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HQTS us Asia's oldest and largest quality control company. With operations in 17 countries, HQTS provides inspections, product and packaging testing, factory audits, supplier evaluations, and QC consulting services throughout Asia.

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  1. 1. History Why it’s so important to find the right company to partner with!EthicsSolutionsFlexibilityAccreditedDeliverables Meet Your Specifications, Exceed Your Expectations
  2. 2. History HQTS Group LtdEthicsSolutions • Helmsman Quality & Technology Co. Ltd.Flexibility - Inspections, Testing, factory & Social Compliance Audits, Consulting ServicesAccredited • HQTS-QA International LtdDeliverables - Testing Laboratories in joint venture with QA International Inc. • Yoshida Ltd. - Sorting & Piece x Piece inspections for high-end consumer gods • Xīnghéngshí Company Ltd. - Consulting services for QA & QC to China manufacturers and suppliers Meet Your Specifications, Exceed Your Expectations
  3. 3. History Company TimelineEthicsSolutions • 1987 - Opened as a division of a large quasi-government product testing company to provideFlexibility subcontract services to global inspection companies.Accredited • 1995 - Spun out as an separate company with 5 employees to focus solely on providing subcontractDeliverables services for consumer product inspections. • 2001 - We began working directly with buyers and manufacturers to provide inspections and testing services and opened foreign sales offices. • 2003 - Company executives took the company private, and we opened our first testing laboratory in Hangzhou, China. • 2012 - Locations in 17 countries and 65 offices, more than 500 professionals on staff Meet Your Specifications, Exceed Your Expectations
  4. 4. History Anti-bribery and EthicsEthicsSolutions • The cornerstone of the HQTS business modelFlexibility ‐ Inspectors are employees paid at a higher than market rate ‐ A zero tolerance anti-bribery policyAccredited ‐ Initial and continuing educationDeliverables ‐ Unannounced inspection audits ‐ Unannounced inspector audits ‐ Incentives for reporting violations ‐ Regular analysis of inspector AQL data ‐ Periodic rotation of inspectors Meet Your Specifications, Exceed Your Expectations
  5. 5. History Total Quality SolutionsEthicsSolutions • InspectionsFlexibility - Consumer Goods, Textiles & Apparel, Electronics, Agriculture & Food, Industrial, MineralAccredited • Product Testing - Packaging, Toys & Jewelry, Textile & Apparel, Candles & CeramicsDeliverables • Factory Audits - Supplier Audits Technical Factory Audits, Social Compliance Audits • Consulting Solutions - Management, Certification, Training Meet Your Specifications, Exceed Your Expectations
  6. 6. History Inspection ServicesEthicsSolutions Consumer GoodsFlexibility • Apparel, textile, toys, electronics, hardware, home décor, toolsAccredited - Pre-production - Sample pickingDeliverables - During production - Sorting and Piece x Piece - Pre-shipment - Loading Supervisions Agriculture • Packaged - Snacks - Seafood • Bulk Feed - Processed Grains - Feed Additives Meet Your Specifications, Exceed Your Expectations
  7. 7. History Inspection Services cont’dEthics IndustrialSolutions • EquipmentFlexibility - From automotive engines to heavy equipment and everything in betweenAccredited • Machinery - From wind turbines to hydro-electric power generationDeliverables Minerals • Commodities - Metallurgical, iron ore, coke, manganese, ferroalloys, chrome, coal, steel. • Precious Metals - Bullion, trace minerals, gold, platinum, rare earth Meet Your Specifications, Exceed Your Expectations
  8. 8. History Inspection Services cont’dEthics Customized SolutionsSolutions • Factory Escort ServicesFlexibility - Translation - NegotiationAccredited - Travel assistanceDeliverables • Product Spec Development - Specifications development - Technical writing & documentation - Cad & Technical plan development • Specialized Services - Total production quality management - Quality control staffing solutions - Quality management solutions Meet Your Specifications, Exceed Your Expectations
  9. 9. History Product TestingEthicsSolutions Packaging – International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) AccreditedFlexibility • Packaged-product transportation testingAccredited - ISTA transportation test - Compression test for shipping carton - Vibration test - Atmospheric conditioning testDeliverables - Drop test - Clamping force test of packaging pieces - Incline impact test • Packaging Materials Test - Edgewise compressive strength test - Thickness measurement - Tearing resistance - Basis weight and grammage - Bursting strength - Toxic elements in packing material Meet Your Specifications, Exceed Your Expectations
  10. 10. History Product Testing cont’dEthics Toys & JewelrySolutions • Testing to CPSC, ASTM, FDA, EN-71, ISO, GB standardsFlexibility - Mechanical & Physical - Heavy metalsAccredited - Flammability Safety - Phthalates content - Electric Toy Safety - Label - Toxic Element & MaterialsDeliverables Textile & Apparel • Testing to AATCC, ASTM, CPSC, and ISO standards. • Categories - Various fibrillar component fabrics - Decoration articles - Various structural fabrics - Ecological fabrics - Garments - Others - Home Textiles Meet Your Specifications, Exceed Your Expectations
