ASIA-PACIFIC’SPREMIER GEOINT FORUM Co-developed by GEOINT practitioners! Don’t miss the Technology Focus Day on   11 Sep a...
ASIA-PACIFIC’S PREMIER GEOINT FORUMMeet the Leaders of the GEOINT and Multi-Int Community at the Definitive GEOINT Event i...
Dedicated Technology & Innovation Focus Day Tuesday  11 September 2012 A must-attend for all involved in tapping on geosp...
Practical WorkshopsCo-Developed with GEOINT Practitioners to address specific challengesWednesday  12 September 2012 | Fr...
Main Conference Day One                                                                    IN-THEATRE & C2: EMPOWERING THE...
Main Conference Day Two                                                                     MAJ-GEN Padhi is an expert Mil...
Showcase your solutions to over 120 Asia-Pacific decision-makers                by exhibiting at GDI APAC 2012With Asia-Pa...
ASIA-PACIFIC’S PREMIER GEOINT FORUM   Technology Focus Day | 11 September 2012   Main Conference | 12 – 13 September 2012 ...
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Meet the Leaders of the GEOINT and Multi-Int Community at the Definitive GEOINT Event in APAC

New for 2012!
1. 95% new speakers sharing new insights!
2. Hear about the use of GEOINT in even more scenarios including international conflicts, defence operations, humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operations and more
3. New evaluators of GEOINT solutions – military officers who assumed a new tour of duty
4 defence / military GEOINT practitioner-run workshops
5. New location!

Key Focus Areas:
1. Leveraging GEOINT as a Force Multiplier in a Multi-Int Environment
2. Achieving Seamless Integration of GEOINT with Multi-Int to Attain Information Superiority
3. Attaining a Cost-Effective Approach to GEOINT and Multisource Intelligence
4. Effectively Tapping On New Technologies and New Applications for GEOINT
5. Empowering the Commander and Warfighter In-Theatre

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Desktop copy gdi 2012

  1. 1. ASIA-PACIFIC’SPREMIER GEOINT FORUM Co-developed by GEOINT practitioners! Don’t miss the Technology Focus Day on 11 Sep and Workshops on 14 Sep!Technology Focus Day | 11 September 2012Main Conference | 12 – 13 September 2012Workshop | 13 September 2012Post-Conference Workshops | 14 September 2012Venue | Bangkok, Thailand >> GEOINT & Multi-Int as a Force Multiplier Strategically and in OperationsMeet the Leaders of the GEOINT and Multi-Int Community at the Definitive GEOINT Event in Asia-Pacific. Brigadier-General Dato’ Zaharin bin Din Director, Defence Geospatial DivisionRear Admiral Jonathan White Bert Tiems DEPARTMENT OF Peter SinfieldCommander, Naval Meteorology Chief C2 and SURVEY AND MAPPING Assistant Secretary, Defenceand Oceanography Command Operations Services AGENCY (JUPEM), GEOINT, Defence Imagery andUS NAVY C3 Agency MALAYSIA Geospatial Organisation NATO DEPARTMENT OF DEFENCE, Major-General Ramesh C Padhi AUSTRALIA Additional Surveyor General (Technology) SURVEY OF INDIA “ Don’t Miss a Stellar Panel of New Speakers Sharing New Very useful for my job. Lots of rich Insights. Other Highlighted Briefings From: information and sharing of past Dr Haim Srebro Director General experiences by the speakers. ” SURVEY OF ISRAEL Brigadier-General Hj Ibrahim B Hashim Assistant Chief of Staff ICT Colonel Sunil Mishra Royal Malaysia Air Force Director, Battlefield Management System, DGIS Gain expert, up-to-date insights on: INDIAN ARMY  Fusing real-time multi-int to create an accurate common operating picture Dr Sang-Hee Kim Principal Researcher, Geo-image Process and  Improving data collection at the warfighter-level with Visualisation geospatially-enabled mobile devices AGENCY FOR DEFENCE DEVELOPMENT,  Updating requirements in GEOINT support for HADR and OOTW REPUBLIC OF KOREA  Achieving capabilities for full-spectrum dominance with GEOINT Dr Khalid A Rahim Al-Haidan  What’s next in GIS for defence and intelligence Director, GIS Directorate CENTRAL INFORMATICS ORGANIZATION, KINGDOM OF BAHRAINLead Partner Researched & Developed BySponsors PHONE: (65) 6722 9388 | FAX: (65) 6720 3804 | EMAIL: | WEB:
