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To provide a comprehensive information of all internet, online marketing and social media and its facts and much more...

To provide a comprehensive information of all internet, online marketing and social media and its facts and much more...



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Social media facts Social media facts Document Transcript

  • Latest Facts of Social MediaSocial media marketing is getting more popular day by day. Almost 85% - 90% of world famouscompanies are using social media for the advertisements of their company. Social mediamarketing has become common and also effective for the world famous companies. One of theimportant social media site is Pinterest..Video marketing and blogging is also effective tool for online marketing. If you create a blogthen that should be unique and attractive. The blog should be maintained up to date. Page 2
  • Here is a graph of some common things search on social media Page 3
  • Following are some of the important facts of social media networks: i. It is expected that 57% of the clients will come through social media marketing. It’s the most commonly used channel behind face to face dealing. (Marketing Pilgrim) ii. Almost 30% of the world population depends upon social media marketing network. It is estimated that up to or more than 250 million tweets and 800 million Facebook statuses are updated daily. (MindJumpers) iii. People are getting benefit from social media from all over the world especially Brazilians have the highest number of online friends about 481 friends per user approximately. (MindJumpers) iv. It is estimated that 56% of Americans have a Social Network profile on which statues are updated daily. (Convince & Convert) v. Free cost blogging provides the great opportunity for online marketing. About 80% of active U.S. Internet users get benefit from blogging (MediaPost) vi. There are about 60% people who use three or more social media networks for online marketing. 48% of these consumers updated post on Facebook or Twitter. (MediaPost) vii. About 90% of marketers are now using social media networks for online marketing of their productions (eMarketer) viii. It has been observed that 50% of all social media users lie between 25 and 44 years old. (Pingdom) ix. Most of the men advertise their products on technical sites like “Slashdot”. 90% users of this network are men. The average of Facebook users is 40% male and 60% female and approximately same average on Twitter. (Pingdom) Page 4
  • x. Social media and blogs are now getting 80% users from US. Experienced marketers have improved their web site traffic due to social medis marketing. (eMarketer) xi. About 90% of the world famous companies use social media network for online advertising. 83% of these use facebook and 53% use facebook and twitter both. xii. More than 500 world famous companies maintain their active blogs for online marketing Inc. . . . (V3 Integrated Marketing) xiii. About 35% of the high rating 100 Fortune 500 companies gain more attention to their active blogs than other companies. (V3 Integrated Marketing) xiv. About 62% of Fortune top 500 companies have an active Twitter profiles and 58% maintain an advertising Facebook page to get more fans for their productions… (V3 Integrated Marketing) xv. By observing from top 5 social networks like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+ and Pinterest, Fortune 100 company names are mentioned on these social networks more than 10 million times in 30 days. (Digital Buzz Blog) xvi. The observing average Fortune 100 company is mentioned about 56,000 times in 30 days On Twitter. (Digital Buzz Blog) xvii. It is estimated that 87% of the Fortune 100 companies are active on at least one social network. 82% make updates on Twitter, 75% advertise on a Facebook page, 50% use Google+ and 25% use Pinterest. (Digital Buzz Blog) xviii. To get more response from online marketing, most of the world famous companies are maintaining their accounts on YOUTUBE. By uploading video of their products, they can get more response. (Digital Buzz Blog) Page 5
  • xix. Most of the consumers suggest CEO of the all companies to promote business online through social marketing network. (41 Stories) xx. Only 3.2% of Fortune 500 high rated companies CEOs have a Twitter account for fastest-growing business. (41 Stories) xxi. Only 52% of CEOs who are active in social media network say that social medis marketing has helped them a lot in maintaining their businesses. (41 Stories) xxii. Even though 82% of online buyers say that they like to trust a company whose executive is always active on social media network. (Business Insider) xxiii. About 40% of the organizations follow the social media policy. (Resume Bear) xxiv. About 92% of recruiters use social media network to find new clients online. ( xxv. Approximately 20% of all page views on the social media network are on Facebook. (Jeff Bullas) xxvi. 50% of all Facebook users from all over the world use it on their cell phones. (Jeff Bullas) xxvii. About 20% of the Facebook users say that they check social network once or twice in a day.(SodaHead) xxviii. 73% of the Facebook users believe that the Facebook is better than other social networks. (SodaHead) xxix. Twitter gets one million new users in a day. It is a great reality of social media. (Jeff Bullas) xxx. 50% of the Twitter users access it on their cell phones and other small pocket devices. (Jeff Bullas) xxxi. Twitter is getting more users. 53% of Twitter users became a member within a year, comparison to Facebook is 19% only. (Convince & Convert) Page 6
  • xxxii. About 76% of Twitter users are active and post updates daily. (Convince & Convert) xxxiii. Twitter users now post up to 340 million tweets per day approximately. (Digital Buzz Blog) xxxiv. The third most visited social media network is Yuotube, with two billion views per day. (Jeff Bullas) xxxv. YouTube use accounts for about 10% of all traffic on the Internet. (Jeff Bullas)References: By taking help form the above social media figures we canpromote our any business like any salon, Hairstyle tips centre, LongHairstyles, wedding Hairstyles, Candies online shop, SEO services,webdesign and all other promotional marketing.Author: Asif KhanFor further information, Mail me: kontekt1@hotmail.com Page 7