Wall Promotional Strategies


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Wall Promotional Strategies

  1. 1. Promotional Strategies Walls by Unilever Pakistan
  2. 2. Introduction• It’s not enough for a business to have a good product sold at attractive prices but to generate maximum sales & profit, besides the benefit of product have to be communicated to customers. In marketing this is commonly known as “Promotion”. Promotion is all about companies communicating with customers. A business’s total Marketing communication program is called “Promotional Mix” & consist a blend of Advertising, Personal selling, sales promotion, Public relation tools & Direct mailing. – PROMOTIONAL TOOLS • Advertising • Personal Selling • Sales Promotion • Publicity – PROMOTION STRATEGIES • Push & Pull Strategy • Mix Strategies • Product Life Cycle
  3. 3. Developing Your Promotional Strategy• Developing an effective promotional strategy demands more than just being aware of the tools of promotion. Promotion is an ongoing process that requires planning. Strategy is a careful plan. The following steps for developing an effective promotional strategy are: – Establishing Your Identity – Developing a theme – Identify your target Audience – Establishing your objectives – Developing your message content, Structure & formate – Choosing your delivery System – Evaluation – Put into Action Stage
  4. 4. Company IntroductionThe area in which we are interested is food and beverages. Unilever is oneof the largest companies of this field and is a subsidiary of Proctor andGamble (P&G). Unilever has many consumer products. Some of itspopular brands are Surf Excel, Dove, Lux, Knorr, Brooke Bond, Lipton,Fair & Lovely, WALL’S, Dalda, and Sun Silk etc. LBPL started itsoperations in 1948. And presently its headquarters is at Avari TowersKarachi. LBPL was incorporated as an independent Unilever company in1955. Lever brothers have a sizzling market share of 60% in Pakistan. Andtheir field of business includes Tea, Detergents, Personal hygiene, Ediblefats, Consumer products and Ice cream.
  5. 5. Company History• Lever Brothers Pakistan Ltd. is a subsidiary branch of British Company UniLever. Unilever established in 1880 in Britain. Its founder was SIR LORD LEVER. Its has a chain of directors, which are responsible for its management. Its head office is in London. Its started its business in Indo-Pak Subcontinent in 1888 with the name of Hindustan Lever Brothers.• After the independence of Pakistan, Lever Brothers with name the of Lever Brother Pakistan Ltd. Started its business in Pakistan 1949. First product they manufactured in Pakistan was sunlight Washing Soap. They started manufacturing Edible Oil in Rahim Yar Khan in 1952 and soon started manufacturing of Lux after two years.
  6. 6. Mission“Vitality is at the heart of everything we do. Its in our brands, our people and our approach to business.”
  7. 7. VisionThe four pillars of our vision set out the long term direction forthe company – where we want to go and how we are going to getthere:– We work to create a better future every day– We help people feel good, look good and get more out of life with brands and services that are good for them and good for others.– We will inspire people to take small everyday actions that can add up to a big difference for the world.– We will develop new ways of doing business with the aim of doubling the size of our company while reducing our environmental impact.
  8. 8. Walls• Wall’s came to Pakistan in 1995 establishing the Wall’s factory on Multan Road in Lahore. Fully equipped with state of the art machinery, the Wall’s factory is a standard of hygiene and technology in the region and has become synonymous with quality. In 1998 Wall’s acquired Polka, a local ice cream manufacturer. Some of the most popular brands loved by the masses were now linked to Wall’s; making an irresistible combination that few could refuse.• Key facts about Wall’s Pakistan: – Wall’s is the market leader of the Pakistani Ice cream market. – All Wall’s products are Halal and are made with Halal ingredients in a Halal compliant manner
  9. 9. SWOT• Strength – Financially Strong. – Wide distribution, due to establish distribution channels. – High Quality – Good image in the mind of Customer. – Aggressive Promotion schemes.• Weakness – Pure milk is not used in ice cream – There is no variation in Taste.