  2. 2. ASIA-PACIFIC’S PREMIER GEOINT FORUMMeet the Leaders of the GEOINT and Multi-Int Community at the Definitive GEOINT Event in APACGeospatial Defence & Intelligence Asia-Pacific (GDI APAC) isAsia-Pacific’s largest annual gathering dedicated to the Doing business in GEOINT?improvement of the geospatial intelligence (GEOINT) practice Then don’t miss out on Asia - The nextin defence, intelligence, national security and public. hottest geospatial intelligence market.APAC’s Most Important Asia, led by China, is becoming increasingly militarised as a result of rapid economic growth and strategicGeospatial Intelligence Event uncertainty. For the first time, in modern history at least, Asias military spending is poised to overtakeGDI APAC brings together senior GEOINT and multi-int Europes.practitioners, industry experts and thought-leaders. They This makes Asia a highly important market for GISinclude top-level decision-makers (policy-makers), key solution providers operating in the Defence &influencers (senior technical GEOINT officers) and operational Intelligence space.end-users who specify requirements (commanders andwarfighters). GDI APAC’s growing attendance is testament to the region’s interest in GIS solutions and capabilityGDI APAC. The one place for you to obtain the most up-to- developmentdate content on GEOINT usage. NEW FOR 2012! Insightful briefs from new speakers spanning over 10 countries have been organised under 5 focused topic areas to ensure GDI APAC gives you more value than any other GIS / GEOINT event.FOCUS 1: GEOINT as a Force Multiplier in a Multi-IntEnvironmentKnow first. Analyse first. Respond first. Gain battlefieldsuperiority by tapping on GEOINT more effectively as a forcemultiplier. GDI APAC’s attendance grew by 30% from 2010 to 2011. In September 2011, over 130 heads of geospatialFOCUS 2: In-Theatre and C2: Empowering the Commander intelligence and GIS technology gathered at GDI APACand Warfighter to discuss GEOINT issues while evaluating theAchieve accuracy, speed and practical delivery of GEOINT to technologies they should put into their procurementthe commander and warfighter amidst an evolving operational list to transform their intelligence capabilities. Weenvironment. foresee this number to rise in 2012.FOCUS 3: Seamless Integration of GEOINT with Multi-Int At a fraction of your potential business-win, weFoster a shared understanding of threat priorities to unify plans guarantee attending or profiling your solutions at GDIand actions; attain interoperability of GEOINT with multisource APAC 2012 will be worth every investment dollar.intelligence sources and across all parts of the organisation.FOCUS 4: Capability Development: New Technologies andNew ApplicationsUnderpin geospatial information and services as a critical 5 WAYS TO REGISTER NOWenabler through the comprehensive and integrated 1. Visit www.geospatialdefenceasia.comdevelopment of GEOINT and multi-int capabilities. 2. Email 3. Call +(65) 6722 9388FOCUS 5: Delivering New Value: Innovative Approaches and 4. Fax the booking form to +(65) 6720 3804Effective Uses of GEOINT and Multi-Int 5. Mail the booking form toDiscover ground-breaking uses of GEOINT and multi-int can IQPC Worldwide Pte Ltd, 61 Robinson Road #14-01create new value. Robinson Centre, Singapore 068893
  3. 3. Dedicated Technology & Innovation Focus Day Tuesday  11 September 2012 A must-attend for all involved in tapping on geospatial technologies to enhance mission success. Find out how geospatial enterprise technologies can:  Optimise maritime surveillance for illegal fishing and people smuggling in Australian waters  Combat maritime piracy in the Melaka Straits  Determine the likelihood of North Korean submarines operating in the Sea of Japan  Build nautical charts that address new international shipping lanes in the Philippines  Rapidly alert the New Zealand authorities to flagged vessels entering their territorial seasTECHNOLOGY & INNOVATION FOCUS DAYAs the foundation for multi-scale nautical mapping, dynamic tracking data and mission planning, geospatial technology clearly plays animportant role. It delivers information superiority, deciding the outcome of a battle well before shots are fired. It is a force multiplier,significantly increasing the potential of a force and enhancing the likelihood of a successful maritime mission.The benefits of geospatial technologies are evident. The key, thus, becomes how to effectively leverage new technologies and integratethem into your current capabilities to deliver the desired effects.The dedicated Technology & Innovation Focus Day will make use of real world challenges in the maritime environment to demonstratehow geospatial enterprise technology can be optimised for your organisation and operations. Enabling the rapid fusion, analysis and delivery of information to and from a command using the logistics chain and communications infrastructure Deploying superior charts, analysis, and plans immediately in support of maritime operations by tapping on “private clouds” and “lightweight devices” Concurrently communicating friendly, nearby traffic positions and reports instantly to the headquarters ensuring ready and reliable awareness of operations Empowering the fleet to counter airborne, surface and submerged threats with advanced decision support and tactical combat support – all “fighting off the same map”0900h Vision for Geospatial Enterprise Technology in the Maritime 1400h Planning and Conducting Maritime