦ Established in 1982 to provide affordable legal, technical and organizational assistance as a way to effectively remediate threats to the natural and built environment. IFCE ◦ Founded in 1996 by a group of scientists and professionals concerned with China’s environmental problems, IFCE aims to ensure a healthy global environment and continued economic development by helping China solve its environmental problems.
  • Urban Sprawl Urbanizationhttp://www.flickr.com/photos/crouch/2075385806/ http://neutradesign.files.wordpress.com/2010/07/urban- sprawl-in-united-states-eden-prairie-aerial-florida.jpg
  • Lupinus perennis Lupinus polyphyllushttp://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/com http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Lupinus_polmons/5/51/Mainelupin.jpg yphyllus.JPG
  • http://steelinterstate.org/topics/preserving-our-landscapeThe construction of the wall between Mexico and the US border maycause disappearance of 11 animal species with the interruption of theirmigration routes
  •  Channelization Filling wetlands Diversion through turbine and dams Withdrawal for Harbor Brook, Unchannelized agriculture, industry and human consumption Indirect changes by cutting down trees Harbor Brook, Channelized
  •  Contaminated discharge from industrial and municipal uses Runoff and erosion Air-deposition CSO http://steelinterstate.org/topics/preserving-our-landscape Unauthorized Industrial Discharge (unidentified location)
  • Onondaga Lake, Syracuse, New York, USA
  •  1884 Solvay Process Co. opens its doors: begins making soda ash on southwestern shore 1896 Sewers built in city, backyard privies banned. Sewage flows directly into creeks 1897 Whitefish disappears from Onondaga Lake
  •  1901 Ice harvesting banned for health reasons 1907 NYS Attorney General threatens legal action against SPC for dumping waste to lake; SPC agrees to keep wastes on land 1917 SPC begins production of chlorine. Also begins producing organic chemicals (benzene, toluene, xylenes, chlorobenzenes) 1920 SPC merges with other industries to form Allied Chemical & Dye Co.
  •  1955-60 County establishes Metropolitan sewer district and constructs new primary sewage treatment plant 1970 Mercury is discovered in lake fishery. Fishing is banned and Allied is sued by NYS Attorney General 1972 Congress passed Clean Water Act
  •  1975 Crucible Steel starts new wastewater treatment plant 1979 Allied sells chlorine production facility to LCP Corp. 1979 Metro plant begins secondary treatment 1981 Metro plant begins phosphorus removal 1986 Allied shuts down
  •  1988 Atlantic States sues county for wastewater violations; NYS joins suit. 1988 LCP is fined; closes plant. 1989 County agrees to settlement. 1989 NYS sues Allied & LCP for natural resource damages; leads to Consent Order in 1992 1994 Onondaga Lake named Superfund site
  •  First passed in 1972 and subsequently amended Section 505 allows for citizens to enforce the law
  •  1988, ASLF brings a lawsuit against Onondaga County for violations of their permit to discharge to Onondaga Lake 1989, lawsuit settled 1997, the settlement was renegotiated and amended 2009, further renegotiation requires green infrastructure
  •  Green Infrastructure ◦ Porous Pavement ◦ Stormwater planters ◦ Rain Gardens ◦ Cisterns ◦ Vegetated curb extensions ◦ Vegetated roofs ◦ Tree trenches Green Water Street Design, Syracuse, New York, USA Go to http://savetherain.us/ for more information
  •  Gray Infrastructure: ◦ Commitment to 88.7% annual volume capture in Gray Infrastructure by 2013 Green Infrastructure: ◦ Commitment to an additional 6.3% annual volume capture in Green Infrastructure commencing immediately in 2009, resulting in 95% total annual volume capture by 2018 Go to http://savetherain.us/ for more information
  •  Benefit to Water Quality ◦ Selected Gray Projects maximize storage for advanced treatment at Metro ◦ By managing stormwater before it gets into the Combined Sewer System, ◦ Green Infrastructure eliminates pollutants at the source and reduces discharge volumes to the creek and lake ◦ Also reduces flooding and erosion
  •  Create Habitat and preserve biodiversity Improve air quality Improve neighborhood aesthetics Create jobs and job training programs Increase property values Enhance community health and vitality
  •  Non-Point science and monitoring method Integrated planning efforts: incorporating water quality, habitat creation and urban revitalization goals in planning process