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Lutron Window Systems
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Lutron Window Systems






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Lutron Window Systems Lutron Window Systems Presentation Transcript

  • Lutron Shades Solution Lutron Shading Solutions 1
  •  Daylight Management  Temperature Control  Aesthetics  “Coolness” factor  Privacy  Glare control Why Shade? Lutron Shading Solutions 2
  • Breadth of Line 1. Roller 2. Roman 3. Venetian 4. Honeycomb 5. Standard Drapery 6. Kirbé Vertical Drapery 7. Tensioned Skylight 8. Tensioned Bottom Up 9. Cable Guided Lutron Shading Solutions 3
  • What is Sivoia QS? • Precision control of daylight • “Ultra-quiet” low-voltage drive • Smooth, quiet starts and stops • Perfect tracking within 1/16” alignment based on the same fabric and same height • Preset stopping positions • “Smart” digital technology knows the position of the shade at all times • 10 year power failure memory Lutron Shading Solutions 4
  • Roller Shades Lutron Shading Solutions 5
  • Roller Scalability See product documentation for tube, pocket, fascia and dual pocket sizes Shade Model Max Size (ft2) Min Width (in) Max Width (in) Roller 20 20 18.5 96 Roller 64 64 18.5 96 Roller 100 100 24 120 Roller 150 150 24 120 Roller 200CW 200 25.5 120 Roller 225 225 31.75 180 Lutron Shading Solutions 6
  • Lutron Shading Solutions 7 LUTRON Differentiation – Most Silent Motor 1. “Ultra Quiet” Motor operating at 38 db working with an alignment precision of 1/8th inch. 2. “Smart” digital technology, remembers the position of the shade at all times; 10 year power failure memory.
  • Different Ways to Get 20 Lutron Shading Solutions 8
  • Cable Guided Solution Now, you can address gradually sloped windows and unwanted shade movement – Maximum angle +/- 20° from vertical – Retrofit capable – Weighted Hembar reduces shade sag 9Lutron Shading Solutions
  • In-Line Coupler One Drive – Many Rollers • Compatible with: – Roller 100 – Roller 150 – Roller 200 CW • Easier to install – infinitely adjustable level, projection and Hembar alignment • Silent operation Lutron Shading Solutions 10
  • Angled Coupler Ability to even use 1 drive for curved window installations Lutron Shading Solutions 11
  • intelligent hembar alignment (IHA) IHA ensures that all Sivoia roller shade systems* will move at the same speed and perfect alignment of Bottom=bar. *Exception: 200CW Resulting in this... Not this! Lutron Shading Solutions 12
  • Exposed with wool pile (Blackout) Architectural Bottom Bar Exposed (An aesthetic preference) Standard sealed (Most common) Architectural Bottom Bar Half Wrap (2nd most common A MUST for Dual-sided fabrics) Roller shade hembar choices Lutron Shading Solutions 13
  • Complete blackout Exposed with wool pile Lutron Shading Solutions 14
  • Drapery Track Lutron Shading Solutions 15
  • Drapery Track Drive types • D105 • D145 • D175 What do the numbers stand for? Lutron Shading Solutions 16
  • Drapery Style Options Pinchpleat • Drapery is pinned in the back for pleating Lutron Shading Solutions 17
  • Drapery Style Options Ripplefold *Graber - Snap Tape is required Fullness Lutron Shading Solutions 18
  • Everyone’s experience is unique … and we design our technology for it • Only available for D105 Drives • Always specify for harsh environments – Hotel rooms, children, many guests • Ideal during a power outage Break away carrier (manual open) Lutron Shading Solutions 19
  • Wall mount brackets Brackets should be spaced 6” from the ends, 16” in from there and every 16-24” apart from there. Drapery hardware Ceiling mount brackets Lutron Shading Solutions 20
  • Custom Solutions * * * Template Required Lutron Shading Solutions 21
  • Tensioned Shades Lutron Shading Solutions 22
  • Tensioned Shades Lutron tensioned shades allow for flexible installation at any angle between -135° and 135° with consistent aesthetic results. The shade can close from top to bottom, or from the bottom up, with fabric unrolling closest to the window. Lutron Shading Solutions 23
  • Tensioned Shades • Features a 4.75” deep self-tensioned frame with hidden tension components • Available in factory or customer-assembled options • Clear anodized, white or custom frame colors Lutron Shading Solutions 24
  • Tensioned Shades Minimum: 2 ft wide x 3 ft high Maximum: 8 ft wide x 12 ft high Lutron Shading Solutions 25
