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Advertising on facebook
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Advertising on facebook

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This is a presentation about how advertising on Facebook really works and how it makes its money.

This is a presentation about how advertising on Facebook really works and how it makes its money.

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  • 1. Advertising on Facebook By Arika Simmons
  • 2. Show of hands
    Who here has a Facebook page?
    Tell me what you see.
  • 3. Money, mullah, cash, back rolls, currency, capital, funds
    How does Facebook make there money?
    - Every time you click on an ad facebook makes money.
  • 4. Knowing who to market!!!
    Digital Marketer.
    Step by step instructions.
    Who do they target?
    -special interest
  • 5. What’s this whole click thing about?
    How companies profit.
    How the operation works (mwahh ha ha).
    Getting the clicks. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5q7qj9eT1r0&feature=related
  • 6. Advertising on the internet
    The changes made over time
    In the year 2007, Tens and thousands of Faceb0ok users protested when the site began tracking what members bought at affiliated sites (like travelocity.com) and then alerting their friends about those purchases. Facebook relented, and said it wouldn’t release online shopping information anymore without a members approval.
  • 7. Cool side note
    I bet you didn’t know this… lol
  • 8. Who scored more?
    Facebook or Yahoo???
    *How much they made…
    *Comparing them all…
  • 9. Investors in Facebook
    In January, 2011, Facebook raised $500 million from Goldman Sachs and a Russian investor in a deal that values the company at $50 billion — more than companies like eBay, Yahoo and Time Warner. The stake by Goldman Sachs, considered one of Wall Street’s savviest investors, signals the increasing might of Facebook, which has already been bearing down on giants like Google.
  • 10. Works Cited
    Http://blogs.wsj.com/digits/2011/02/01/how-much-does-a-facebook-fan-cost-107/ “How much does a facebook fan cost? $1.07” Geoffrey A. Fowler ~ Article (From the wall street Journal). Touches on how becoming a fan of a company’s facebook makes them money.
    “business/facebook” Adrian Wyld ~ Article (From the New York Times) Touches on facebook’s key investors and how they spent the money.
    “Facebook top publisher of display ads: comScore” ~ Quarterly updates on how many ad’s are displayed on facebook and how much money facebook makes from displaying these ad’s.
    “Inside Facebook” By Sara InésCalderón ~ This site gives a great chart that displays United States ad impressions.
    * http://www.digitalmardeter.quickanddirtytips.com/marketing-on-facebook.aspx
    “The Digital Marketer: How to put your company on facebook” This site gives a one by one description on how put your ads on facebook’s website.
    “Media and Culture: An introduction to Mass Communication”. Seventh Edition.
    By Richard Campbell, Christopher R. Martin, Bettina Fabos. Bedford/St. Marin’s, Boston NY.