Operations Using Environment Advanced Modelling and Simulation Tools Capt. Eric Patten (Retd), Director of Defense and Intelligence Nate McBee, AGI Global Solutions, Esri 1500h Integrating Tracking and Live Data in Support of Situational1000h Managing Data in a Geospatial Enterprise – Equipping All Awareness Users with Timely, Authoritative Data Esri Parnter Craig Pitman, Technical Advisor, Esri 1600h Global Perspectives on Implementing and Evolving your1100h Developing and Deploying Data, Maps and Charts with a Maritime Geospatial Platform Solid Bathymetric Foundation Mike Quin, Asia-Pacific Defence Business Development QPS Manager, Esri1200h Networking Lunch with Your Fellow Technologists 1700h Cocktail Evening1300h Using the Data Foundation for Advanced Geospatial Analysis in Undersea Warfare John Calkins, Technical Evangelist, Esri
  4. 4. Practical WorkshopsCo-Developed with GEOINT Practitioners to address specific challengesWednesday  12 September 2012 | Friday  14 September 2012WORKSHOP A WORKSHOP B13 September 2012, 1615 hrs to 1815 hrs 14 September 2012, 0830 hrs to 1130 hrsTransforming High-Volume, High Velocity and High-Variety Data Developing a Strategic Roadmap for ISR and GEOINT Capabilityinto Actionable Intelligence Development to Enable a Full-Spectrum, Adaptive ForceTechnology has transformed collection, enabling the gathering of significant The complexity of the evolving modern battlefield has placed morevolumes of different data types, in real or near real-time. Data in itself, challenging demands on national security and intelligence agencies,however, is not useful without relevant analysis, sense-making and delivery heightening the need for these entities to seamlessly tap on each othersto the commander and warfighter at the right time. capabilities to further shorten the sense-to-strike cycle. Yet, even as thisHow can analysis capabilities be better matches to organisational needs? is being planned and executed, the security milieu is continuallyHow can dissemination processes, procedures and capability be more changing, intensifying the demand for a future-proof, comprehensiveeffective? strategic ISR and GEOINT roadmap to enable a full-spectrum• Dramatically changing the GEOINT analysis game: Bettering real-time  Evaluating future operational requirements and aligning intelligence analytical processing of big data-in-motion capability building• Understanding the specific intelligence needs of operational personnel  Integrating GEOINT and multi-int to support defence efforts• Providing timely, actionable and useful security information  5-year, 10-year, 20-year considerations  Factoring in training needs and ensuring training programmes keepWorkshop Facilitator: in line with capability development Peter Sinfield Assistant Secretary Defence Geospatial-Intelligence, Workshop Facilitator: Defence Imagery and Geospatial Organisation Colonel Steven Beckman DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE, AUSTRALIA Assistant Director of Intelligence, Directorate of Intelligence, Joint Chiefs of Staff, J-2Pete Sinfield has been involved in Defence intelligence and security matters for over thirty US DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSEyears. Previously, Mr Sinfield was the Assistant Secretary - Vetting and head of the AustralianGovernment Security Vetting Agency in the Defence Security Authority. Prior to transferring to Colonel Steven Beckman is the Assistant Director of Intelligence in the Directorate ofthe Australian Public Service in 2000, Mr Sinfield served for 20 years in the Australian military in Intelligence J-2 at the US Department of Defense. In his role, he is involved in tracking andthe fields of intelligence and security, holding appointments in Australia and overseas including supporting US efforts worldwide. Recently, he also was the Chief of Intelligence (CJ2) forboth operational and non-operational service. ISAF’s Regional Command South in Kandahar, Afghanistan, where he was involved in the clearing of Helmand and Kandahar Provinces in 2009-2010Mr Sinfield began his military career as a soldier and transferred to the Australian IntelligenceCorps in 1983. In 1989, he was seconded to the British Intelligence Corps’ 10 Intelligence andSecurity Company in Hong Kong and also undertook advanced intelligence training with Britishforces. He returned to Australia and undertook postings in the Army HQ, the DefenceIntelligence Organisation, and Defence Intelligence Training Centre before being posted to theNorth West Mobile Force (NORFORCE) in 1998. He transferred to the Army Reserve in 2000.He holds a Bachelor of Professional Studies from the University of New England, with a major inAsian Societies.WORKSHOP C WORKSHOP D14 September 2012, 1230 hrs to 1430 hrs 14 September 2012, 1500 hrs to 