E-portfolio interoperability and the advance of Leap2A
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E-portfolio interoperability and the advance of Leap2A






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  • I'm going to do this from the definition, and bring in more examples shortly

E-portfolio interoperability and the advance of Leap2A E-portfolio interoperability and the advance of Leap2A Presentation Transcript

  • E-portfolio interoperability and the advance of Leap2A Simon Grant JISC Centre for Educational Technology and Interoperability Standards (CETIS) ePortfolio 2010, London 2010-07-05
  • Last year
    • PIOP 2 projects
      • Including JISCMail list still going strong today:
        • [email_address]
    • 2009-03 version agreed
    • Worked pretty well on a range of platforms
      • Much better than IMS eP
      • PebblePad
      • Mahara
      • ePET
      • etc.
  • Organisational development
    • We now have our own domain, leapspecs.org
    • All documentation there, including namespace
    • Working towards independence from CETIS
    • New orthography: “Leap2A” not “LEAP2A”
    • Nice logo to match
      • (strapline: e-portfolio portability)
  • New collaboration
    • MedBiquitous
      • http://www.medbiq.org/
    • Academy of Medical Royal Colleges
      • Medical Interoperability Portfolio Standards
      • http://www.mips.org.uk/
    • Both using (and possibly extending) Leap2A
  • PIOP 3
    • Just about to finish, February to July 2010
    • 3 original partners
      • PebblePad
      • Nottingham
      • ePET (Newcastle)
    • 4 new adopters
      • MyKnowledgeMap
      • TAG Developments (BLi Education)
      • University of Derby
      • Nottingham Trent University / Desire2Learn
  • Changes 2009-03 to 2010-07
    • Single namespace leap2=“ http://terms.leapspecs.org/ ”
    • Clarification and simplification of attachments
    • New publication type – subtype of resource
    • Approve atom:contributor alongside atom:author
    • Intermission as new category for activities
    • Modification to how locations can be represented
      • leap2:spatial can now hold xhtml or structured content
    Really, not much change was needed!
  • Rendering and validation
    • Many people felt need for validator
    • Also needed was a service for human reading
    • Put both together, validation errors shown in context
    • Now working well
    • Will be put on the leapspecs.org site
  • Issues currently on agenda
    • Affiliation
      • Representing how people relate to organisations
      • Are they a sub-type of activity?
    • Representing qualifications
      • Are they are sub-type of achievement?
      • Can we agree a vocabulary for types?
  • Hoped for soon
    • In current financial situation, probably no more funding
    • Need to integrate skills and competencies
      • So that portfolio tools can plug in frameworks / structures
      • Similar facility also needed by MedBiquitous
      • Even being considered for standardization by ISO...
      • But we need more careful research and thought
        • Underway in CETIS as well as elsewhere
      • Separate but co-ordinated specification
    • Independent, self-governing body for leapspecs.org
    • Leap2R
  • Thanks...
    • Thanks for your attention
    • [email_address]