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RUresearch: Supporting the Management and Preservation of Research Data - Aletia Morgan - RDAP12
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RUresearch: Supporting the Management and Preservation of Research Data - Aletia Morgan - RDAP12


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RUresearch: Supporting the Management and Preservation of Research Data …

RUresearch: Supporting the Management and Preservation of Research Data
Aletia Morgan

Presentation at Research Data Access & Preservation Summit
22 March 2012

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. RUresearch: Supporting the Management and Preservation of Research Data Aletia Morgan Rutgers University Libraries Research Data Access and Preservation Summit March 22, 2012
  • 2. RUcore and the RUresearch ServiceA 2004 Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) grant to Rutgers todevelop and maintain a statewide repository prompted the development ofRUcore as a Rutgers-specific Trusted Institutional Repository.In 2006, the first version of the Rutgers Community Repository, or RUcore,was released with the following goals:• To provide seamless, perpetual access to Rutgers University and regional digital collections;• To develop a flexible framework of “core” capabilities that would allow for sustainability and interoperability;• To create an information architecture which will support multidisciplinary and diverse collections.RUcore is intended to be a suite of tools that allows for the discovery, accessand reuse of all digital data types.
  • 3. Key RUcore FeaturesEnterprise-Level Infrastructure• 47 TB Isilon mass storage infrastructure, extensible to approx 400 TB• Tape and off-site disk storage for reliable preservationSoftware Architecture – Open Source• Fedora Repository supports scalability and object diversity• RUcore repository application that provides user, collection and preservation services• OpenWMS Workflow Management System supports the ingestion of digital objects and preparation of metadata• OpenEDT tool allows for self-submission of Electronic Theses and Dissertations• RUanalytic is a newly-released tool for clipping and annotating video content
  • 4. RUcore Conceptual Layout User Input RUcore Portal (metadata) NJDH NJVid ETDs Workflow Management System User, Collection & Preservation Services Fedora Repository (Main Server) Object XML Video ServerFiles Digital Local Storage Object Archival Master Encoding of Repository Archival Master Other Application Object Ingest Servers
  • 5. Key Rucore Enhancements• Support for preservation of not only documents and images, but also data, video, codebooks, software, instrumentation and other digital content• Workflow Management System enhancements that allow for the use of heterogeneous metadata standards and controlled vocabularies• Programmatic embargoing of displayed data• Persistent URLs / Handles• Visibility via Google, Google Scholar• Controlled access via Rutgers NetID authentication in testingUtilization (AY2011)• Total number of Objects 25,885• Number of Downloads 203,000 (Avg 1 per second)
  • 6. RUresearchThe Rutgers libraries are seeking to extend the existing robust RUcorearchitecture to the preservation of Research Data, in response to therecent requirements from funding agencies. The RUresearch Serviceincludes a suite of web and human resources (“the RUresearch Team”)to support proper research data management and the preservation ofresearch products in the RUcore Trusted Repository.• RUresearch Portal to search for, display and download research project data sets, publications and other materials• Enhanced workflow strategies for content ingestion• Creation of personal portals for faculty research collections• RUresearch Team services including outreach to faculty, data management planning support, and assistance with data preservation.
  • 7. Incorporation of Research Data
  • 8. Key Rucore Policies that Require Review for RUresearchCollection Development Policy Intellectual Property Policy• Who may deposit items in RUcore? • How are creators rights safeguarded• What types of collections are in an open access repository? acceptable? • Do I have the right to place my• What type of preservation will published work in RUcore? RUcore support? • Can restricted resources be hosted in• Can a deposited item be removed RUcore? from RUcore? • How can a user seek further• Can an item be embargoed? permission to reproduce or reuse an• What kinds of projects can RUcore RUcore resource? support? • What constitutes responsible use of RUcore by repository visitors?
  • 9. Other Policy Questions (among many)How to successfully expand collections to incorporate research datayet address:• Diversity of data types, including proprietary /custom formats• Imperfect metadata librarian knowledge of project details• Faculty desire for minimal time commitment to archiving, metadata• Processes to support the cataloging of data sets used in multiple projects• Rutgers research that utilizes third-party or disciplinary data sets – will we ingest?• Preservation of research data that requires a permanent embargo (due to IRB or other restrictions)
  • 10. Thank you! Aletia Morgan Rutgers University LibrariesRDAP 2012 – 3/21/2012
  • 11. RUcore Project DevelopmentA Sampling of Resources on RUcore Today• New Jersey Digital Highway• New Jersey Environmental Digital Library• Program–specific Projects with Custom Portals – Video Mosaic Collaborative – Equine Science Center – Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETDs)• Faculty / Departmental Collections• Special Collections