1700 hrsRealising the Full Potential of ISR and GEOINT for Operations: A Developing a National Online Geospatial Database to SupportPragmatic Guide to Collection, Processing, Exploitation and Decision-Making Processes – Critical Standards andDissemination (PED) Interoperability ConsiderationsRobust intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) and geospatial A national online geospatial database avoids wasteful duplication ofintelligence (GEOINT) unlocks the key to a force that is more flexible, resources and capture of geospatial layers, as well as facilitates dataadaptable and more responsive to the demands of the modern battlefield. integration. By structuring it as a network of databases, it can enableTo achieve that, it is vital to understand evolving approaches and new diversified national objectives such as national security, and other socio-technologies that can help to realise the full potential of ISR and GEOINT. economic functions like human resources optimisation, facilities Developing the CONOPS to tap on GEOINT as an integrated partner management, resource management and planning. However, to ensure What is adequate? Assessing the capacity for collection and PED this is achievable, standards and interoperability considerations are Major analysis considerations: Sifting through data to rapidly delivering critical. intelligence to the warfighter or operational forces  Identifying and evaluating current and future requirements across Evaluating new technologies and understanding how to tap on them in user agencies and units a cost-effective manner  Interoperability considerations in building a unified geographical databaseWorkshop Facilitator:  Developing a roadmap to ensure standards Peter Sinfield Assistant Secretary Defence Geospatial-Intelligence, Workshop Facilitator: Defence Imagery and Geospatial Organisation Dr Khalid A Rahman Al-Haidan DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE, AUSTRALIA Director, GIS Directorate (See workshop A for biography) Central Informatics Organization, Kingdom of BahrainSubject Matter Expert: Dr Khalid Abdul Rahman Al-Haidan Director of Geographic Information Systems of CIO was Bert Tiems awarded the Executive Leadership Award by the Foundation (ESRI), USA – a leading global C2ISR, Geospatial and Situational Awareness institution responsible for development and provision of GIS software in the world. He was Expert Practitioner selected from among top four global leaders in GIS. The assessment was made in view of Dr Al-Haidan’s support to and development of GIS in the Middle East for 18 years, as well as his contribution in developing GIS abroad. The recognition was also attributed to theMr Bert Tiems is a C2ISR, geospatial and situational awareness expert practitioner, leading 80 Kingdom of Bahrain for its excellence in vision, leadership and resource 100 staff responsible for producing C2ISR capabilities. This includes Command and Control(Joint, Land, Air and Maritime), Operational Planning, Missile Defence, GeoMetoc, Logistics,COP, Incident Management, Targeting and CIMIC. From 2006 to 2009, he was the ProjectManager of a series of Situational Awareness related projects, including projects on developinga Common Operational Picture. Mr Tiems was also the Project Manager of a series of scientificand experimentation projects to develop the requirements for a Land C2 System from 2003.
  5. 5. Main Conference Day One IN-THEATRE & C2: EMPOWERING THE COMMANDER & WARFIGHTERWednesday  12 September 2012 1220h Enhancing ISR and GEOINT Capabilities and Capacity for Coalition Operations  Ensuring adequate collection, processing, exploitation and dissemination (PED) for Intelligence, Surveillance and 0800h Registration & Welcome Coffee Reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities fielded in joint missions  Refining the CONOPS and developing innovative tactics, 0900h Opening Remarks from the Chairman techniques and procedures (TTPs) to ensure rapid delivery of GEOINT AS A FORCE MULTIPLIER IN A MULTI-INT ENVIRONMENT intelligence to operational forces  Overcoming data sharing issues 0910h Operationalising Geospatial Information as a Maritime Bert Tiems Force Multiplier Chief C2 and Operations Services, C3 Agency  Evolving intelligence requirements in support of growing NATO maritime operations Mr Bert Tiems leads 80 to 100 staff responsible for producing the majority of NATO  Making GEOINT and multi-int work for you in the maritime C2ISR capabilities. This includes Command and Control (Joint, Land, Air and domain Maritime), Operational Planning, Missile Defence, GeoMetoc, Logistics, COP, Incident  Strategic and operational considerations Management, Targeting and CIMIC. Rear Admiral Jonathan White, Commander, Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command 1300 