  11. 11. History Product Testing cont’dEthics Candles & Related ProductsSolutions • Characteristics TestedFlexibility - Burn time - Lead content of wick - Label check - Candle container compatibilityAccredited - Smoke test - Container temperature characteristics - Candle stability - Heavy metal contentDeliverables - Burning safety • Ceramic and Glassware Testing Chemical testing Physical testing - FDA, Food grade test - Wipe Test - Lead content on surface coating - Annealing - EU Food grade test - Thermal shock (glassware only) - Total Cadmium - Dishwasher test - Water absorption test Meet Your Specifications, Exceed Your Expectations
  12. 12. History Product Testing cont’dEthicsSolutions Common testing protocols • RohsFlexibility - Lead (Pb) - Hexavalent chromium (Cr6+) - Mercury (Hg) - Polybrominated biphenyls (PBB)Accredited - Cadmium (Cd) - Polybrominated diphenyl ether (PBDEDeliverables • REACH - The European Union (EU) Regulation that addresses the production and use of chemical substances and use of chemical substances of very high concern (SVHC). • CPSIA - Imposes new testing and documentation requirements, and sets new acceptable levels of several substances in the manufacture of juvenile products. • DMF - Requires Member States to ensure that products containing the biocide dimethylfumarate are not to be allowed into the European Union. Meet Your Specifications, Exceed Your Expectations
  13. 13. History Factory AuditsEthics • Supplier AuditsSolutions - Business background and fact check - Location Verification - Business and Client References - Factory RelationshipsFlexibility - Business and/or Professional License - Performance CapabilityAccredited • Technical Audits - Manufacturers background - Manufacturing process & production linesDeliverables - Manpower - Quality system such as testing & inspection - Production capability - Management system & capability - Machinery, facilities & equipment - Environment • Social Compliance Audits - Child labor laws - Working hours - Forced labor laws - Overtime wages - Discrimination laws - Social benefits - Minimum wage laws - Safety and health - Dormitories - Protection of the environment • Customs & Trade Partnership against Terrorism (C-TPAT) Meet Your Specifications, Exceed Your Expectations
  14. 14. History Consulting ServicesEthicsSolutions • Management - Quality management - 5S managementFlexibility - Information system set-up - Manufacturing management - Salary & performance management - Social compliance consultingAccredited - Human resources managementDeliverables• Certification - Establish all internal processes and procedures to comply with various ISO certification requirements such as ISO9000 and ISO14000, OHSAS18000, HACCP, SA 8000, ISO/TS16949 standards • Training - The Quality Assurance Roadmap - Staff training for QA, QC and Ethics - Managing for Quality Assurance - Auditor training to ISO, SAS, and More - Managing through Performance - Quality Control Training for Manufacturers Meet Your Specifications, Exceed Your Expectations
  15. 15. History FlexibilityEthicsSolutions Large enough to cover all your Asia locationsFlexibility • Global reachAccredited - Over 500 employees - More than 17 countries - 65 plus offices, laboratories & inspection branchesDeliverables Small enough to craft a solution to match your requirements • Dedicated account coordinator - A single point of contact - International English speaking staff - Local sales representation in many major countries Meet Your Specifications, Exceed Your Expectations
  16. 16. History Recognized Industry LeadershipEthicsSolutions • Accredited by CNAS - The Chinese the national accreditation body responsible for the accreditation of inspectionFlexibility bodies, laboratories and certification bodies.Accredited • Licensed by AQISQ - The entity responsible for administering and enforcing laws related to inspection and testingDeliverables companies in China. Licensing by them is required to operate legally. • Member in Good Standing of TIA - The Toy Industry Association is a non-profit trade association for producers and importers of toys and youth entertainment products sold in North America. • Legal Member of IFIA - The trade association for inspection agencies and related organizations that provide inspection, testing and certification services internationally. Meet Your Specifications, Exceed Your Expectations
  17. 17. History DeliverablesEthicsSolutions • Experience, Industry and local knowledge - Operating longer in Asia than any other QA companyFlexibility - Combined staff of over 500 industry specialistsAccredited • The solution you need at a price you can afford - Inspection solution bundlesDeliverables - Volume pricing discounts • Fast reliable ordering and reports - Inspections within 48 hours of receiving the order - Preliminary reports can be provided while onsite - Reports within 24 hours of inspection completion Meet Your Specifications, Exceed Your Expectations
  18. 18. History Deliverables cont’dEthicsSolutions • Solutions customized to meet your exact requirementsFlexibility • Quality you expect at a price you can affordAccredited • Fast, reliable, accurate service & report deliveryDeliverables • Reports you can trust backed by documented ethics initiatives • Quality solutions with you every step! Meet Your Specifications, Exceed Your Expectations
  19. 19. History Next StepsEthics Next StepsSolutions • Execute NDAFlexibility • Trade technical data and testing, inspection, and/or audit requirements as neededAccredited • Review technical requirements and samplesDeliverables• Jointly develop service agreement and contract • First order Meet Your Specifications, Exceed Your Expectations