Facebook - A Case Study in Building Virtual Relationships


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This presentation takes a look at how Illinois State University has used Facebook to cultivate relationships between prospective & current students and alumni.

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Facebook - A Case Study in Building Virtual Relationships

  1. a case study of building virtual relationships Anne Sta sLe tte te vitt Dire to Alum Re tio c r, ni la ns Illino Sta Unive ity is te rs
  2. a o Illino Sta Unive ity b ut is te rs • First public university in the state, non-land grant • 20,000 current students/177,000 alumni •11% of our students/8% of our alumni are from under-represented groups • of our employees are alumni of the institution 1/3 • -dues based Alumni Association Non •Alumni Relations office -- 7 professional staff, 3 support staff, and 1 graduate assistant
  3.  Over 32,500 members of the Illinois State Network on Facebook  Over 500 Illinois State Groups  23 different fan pages  Evidence of prospective students  Protect our brand  Begin building relationships with students/young alumni
  4.  December 2005 – created personal profile on MySpace  March 2006 – took the idea of using MySpace/Facebook for alumni to boss  June 2006 – researched what other association’s were doing  July 2006 – received approval from our legal counsel/licensing folks  July 2006 – acquired generic reggie@ilstu.edu email address to use for accounts  August 2006 – received approval to begin working on profile designs  September 2006 – finished profile designs, received approval to go public  September 2006 – began populating “friends”  October 2006 – went live with promotion in e-newsletters, Homecoming, and friend-mining  October 2007 – created YouTube profile for home-grown spirited video, and one for official promotional videos  March 2008 – created LinkedIn profile to assist in building career networks for alumni  November 2009 – Reggie Redbird Facebook profile pulled – begin official Fan Pages
  5. Our Go ls– a
  6. The Reggie Redbird Facebook profile •September 2006 – November 2009 •Daily birthday greetings •Over 3,200 friends •Tagged images
  7. Facebook notes Facebook profile
  8. Facebook events – no cost, we currently have the ability to personally invite 2,500+ students and young alumni
  9. Professional profile •Base all other pages •Create consistency & authenticity •Set personal/professional boundaries
  10. REGGIE REDBIRD ILLINOIS STATE UNIVERSITY www.Alumni.ilstu.edu/reggie www.Alumni.ilstu.edu/facebook
  11. ALUMNI ASSOCIATION CLASS OF 2013 www.Alumni.ilstu.edu/reggie www.Alumni.ilstu.edu/2013
  12. Using Functions for Marketing Status….it’s addictive!
  13. •Facebook “fan-initiative” through ads and other marketing • Created automatic pulls with Facebook Connect technology (and really smart web guy) •Ability to track data & activity on Fan Page •Tool for connecting those who cannot be in attendance www.Alumni.ilstu.edu/facebookhomecoming
  14. www.IllinoisStateHomecoming .com
  15. http://www.illinoisstatehomecoming.com/become-fan/
  16. Campus-wide Initiative •Identifying partners hip opportunities •Developing bes t practices /branding guidelines •Cons olidating duplicate pages •Planning and preparing for future technologies
  17. HOW WE’VE MEASURED SUCCESS?  Number of friends  Opportunities to post for other campus groups  Page views  Comments/e-mails  Page insights  Requests for promotions
  18. Measuring results -- Facebook
  19. Measuring results -- Facebook
  20. Measuring results -- Facebook
  21. What should you expect? -Be prepared to show people how to use the tools! -Consider professional vs. personal profiles -Users expect a sense of freedom, but also desire an element of moderation to sites -Maintenance can be quite time consuming -Users may not “trust” your profile, you will have to prove your authenticity, don’t over-do the connecting
  22. www.slideshare.com Additional questions? Find me: www.facebook.com/annette.isu.alumni Annette Levitt-Alumni Relations annette@alumni.ilstu.edu