h Networking Luncheon US NAVY 1430h Strengthening GEOINT for Internal Security RDML White assumed command on 13 Nov 2009. His sea tours as a naval  Developing geospatial data requirements for internal security oceanographer include Commander, Cruiser Destroyer Group 12 as staff METOC  Identifying scales and accuracies required by forces operating officer, Tomahawk Land-Attack Missile strike officer, and flag navigator. RDML White over urban and rural terrain also commanded the Naval Training METOC Facility, Pensacola, Fla., and was the  Gaining access to high resolution and large scale data – 50th superintendent of the US Naval Observatory. managing foliage challenges 0950h Cloud-Enabled GEOINT: the Opportunities and Realities for  Setting up an infrastructure for maintaining and exploiting geospatial intelligence National Security Today you can’t go anywhere without being bombarded by the hype Colonel Sunil Mishra, Director, Battlefield Management System, of the Cloud. The defence and intelligence community strives to Directorate General of Information Systems empower decisions through on-line, on-demand access to multi-int INDIAN ARMY (subject to internal approval) knowledge and analysis. This presentation will explore what the COL Mishra believes that a holistic view of the necessary organisation in the field of Cloud means to GEOINT and what future role might it play within geospatial intelligence at the national level is essential to lay down a framework for national security solutions. It will cover Esri’s experiences with cloud transformation of the national security apparatus to meet the future challenges. implementations and the more general use of geospatial technology. It will provide an update on the use of GIS in the Cloud and explore 1510h Providing the Best Quality GEOINT Possible to Warfighter: many of the factors that must be considered if the Cloud is to be a Supporting Effective Decision-Making successful business and technology model.  The role of geography and GEOINT in developing informed John Day decision-making Director Global Defence Business Development  Warfighter requirements: Key considerations in supporting ESRI operational decisions  Ensuring a common operating picture Since joining Esri, John Day has been advising the US defence and intelligence community on how emerging commercial GIS technologies and solutions translate to Colonel Steven Beckman, Assistant Director of Intelligence defence systems. He has led Esris efforts to promote and implement CJMTK, which Directorate of Intelligence, Joint Chiefs of Staff, J-2 provides a geospatial technology foundation for US DOD C2I programmes. John is a US DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE former British Army officer with 30 years of experience in military engineering and As Assistant Director, J-2, COL Beckman is involved in tracking and supporting US geospatial technology. efforts worldwide. Recently, he also was the CJ2 (chief of intelligence) for ISAF’s Regional Command South in Kandahar, Afghanistan. 1030h GEOINT as a Strategic Enabler and Force Multiplier in a Multi-Int Environment 1550h Networking Coffee Break Precise, relevant and time-sensitive GEOINT is a force multiplier for the military, and saves lives in operations. 1610h GEOINT in Counter-Terrorism Operations  Geospatially displaying multi-int data and significant events to  Identifying critical partners and setting up a common gain a comprehensive understanding of relationships and trends understanding for shared intelligence  Advanced tools to improve the analytic community’s agility,  Enabling national and military decision-makers in seeing the effectiveness and responsiveness – especially in the multi-INT strategic counter-terrorism (CT) intelligence picture by environment combining GEOINT and multi-source intelligence Peter Sinfield, Assistant Secretary, Defence GEOINT  Refining the collection, processing, exploitation and Defence Imagery and Geospatial Organisation dissemination process based on feedback from intelligence DEPARTMENT OF DEFENCE, AUSTRALIA users Peter Sinfield has been involved in Defence intelligence and security matters for over Senior Representative thirty years. Previously, Mr Sinfield was the Assistant Secretary - Vetting and head of PAKISTAN ARMED FORCES the Australian Government Security Vetting Agency in the Defence Security Authority. 