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RDAP13 DPN Keynote Presentation by Steve Morales
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RDAP13 DPN Keynote Presentation by Steve Morales


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Steven Morales, Executive Director, Digital Preservation Network (DPN) …

Steven Morales, Executive Director, Digital Preservation Network (DPN)

Opening Talk of Research Data Access & Preservation Summit 2013.

The Digital Preservation Network: Building the Curation Network for Higher Education

Abstract: The Digital Preservation Network (DPN) will address risk to the very long-term preservation of the scholarly record by creating a federated approach to preservation of academic content. In this talk by DPN Executive Director, Steven Morales, he will discuss the latest developments in the DPN architecture as well as the proposed DPN services to ensure reliable, long-term digital preservation through a federated network of diverse, non-overlapping preservation strategies sustained by committed institutions of higher education. The DPN through cross-institutional collaboration of more than 50 institutions of higher education seeks to mitigate the threat of a single point of failure — organizational, technical, physical, or political — jeopardizing centuries of scholarship. This presentation will discuss progress toward the first technical implementation of DPN and opportunities to engage in the effort.

Published in: Education
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  • 1. Steven Morales Director www.DPN.orgWednesday, April 3, 13
  • 2. The Digital Preservation Network (DPN) was formed to ensure that the complete scholarly record is preserved for future generations.Wednesday, April 3, 13
  • 3. Charter Members • Arizona State • Northwestern • Univ. of Florida • Univ. of Texas • Brown • NC State • Illinois at Chicago • Univ. of Virginia • • California Institute • Ohio State • Illinois at Urbana- • Univ. of of Technology Champaign Washington • Penn State Univ. • Columbia • Univ. of Iowa • Univ. of Wisconsin • Purdue • Cornell • Univ. of Kansas • Vanderbilt Univ. • Rutgers • Dartmouth • Univ. of Kentucky • Virginia Tech • Stanford • Duke • Univ. of Maryland • Yale Univ. • Syracuse • Emory • Univ. of Miami • Texas Digital • Texas A&M Library • Harvard • Univ. of Michigan • California Digital • Texas Tech Univ. Library • Indiana • Univ. of Minnesota • Tufts • John D. Evans • Iowa State • Univ. of Nebraska Foundation • Tulane • American Council • Johns Hopkins • Univ. of North • Univ. of Alabama Carolina on Education • Kansas State • Univ. of North • Univ. of Arizona Texas • MIT • UC San Diego • Notre Dame • Michigan State • Univ. of Chicago • Univ. of Tennessee • NYU 3Wednesday, April 3, 13
  • 4. 4Wednesday, April 3, 13
  • 5. Progress Report •Governance •Technology Working Group(WG) •Succession Rights WG •Business Model WG 5Wednesday, April 3, 13
  • 6. Your efforts as preservationists and technologists matter to generations not yet born. 6Wednesday, April 3, 13
  • 7. Upcoming Events CNI: April 4 – 5 San Antonio, TX Pre-Pasig 1/2 Day Workshop: May 21; DC Pasig: May 22 – 24; Washington, DC Xsede: July 22 – 25; San Diego, CA 7Wednesday, April 3, 13
  • 8. Sign up for updates or inquire about membership www.DPN.orgWednesday, April 3, 13