  • Tensioned Shades • A recent design development now allows two drives to close shades from opposite ends of the same frame – increasing the maximum system length from 12 to 24 ft. • The opening remains visually unobstructed, with no wires or supports, and recessed installations allow the entire frame to completely disappear from view • Currently offered as custom only Lutron Shading Solutions 26
  • Meet in the Middle: NYC residential project Lutron Shading Solutions 27
  • Meet in the Middle: NYC residential project Lutron Shading Solutions 28
  • Tensioned Shades – NYC Residential Project Lutron Shading Solutions 29
  • Available Frame Colors • Clear Anodized • White (most common) • Custom colors – supply us with RAL # (Paint #) – baked on Oval hembar • 1.75” oval hembar • Half wrapped to show fabric on front of shade • Special hembar that allows cable to move through Style options Lutron Shading Solutions 30
  • A window covering that combines the personality of a roller shade with the soft look of a drapery. Moves fabric up and down instead of left to right KirbéTM vertical drapery
  • When stack back isn’t an option No stack back Lutron Shading Solutions 32
  • Don’t be held back by the stack! .87 x 72 = 62.664” 72” Typical center-draw drapery Lutron Shading Solutions 33
  • .87 x 110 = 95.7” 96” 110” Expand the space with Kirbé Kirbé® vertical drapery Lutron Shading Solutions 34
  • Header mechanism • How it holds its pleats on the top of the tube • Two staggered rows of plastic funnels Perma-pleat bottom bar • How it holds that perfect hembar • Helps create a perfect box pleat How it works Lutron Shading Solutions 35
  • • Minimum width: 2 ft. Maximum width: 12 ft. • Minimum height: 3 ft. Maximum height: 10 ft. Why are we limited on height? • Can only utilize a select group of fabric that behaves properly • Limited by usable roll width • Cannot seam fabric System capacity – driven by Roller 100 drive Lutron Shading Solutions 36
  • Four available Avant fabrics Tendril • Non-sheer Fabric options: Standard Dalton • Sheer New Batiste • Sheer Touch • Sheer Lutron Shading Solutions 37
  • Signature look on every job Process 1. Customer sends electronic file (.tif preferred, 100 ppi or higher) to shadingquotes@lutron.com 2. Customer receives sample of print to approve or disapprove 3. If approved, order is submitted; if not approved, new design should be submitted Base fabric: Lona Printed red Printed with a pattern Fabric options: Custom digital printing Lutron Shading Solutions 38
  • • List Price Adder: $65 sq./ft. Plus the cost of Kirbé • (7 ft. wide x 7 ft. tall - approximately - $3,200 LIST Adder to the cost of a $5,000 Kirbe) Cost: Custom printing and Kirbé® Lutron Shading Solutions 39
  • Area required for proper installation Let’s review… Bracket Dimensions: 5 ½ in. deep X 8 in. tall Required Pocket Size (fully recessed): 8 in. deep X 12 in. tall Kirbé® Lutron Shading Solutions 40
  • • Kirbé has a 1½ inch light gap on either side, 3 inches total • Must set customer expectations properly. Point out where the fabric will begin and use your hands to demonstrate where the light will be coming through the window. • For this reason, outside mount is often specified Measuring for Kirbé®: Light gaps Lutron Shading Solutions 41
  • 42 Roman Shades • What is a Roman shade? – Window treatment that adds a soft elegance to the space – Provides the supple look of a drape with the practicality of a standard shade – An easy way to add simple sophistication to any room – A combination of privacy and style – Allows one to coordinate shade with other fabrics in the space – Variety of styles available for a signature look Lutron Shading Solutions
  • Pleat Styles: Close up 43 Flat Knife Hobbled Casual Lutron Shading Solutions
  • •Serve as the uptake system (raise/lower) •Wrap around Roller shade tube (Roller 64, 100, or 150), depending on size of shade •8” wide PVC coated fiberglass material •Open weave for the optimal combination of light transmission and strength CERUS brands Lutron Shading Solutions 44
  • On March 2, 2010, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission announced a voluntary recall of all Roman shades with exposed inner cords and operating cords due to the strangulation risk they pose to small children. Roman Shades Lutron Shading Solutions 45
  • The Avant Collection Lutron Shading Solutions 46