1650h Enhancing ISR-Strike Capabilities with GEOINT 1110h Networking Coffee Break  Exploiting GEOINT and other intelligence sources to create mission-focused products at joint, service and theatre-levels 1140h Force Transformation and the Role of GEOINT  Effective application of GEOINT and multi-int to shorten the kill  Intelligence support for future military operations in a changing chain strategic and tactical environment: An overview Colonel (Dr) Thiran de Silva  Analysing the future warfighter’s requirements and aligning Head of IT/GIS GEOINT and multi-int capability development SRI LANKA ARMED FORCES  Working collaboratively across the organisation and across agencies COL (Dr) de Silva is regarded as a great thinker, innovator, and practitioner who lived up to his potential in crises especially during the final phase of the humanitarian Brigadier-General Dato’ Zaharin bin Din operations conducted to liberate the northern part of Sri Lanka free from terrorism. Director, Defence Geospatial Division DEPARTMENT OF SURVEY AND MAPPING AGENCY (JUPEM), 1730h Remarks from the Chairman MALAYSIA (subject to internal approval) 1740h GDI APAC 2012 Cocktail Reception
  6. 6. Main Conference Day Two MAJ-GEN Padhi is an expert Military Cartographer, Geospatial Scientist, GIS practitioner. In addition to his current appointments, other positions he held includeThursday  13 September 2012 Commandant ,Defence Institute of Geoinformation and Training, India; Director GIS in Military Operation Directorate, Army Headquarters. 1220h Networking Luncheon0800h Registration & Welcome Coffee 1350h Reaping the Benefits of LiDAR Mapping Technology for0900h Opening Remarks from the Chairman WarfightersSEAMLESS INTEGRATION OF GEOINT WITH MULTI-INT Light detection and ranging (LiDAR) technology has been touted as a potential game-changer for operations in forbidding terrains. Will0910h Enhancing the Delimitation, Demarcation and Maintenance LiDAR really yield data flows that are orders-of-magnitude quicker, of International Boundaries to Drive Stabilisation of more accurate and clearer than other mapping tools? Is the coverage really down to inch-level fidelity? Relations – GEOINT’s Role International boundaries are a very important tool, maybe the most  Exploring LiDAR in support of improved battlefield visualisation, line-of-sight analysis and urban warfare planning essential one for the stabilisation of the relations between nations. In this session, practical studies will be used to demonstrate how  Delivering time-sensitive 3D imagery to the warfighter: Key geospatial information can be used to effectively support boundary- considerations making. Dr Sang-Hee Kim  Examining precise boundary definitions – theoretical research, Principal Researcher, Geo-image and Visualisation order of precedence and precedence in implementation AGENCY FOR DEFENSE DEVELOPMENT, REPUBLIC OF KOREA  Understanding what has been internationally accepted: (subject to internal approval) Decisions of the ICJ, international tribunals, and other Dr Sang-Hee Kim’s expertise include real-time terrain rendering, 3-D object extraction international practices from multi-sensor imagery (EO,IR,SAR,LiDAR,etc.), multi-sensor data fusion, satellite  Leveraging geospatial information effectively to support image modeling and processing, and the general areas related to computer graphics, boundary making computer vision, and remote sensing.  Practical case studies: Boundary making process between Israel and Jordan which serves as a case study for the research DELIVERING NEW VALUE: INNOVATIVE APPROACHES AND EFFECTIVE Colonel Dr Haim Srebro USES OF GEOINT AND MULTI-INT Director General 1500h Building a Unified and Integrated Geographic Information SURVEY OF ISRAEL Database That Is Accessible OnlineCOL Dr Haim Srebro has been the Director General of the Survey of Israel since 2003.  Integrating the geographical information database with otherBetween 1971 and 2003, he was an officer of the Israel Defense Forces, and since governmental information to support future requirements1986 Colonel, commander of IDF Mapping Unit. Between 1979 and1982 was  Sharpening the geospatial database with surveys, satellite andresponsible for the field demarcation of boundary line between Israel and Egypt. aerial images  Ensuring proper analysis capability to translate raw data to0950h Designing a Joint Approach in Today’s Multi-Int actionable intelligence Environment Dr Khalid A Rahman Al-Haidan, Director, GIS Directorate  Fostering a shared understanding threat priorities to unify plans CENTRAL INFORMATICS ORGANIZATION, KINGDOM OF BAHRAIN and actions  Understanding highly demanding geospatial requirements Dr Al-Haidan was awarded the Executive Leadership Award by the Foundation –  Seamlessly tapping on the capabilities of partners to shorten the ESRI. He was selected from among top four global leaders in GIS. sense-to-strike cycle 1540h Concluding Remarks from the Chairman  Fusing real-time multi-int to create an accurate common operating picture 1550h Close of Main Conference Kazuhito Sumitomo, Director, Intelligence Policy Office, Defense 1615h Commencement of Workshop A (Separately bookable) Intelligence Division, Bureau of Defense Policy MINISTRY