  10. 10. • Opportunities – Gap in Mkt. for diet ice cream, which Walls can cover because they are more, establish than others. – Walls proves itself to be quality oriented product and maintain good taste and standard, than it would be able to create a strong position in all (Pakistan) for a long period of time.• Threats – Omore is also new comer, but rapidly increase in their Market share is a big threat for Walls
  11. 11. Promotional Strategies“Our aim is to spark the taste and feeling of summer in everyone’s day. Life is there to be enjoyed and we are the fun part of vitality. We constantly provide new products and experiences that excite the senses and inspire people of all ages to taste the fun side of life”--Promotion Statement. Promotional strategies of WALL’s ice-cream is consistent. It uses Pull strategy for promoting its product because WALL’s spent a lot on advertising and consumer promotion to build up consumer demand.
  12. 12. • There are two main distribution strategies which are – Pull strategy – Push strategy Walls have very effectively used both of there strategies and its distribution plan has elements of both of them.• Push Strategy Features of push strategy include incentives like free deep freezers, discounts on bulk purchases and eligibility for schemes such as free camera tickets based on specific columns of ice creams sole.• Pull Strategy Pull strategy is supported by advertising campaign that reminds and persuades customers to buy ice cream. This is facilitated by price off which are frequently offered by the company.
  13. 13. Promotional ToolsFollowing promotional tools are used by walls. – Advertising – Sales promotion – Publicity• Advertising The theme of advertisement varies with the product image and positioning. But walls follow the same theme internally. The advertisement run on TV are made in for foreign countries but now they hire Nori, Call the band & other prominent stars for their promotion.
  14. 14. The objectives of advertising are the three basic areas which include informing persuading and reminding about different brands of walls. Mediums: – Electronic media – Print media – Outdoors• Sales Promotion WALL’S has been going a number of sales promotion activities like the:1- Cycling System: WALL’S started its cycling system for awareness but after that its task was modified into doing sales promotions for the company. And also cycling system has proved excellent in terms of sales and promotion.2- Discount Coupons: WALL’S launches very low price products for the purpose of both market expansion and sales promotion. Like Solo for Rs.2 and Liter pack for Rs.45 was also to boost sales.3- Discounts and Offerings: Wall’s offered 5% discount in off-season.
  15. 15. • Public Relations – For strengthening itself in relationship markets WALL’S is not only going for customer satisfaction but also stressing upon building strong public relations. 1. Customers – Price discounts – Quantity discounts 2. Distributors – Shares 50% of the distributors expenses – Off season discounts: 5% 3. Retailers – Free freezers to retailers – Investment on each retailer: Rs. 22,000 – Free freezers’ maintenance 4. Street Vendors – Free Trikes – To strengthen its relationship with the various public and customers WALL’s sponsors an Art exibition.
  16. 16. Promotional budget One of the hardest marketing decisions facing a company is how much to spend on promotion. How des a company decide on its promotion budget: WALL’s ice-cream uses Objective-and-Task Method to set its budget for promotional activities. This budgeting method entails(1) defining specific promotion objectives,(2) determining the tasks needed to achieve these objectives, and(3) estimating the cost of performing these tasks. The sum of these costs is the proposed promotion budget. Wall’s determine its specific tasks to achieve its objectives which are defined by the company’s management, to achieve these objectives WALL’s estimates the costs of different tasks, which are to be done to promote its products.
  17. 17. Conclusion• Walls select to promote its product, personal selling, advertising, and sales promotion. For personal selling it introduced "SPDs", for advertising, and sales promotion it used printed and electronic media. Advertisement of Walls are eye catching and attractive. Through advertising it informs the consumer about new brands and flavors. For sales promotion Walls introduced different Schemas which are: – In solo ice cream, one ice cream piece is free in the packet. – In max-cup the Walls gives bubble gum free. – The Walls launch the scheme for 15% extra in top ten. – In family pack i-e “King Kulfa, Mango or Select" special discount price scheme.
  18. 18. Recommendations• There is a gap in the market for Diet Ice Cream. Walls should introduce it because they are financially strong company. Through this they can capture a big market of the people who are health conscious.• Walls should increase its distribution area and should goes in that area where Walls is not available.• They should continuously advertised on different media.• Concentrate on delicious taste not too sweet or too fruity.• Saving schemes should be introduced on special events like Ramadan. Through this their sale will increase
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