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Lahore City Pakistan Economy view
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Lahore City Pakistan Economy view


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Student study purpose only !

Student study purpose only !

Published in: Education, Business, Travel

  • Well.. not inspiring one. It does not qualify to caliber the sights and sounds of Lahore... I mean city full of charm and glamour. Lahore is the Cultural Capital of Pakistan and city which is simply superb to watch. Anyhow now I am planning to develop a presentation to cover the glamour of Lahore.
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  • great work.. but you should upload some pics of canals and parks or roads of lahore...
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  • 1. Lahore
  • 2. Table of Contents
  • 3. Introduction
    • Lahore is the second largest city of Pakistan.
    • Capital of the province Punjab
    • Total area 684 sq miles
    • Approximate population 10,000,000
  • 4. Location :Lahore
  • 5. History of Lahore
    • Lahore has been the hubs of many kingdoms such as the Ghaznavids, Mughals, Sikhs and British.
    • The city was build on the banks of river Ravi.
    • Therefore, Lahore was the trading hub of Punjab.
    • Each empire left its architectural marks on the city
  • 6. India Pakistan Partition
    • Lahore played a significant role during the era of partition.
    • Lahore Resolution or Pakistan Resolution was passed there in 1940.
    • Upon creation of Pakistan, Lahore was made the capital of the provice.
    • Riots in Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs caused many causalities in the city.
  • 7. Economy of the Lahore
    • GDP of Lahore is approximately $28 million.
    • The growth of the economy is at the rate of 5.9%
    • Lahore is the home to Pakistan’s second largest stock exchange
    • Most of Government administrative offices are based in Lahore e.g WAPDA (Water And Power Development Authority) and WASA (Water and Sewer Authority)
  • 8. Economy of the Lahore
    • Lahore is fairly advanced in the sectors of education, health, economic and politics. Making it the biggest hub of the country.
    • Lahore is home to the largest Information Technology Park known as IT Park.
    • It is most advanced in the terms of infrastructure, roads and rails links; which spread all over the country
  • 9. Local Industries
    • Lahore is the largest industrial belt of Pakistan
    • The local industries in Lahore, that earn foreign exchange revenue are:
      • Carpet Industry
      • Steel Industry
      • Textile Industry
      • Chemical Industry
    • These are mainly based in the area of Kot Lakhpat and Sundar Industrial Estate (near Raiwind)
  • 10. Textile
  • 12. Strengths
    • Local Industry
    • IT industry
    • Economic Hub
    • Internationals Airports
  • 13. Opportunities
    • Commercial Capital
    • Foreign Direct Investments
    • Tourism
    • Government Investments
  • 14. Weaknesses
    • Global financial crisis
    • Shortage of Energy Supplies
    • Unemployment
  • 15. Threats
    • Security hazards
    • Natural disaster
    • War on terror
  • 16. Conclusion
    • Government of Pakistan and the Local Government of Punjab should mainly focus on:
      • Overall government stability
      • Precautions against natural disasters
      • Elimination of war on terror
      • Proper storage of Energy Resources
      • Development of effected industry
  • 17. Reference
    • -Accessed on 15 th Sep 2011
  • 18. Thank You