OF DEFENSE, JAPANKazuhito Sumitomo assumed his current position in 2012. Prior to that, he was SIGN UP FOR THE FOCUS DAY & WORKSHOPS TO MAXIMISEDirector, General Affairs Division for Organised Crime in the National Police Agency. YOUR BENEFITS (See page 3 & 4 for more details)1030h Networking Coffee Break TECHNOLOGY & INNOVATION FOCUS DAY Workshop ACAPABILITY DEVELOPMENT: NEW TECHNOLOGIES AND NEW APPLICATIONS Transforming High-Volume, High Velocity and High-Variety Data into Actionable Intelligence1100h Developing and Exploiting Maritime Spatial Data for Workshop Facilitator: Peter Sinfield Maritime Operations Assistant Secretary Defence Geospatial-Intelligence, Defence Imagery and Geospatial Organisation Mike Quin DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE, AUSTRALIA Defense Business Development Manager, Asia-Pacific Workshop B ESRI Developing a Strategic Roadmap for ISR and GEOINT Capability Development to Enable a Full-Spectrum, Adaptive ForceMike Quin is responsible for aligning the various groups within Esri to support andassist distributors, business partners and system integrators in the region. With Workshop Facilitator: Colonel Steven Beckman Assistant Director of Intelligence, Directorate of Intelligence, Joint Chiefs of Staff, J-2extensive experience in Esri (since 1999) and with the US Navy (1985), he provides US DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSEvaluable insight to geospatial systems and its application in the military – including in Workshop Celectronic warfare, METOC, health and humanitarian aid/disaster response. Realising the Full Potential of ISR and GEOINT for Operations: A Pragmatic Guide to Collection, Processing, Exploitation and Dissemination (PED)1140h Pushing the Boundaries of GEOINT Capability Development with New and Relevant Technologies Workshop Facilitator: Peter Sinfield Assistant Secretary Defence Geospatial-Intelligence,  Cost-effectively employing geospatial technologies Defence Imagery and Geospatial Organisation  Expanding the impact of geospatial technology in geo DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE, AUSTRALIA intelligence Subject Matter Expert: Bert Tiems  Pushing the boundaries of GEOINT capability development with C2ISR, Geospatial and Situational Awareness Expert Practitioner new and relevant technologies Workshop D  Driving integration across multisource intelligence and tackling Developing a National Online Geospatial Database to Support Decision-Making interoperability issues Processes – Critical Standards and Interoperability Considerations Major-General R C Padhi Workshop Facilitator: Dr Khalid A Rahman Al-Haidan Additional Surveyor General (Technology) Director, GIS Directorate Central Informatics Organization, Kingdom of Bahrain SURVEY OF INDIA
  7. 7. Showcase your solutions to over 120 Asia-Pacific decision-makers by exhibiting at GDI APAC 2012With Asia-Pacific (APAC) poised as the next hottest geospatial intelligencemarket, GDI APAC 2012 is a platform that GIS, GEOINT and other ISR solutions WHY DECISION-MAKERS AREproviders must be a part of. Gathering APAC’s most active evaluators of solutions ATTENDING GDI APAC 2012and technologies in defence, national security, public safety and othergovernment agencies, it is the perfect place for you to: More! Brand new speakers and country briefs!  Address APAC decision-makers and senior influencers  Generate qualified sales leads  Launch new products and services  Enter into strategic partnerships with main players and distributors  Educate the market  Establish thought-leadership … Essentially, grab a slice of this fast growing market. More! Innovative uses of GEOINTWHO YOU WILL MEET and multi-int to enable military, government, national security andGDI APAC brings together heads of geospatial intelligence, Remote Sensing, first responder objectives!Survey, Mapping and Satellite Imagery within the Military, Governmental andNational Security sectors.Militaries and Ministries of Defence Director, Geospatial Intelligence  Head, Architecture C4ISR Head, Military Geography  Head, Systems and Methods Director, Geographic Department  Chief, Command Centre Head, Geo-information  Head, IT Head, Geospatial Development  Geospatial Information Officer Head, GIS  Geospatial Analyst Head, Geomatics  GIS Capability Officer/Specialist Head, Imagery  Image Analyst Chief of Staff, Intelligence  Staff Officer, C4ISR More! New technologies and their Director, Intelligence  Staff Officer, Imagery applications to a wide range of Chief, C4ISR  Geo Specialist scenarios to push the boundaries of Head, C4I  Command & Control – Geo ISR capability! Assistant Chief of Staff, Specialist G2/N2/A2/J2  Human Terrain Analyst/Specialist Project Director, C4I  Architecture Specialist/OfficerGovernment Agencies (e.g. National Security, First Responders), Land andHydrography Mapping Agencies, Meteorological Offices Chief Surveyor  Chief Information Officer Director/Head/Manager GIS  Chief Technology Officer Head, Remote Sensing  Head, IT Head, Imaging & Mapping  GIS Analyst Head, GIS  Cartographer Chief, Photogrammetry  Consultant Head of Cartography  Advisor More! Practical advice and tips to the resolution of current GEOINTDefence Industry challenges! Business Development Director  General Manager VP, Geospatial Solutions  Marketing Director VP, Strategic Development  Sales Director Project Director  Account Manager “ Good opportunity to network with regional GEOINT organisations. ” Andy Stephenson, Senior Director Asia GeoEye