  • The Avant Collection Includes: • Kirbé vertical drapery system • Roman shades with CERUS safety technology • Drapery fabric panels • Cornices • 100+ soft fabrics, woven woods • VENETIAN BLINDS WITH INTELLIGENT TILT ALIGNMENT™ Lutron Shading Solutions 47
  • Venetian blinds with Intelligent Tilt Alignment™ What sets Lutron apart: • Smoother travel - Lift independent from tilt - Adjust height of shade as sun angle changes or access window without losing tilt position • Recall presets - Both lift and tilt • Alignment of both lift and tilt across multiple shades Lutron Shading Solutions 48
  • Venetian blinds with Intelligent Tilt Alignment™ Overview: • 2” slats • Wood and aluminum • Dimensions: - Wood: 80 ft² max (8’ wide x 10’ high) - Aluminum: 120 ft² max (12’ wide x 10’ high) Lutron Shading Solutions 49
  • Venetian blinds with Intelligent Tilt Alignment™ Finishes: • 54 standard stain and paints - “Premium Collection” - Basswood and Poplar • 14 aluminum colors • 4 valance styles • 29 decorative tapes • 5 real woods - “Elite Collection” - Oak, Mahogany, Pine, Cherry, and Natural Hardwood (Basswood) - Clear coat or custom color match Lutron Shading Solutions 50
  • System provides the ability to store and recall presets  Presets allow blinds to travel to a pre-determined height and tilt angle  Venetian blind controls offer tilt adjustment buttons for precise positioning  Range of tilt can be adjusted from full tilt or to a fixed tilt angle  Standard String Ladders also available. Performance 51Lutron Shading Solutions
  • Rich wood stains and designer paint finishes 52 More than 50 wood colors Lutron Shading Solutions
  • 14 standard aluminum finishes 53Lutron Shading Solutions
  • Note: Only Queen Anne valance is available with Elite woods Five Elite wood finishes 54Lutron Shading Solutions
  • Decorative fabric tape ladders 55Lutron Shading Solutions
  • 56 Battery Operated Honeycom Shades Lutron Shading Solutions
  • Lutron Insulating Honeycomb Shades 1. Honeycomb shade product overview • The Lutron® Difference • Product features and benefits • Specification • Measurement and installation Lutron Shading Solutions 57
  • ClearConnect™ reliable RF technology Battery operated insulating honeycomb shades TriathlonTM power technology utilizes hybrid drive design plus ultra-efficient standby power to extend battery life to 3 years.* Key product differentiators • Battery life • Price point • Lutron® quality • Ease of installation * 3-year battery life based on 2 up and 2 down movements per day assuming a 3 ft. wide by 5 ft. tall shade using light-filtering fabric. Battery life can vary between 2 to 5 years depending on shade size and fabric selection. Lutron Shading Solutions 58
  • Size* • Width range: 14.5 in. to 96 in*. • Height range: 12 in. to 96 in*. • Maximum system size: ≈ 64 ft² 12 in – 96 in 14.5 in – 96 in System capacity *System size will vary based on fabric and headrail type chosen Lutron Shading Solutions 59
  • Fabric styles Light-filtering options Single-cell sheer Single-cell light-filtering Double-cell light-filtering Single-cell room darkening All styles are dual-sided • Softens intense rays • Transforms daylight into a soft, filtered glow • Allows some light to enter into the space • Blocks light from entering into the room • White acts as a reflector • Uniform look from the outside Lutron Shading Solutions 60
  • Sivoia QS Wireless Lutron Shading Solutions 61
  • Sivoia QS Wireless Antenna Placement • After attaching the RF receiver, make sure the antenna is outside the enclosure (pocket, fascia) • ALL Sivoia QS Shades can be made Wireless with the addition of the RF Receiver Lutron Shading Solutions 62
  • Sivoia QS Power – smart panel 24VDC supply that provides power to shades, keypads & accessories 10 output panel provides power for 10-20 shades BASED ON SHADE Also may be used to power only keypads For Individual Shades Lutron Shading Solutions 63
  • WHY LUTRON SHADES ? • Precision control of daylight • Eliminates interface unit with Lutron lighting control • “Ultra-quiet” low-voltage drive • With a single motor, can go up to 30 ft in drapery and 15 ft. in roller • Perfect tracking within 1/16” alignment based on the same fabric and same height (IHA). • Good Looking Lutron Controls to run them. • Drives with 10 years memory without Power. • Individual addressing and flexible programming. • Kirbae feature is unique to us. Lutron Shading Solutions 64
  • Thank you Lutron Shading Solutions 65