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Computer guided-surgery-courses

  1. 1. Lectures and 3D Workshops on models Dallas, Texas :: February, 17 and 18 – 2012 San Diego, California :: April, 13 and 14 – 2012 Ontario, Canada :: June, 8 and 9 – 2012 West Palm Beach, Florida :: August 10 and 11 – 2012 San Antonio, Texas :: October, 12 and 13 – 2012
  2. 2. EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVESThe art and science of 3 Dimensional implant dentistry has taken giant steps in the field of computerbased treatment planning. These advances allow the clinician to perform safer, more accurate andfaster implant surgeries than ever before. The CAD/CAM technology enables us to perform surgeriesusing bone, teeth or mucosa supported surgical guides. The purpose of these courses is to teach den-tists how to carry out a computer guided surgery from fabricating a scaning prosthesis to perfomingflapless surgery.Day # 13D Building blocks: understanding the 3D world• Accurate impression techniques for accurate scanning prosthesis• Scanning protocols• Converting ct-scan raw data into 3D working images• Head and neck “virtual anatomy”• Identify anatomical landmarks• Recognized bone topography and density classifications• Create and understand surgical safety zones• Learn to place implants in 3D views.• Designing and ordering CAD/CAM surgical guides• Understanding computer guided surgical kits vs. conventional kits• Guided drills and guided components• Executing computer guided flapless surgeriesDay # 2 Hands-on workshops1. 3 Dimensional software workshop: participants will convert Dicom files, outline anatomical landmarks and perform 3D virtual surgeries on a mandibular and a maxillary fully edentulous arch.2. Surgical workshop: Doctors will place implants on models using computer guided kitsCourse tuition: $1,295
  3. 3. Dr. Virgil Mongalo Director and developer of Live Implant Training courses taught in USA, Mexico, Central America and Brazil. Awarded Degree in Dental Medicine from University of Florida in 1991. Advanced Implant Training in Computer Guided Protocols and Inmmediate loading surgeries from the Facial Aesthetic Insti- tute in Philadelphia. Diplomate & Ambassador to the ICOI Private practice in Florida since 1991 exclusive to implant dentistry. Past teaching appointments as instructor of computer guidedsurgeries and full arch immediate loading protocols includes: associate professor at theUniversity of Florida, co-chairman of Robert Morgan Institute and Chairman of Implantdepartment at Nicaragua Catholic University. Currently enrolled in a PhD program in edu-cation at Nova South East University.SPONSORS IMagDent : iMagDent provides a full-range of Cone Beam CT digital imaging services to complement and streamline the modern dental implantpractice. Our services include radiographic prosthesis fabrication, Virtual implant planningservices featuring many treatment planning software options including Nobel Guide, surgi-cal guide ordering assistance and Board Certified Radiology interpretations. iMagDent isyour virtual treatment plan coordinator for all of your guided cases. iMagDent has eightimaging locations and provides web-based planning services for customers throughoutthe US and world. Nobel Biocare: Scientific leadership and innovation for 40 years. We are the world leader in innovative restorative and esthetic dental solutions, pro- viding dental professionals with state-of-the-art evidence-basedtooth-to-root solutions. Our mission is to be the most desirable partner in science-basedsolutions that help dental professionals to make a real and lasting difference to the well-being of their patients Dr. Mongalo Implant Institute is the leader in live surgical implant training courses, offering 7 day courses with “hands on live patients” in Puerto Vallarta,Mexico, and a 4 day course at Georgia Healht Sciences University, Department OralMaxillofacial Surgery.
  4. 4. Upcoming Courses 20127 Days Live Surgical Courses• 1 Day of Lecture• 6 Days of intensive surgeries on patients• Each doctor will work on 6 patients• Puerto Vallarta, Mexico4 Days Live Surgical Courses• 2 Days of Lectures• 2 Days of Surgeries on patients• Each doctor will work on 2 patients• US & Canadian Doctors will be granted “Resident Status”• Georgia Health Science University, Department of Oral Maxillofacial Surgery2 Days of Live Bone Grafting Courses• 2 Day of Lectures• Mongalo Dental Institute - Miami, Florida