  8. 8. JOIN THE ASIA-PACIFIC GEOINT COMMUNITY AT GDI APAC 2012Partners of the 5th Annual GDI APAC 2012SPONSORS & EXHIBITORSLead Partner Esri is the world leader in the geographic information system (GIS) software industry. Esri technology enables individuals and organizations to collaborate; supports the development of analyses, models, cartography, and products; and provides mechanisms to share results throughout a community of interest. Esris innovative server, desktop, and mobile technology fuses geospatial data in a common operating picture to create, visualize, and analyze complex datasets in a standards-based, interoperable environment. The company provides key technology to the U.S. Department of Defense Commercial Joint Mapping Toolkit (CJMTK) program and for the NATO Core Geographic Services contract. As such, Esri software forms a critical IT capability for organizations worldwide that use geospatial technology to support mission-critical and time-sensitive decisions. CONTACT US NOW !GDI APAC is a proven marketing and business development platform. Email or call+(65) 6722 9388 to find out how you can tap into the rapidly growing APAC market. For more event information,visit www.geospatialdefenceasia.comMEDIA PARTNERS If you haven’t sign up for GDI APAC 2012, here’s why you absolutely should! “ Good oversight of the APAC region. ” Nick Sutherland, Head of Professional Services “ The organisers put up an excellent event and meeting for professionals on the GEOINT environment. ” Ofelia Castro, Chief Photogrammetry Division Helyx Secure Information Systems Limited National Mapping and Resource Information “ Authority (NAMRIA) Philippines Very informative and valuable for me. I have learnt lots of new things and met many important SIGN UP NOW or PROFILE people to get more knowledge about GEOINT and the use YOUR SOLUTIONS AT GDI APAC ” of GIS. Email, call Liu Jeng Lun, Director +(65) 6722 9388 or visit National Land Surveying and Mapping Center, Taiwan
  9. 9. ASIA-PACIFIC’S PREMIER GEOINT FORUM Technology Focus Day | 11 September 2012 Main Conference | 12 – 13 September 2012 Post-Conference Workshops | 14 September 2012 Venue | Bangkok, Thailand REGISTRATION FORM Book & Pay by Book & Pay byMILITARY & GOVERNMENT ONLY 27 May 2012 1 Jul 2012 Standard Pricing 5 WAYS TO REGISTERConference Only $1,299 (save $600) $1,599 (save $300) $1,899Conference + Focus Day $1,798(save $800) $2,098 (save $500) $2,398 (save $200) Online www.geospatialdefenceasia.comConference + Focus Day + 1 Workshop $2,297(save $1,000) $2,597 (save $700) $2,897 (save $400) Email + Focus Day + 2 Workshops $2,796 (save $1,200) $3,096 (save $900) $3,396 (save $600)Conference + Focus Day + 3 Workshops $3,295 (save $1,400) $3,595 (save $1,100) $3,895 (save $800) Phone +65 6722 9388Conference + Focus Day + 4 Workshops $3,794 (save $1,600) $4,094 (save $1,300) $4,394 (save $1,000) Fax +65 6720 3804Focus Day Only $699 Post IQPC Worldwide Pte LtdWorkshop Only $699 61 Robinson Road, #14-01 Robinson Centre Book & Pay by Book & Pay byINDUSTRY 27 May 2012 1 Jul 2012 Standard Pricing Singapore 068893Conference Only $2,399 (save $600) $2,699 (save $300) $2,999Conference + Focus Day $3,298 (save $1,000) $3,598 (save $700) $3,898 (save $400) CONFERENCE DOCUMENTATIONConference + Focus Day + 1 Workshop $4,197 (save $1,300) $4,497 (save $1,050) $4,797 (save $800)Conference + Focus Day + 2 Workshops $5,096 (save $1,800) $5,396 (save $1500) $5,696 (save $1,200)Conference + Focus Day + 3 Workshops $5,995 (save $2,200) $6,295 (save $1,900) $6,595 (save $1,600)  Attendee: Conference Documentation and Audio CD with a USD100Conference + Focus Day + 4 Workshops $6,894 (save $2,600) $7,194 (save $2,300) $7,494 (save $2,000) discount: USD499Focus Day Only $1,299  Non-attendee: Conference Documentation and Audio CD at USD599Workshop Only $1,299  Non-attendee: Conference Documentation only at USD399 Orders without immediate payment or credit card details will incur a processing fee of USD99 per order.REPLY FORM: Please fax to +65 6720 3804 14324.005 WEB (N.B. 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