The Best Reason For Learning How To Become A Millionaire


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How To Become A Millionaire At Any Age - Million Dollar Income Earner Secrets Revealed!! Check This Out!

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The Best Reason For Learning How To Become A Millionaire

  1. 1. ==== ====How to become a rich!!! Check Out The Secret Millionaire Mindset! ====Why should you strive to learn how to become a millionaire?Why should you develop the millionaire mindset?For money? For attention?Well heres a powerful reason thats worth yourtime to consider....You see, in a recent interview with multi-millionaireJim Rohn (Anthony Robbins original mentor) hementioned what he feels is the best reason forlearning how to become a millionaire.Heres what Jim Rohn said in the interview..."Set a goal to become a millionaire for what it makesof you to achieve it."Then Jim Rohn went on to talk about his own mentor.A man with a true millionaire mindset.Jim continued..."My own mentor, Mr. Schoaff, had an interesting wayof teaching it. When I was 25 years old he said to me,I suggest, Jim, that you set a goal to become amillionaire. I was all intrigued by that. You know,its got a nice ring to it - millionaire.Then Mr. Shoaff said, Heres why."I thought to myself, gosh, he doesnt need to teachme why. Wouldnt it be great to have a million dollars?Then Shoaff said, "No. Then youll never acquire it.Instead, set a goal to become millionaire for what itmakes of you to achieve it."
  2. 2. "Do it for the skills you have to learn and the personyou have to become. Do it for what youll end upknowing about the marketplace. What youll learn aboutthe management of time and working with people. Do itfor the ability of discovering how to keep your ego incheck. For what you have to learn about being benevolent.Being kind as well as being strong. What you have tolearn about society and business and government andtaxes and becoming an accomplished person to reach thestatus of millionaire.""All that you have learned and all that youve becometo reach the status of millionaire is whats valuable.Not the million dollars."Jim Rohn mentioned a bunch of amazing things during thisinterview. But, this lesson really stands out as advicewe should all follow.In fact, Jim Rohn wasnt the only millionaire who agreeswith the power of this lesson. Chicken Soup for the Soulco-author, Jack Canfield gave the same lesson in aninterview with him.Jack said, "It doesnt make a lot of difference to becomea millionaire. Ive done that many times over and I cantell you that its nice to have a house and a car thatdoesnt fall apart and all that.""But, whats more important is who did I have to becomein order to become a millionaire?""I had to learn how to overcome my fears. I had to learnhow to talk in front of groups. I had to learn how toplan a speech. I had to learn how to ask people I wasinitially afraid of to loan me money, etc.""All of that was scary. But, when I did it and survivedit, I was no longer afraid to do it in the future. Nowyou can take away my house, my money, my car andeverything, and it wouldnt matter. I know how to createmore of those things because of who Ive become NOT whatI possess."The powerful lessons taught by the millionaires in theseinterviews is priceless.
  3. 3. Jason Oman is the author of #1 best-selling Conversations with Millionaires. As well as being thePresident of Money Systems Technologies, a marketing firm that focuses on book marketing,author publicity and writing resources. Jason is an authors strategist specializing in helping clientsachieve their goals of becoming a best selling author. For more information and free book writingsecrets, sign up for Jasons newsletter at Get informationon Jasons next best seller at []Article Source: ====How to become a rich!!! Check Out The Secret Millionaire Mindset! ====