Understanding consumers' cross media consumption - asi 2012 TV symposium


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Glenn Enoch of ESPN gives an account of the progress made to date in a project designed to provide for the first time continuous audience measurement across five platforms

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Understanding consumers' cross media consumption - asi 2012 TV symposium

  1. 1. anasiconference The 2012 European Television Symposium Understanding consumers’ cross media consumption Sponsored by:8th – 9th November, 2012@asi_radiotv
  2. 2. Cross-Platform Measurement in 2012 …and beyond Glenn Enoch, VP Integrated Media Research, ESPN European TV Symposium November 8, 20121
  3. 3. Sports Fans Are Technology Adopters2
  4. 4. 3
  5. 5. 28% 44% 64% Multiplatform Multiplatform Of Total Users Users Minutes 2002 2010 20104 Source: ESPN All Day, Every Day (GfK/Knowledge Networks) Fall 2002, Fall 2010
  6. 6. Twelve Years of Research — Over Twenty Research Suppliers5
  7. 7. If we’re looking for common metrics… • How Many • How Often • How Long – Reach – Frequency – Average Mins – Cume – Occasions – Total Mins – Uniques – Visits – Circulation Average Minute Audience6
  8. 8. If all we want to do is look at time… Daily Usage in Population 3% TV 1% 0% Radio 4% Internet 11% Mobile Magazine 21% 60% Console VG Online Gaming7 Source: ESPN analysis of Nielsen, comScore, Arbitron, MRI (Q4 2012)
  9. 9. Reach is easy — but duplication is hard TV Mobile Internet Audio Print8
  10. 10. Things we need but don’t haveNumber of persons consuming collegefootball content across all devices Follow sports fans and their media use throughout the day/weekSimultaneous use of TV andtablet (or smartphone) Reach Freq Reach/frequency curves for cross-media planning – based on actual exposure data Gross Exposures9
  11. 11. Combinations of media Granularity of dataLimited Sample Size (non-Projectable) Project Length10
  12. 12. Nationally-Projectable Five-Platform Continuously-Operating Persons-based Content-Inclusive Integrated Media Solution11
  13. 13. Ad Measurement is Not Enough— Content Measurement is Critical “Ad impressions measure what has potentially been seen or heard, but we also need content measures to understand media behavior and to identify new and best opportunities for exposure in the future.” — Artie Bulgrin, SVP ESPN Research+Analytics12
  14. 14. Single-Source Data Integration We Need Too Expensive Better Granularity/Scale Both Methods Hard to Scale Needs Real-World Proof13
  15. 15. 14
  16. 16. • 500-person, single source panel • Drawn from reactivated PPM® panelists • Measured three-screen usage (TV, PC, Mobile) • PPM® measured TV by code detectionSingle-Source • PC meter/on-device meter measured Windows, Android, Blackberry • Measurement period November 2011-January 2012• Recruited a 10,000-person multiscreen panel• Households with TV service from a major telecommunications company• Measured three-screen usage (TV, PC, Mobile)• TV measured via set-top box (return-path) data• PC and Mobile measured using comScore technology - Data Integration both tablet and smartphones included• Measurement period September-October 2011 15
  17. 17. 16
  18. 18. 17
  19. 19. • First-ever five-platform measurement initiative – TV, Radio, PC, Smartphone, Tablet• Both single-source and data integration methods• Integrates the complementary resources of Arbitron and comScore – Census and panel-based PC, mobile and TV set-top box measurement capabilities of comScore – Persons-based, single-source radio and TV measurement capabilities of the Arbitron Portable People Meter™18
  20. 20. TV Viewing TV Demos Portable TV STB Data + Arbitron PPM People Meter™ Radio Radio Arbitron PPM PC PC PC comScore Tagged Data + comScore Panel Data Unified Data Measurement™ Mobile Mobile Mobile comScore Tagged Data + comScore Panel Data19 comScore technology/input Arbitron technology/input
  21. 21. TV-PC comScore panelists within STB subscribers TV PC TV-Radio PC-Mobile Arbitron PPM® Panel comScore Census Data Radio Mobile TV-PC-Mobile comScore panelists within STB subscribers20
  22. 22. TV PC PPM® Code Detection Download comScore cookie (Measuring TV-Radio) (Measuring PC-Mobile) Radio Mobile 2000 Arbitron PPM® Panelists21
  23. 23. Platform Usage Platform Duplication TV STB Duplication PPM MeasuresRadio PPM Client Interface PC comScore CalibrationMobile comScore Panel 22
  24. 24. • Build duplication measures • Analyze Phase One results• Create calibration panel • Confirm methodology• Develop deliverable • Share general findings and• ESPN collaborate on design methodology• Data = ESPN, Total Usage • Seek input from measured• Lay foundation for Phase 2 media sectors 23
  25. 25. • Syndicated cross-platform measurement solution • Calibration panel = 5000 • Common metrics • Reach and duplication of each media platform24
  26. 26. “Now this is not the end. It is noteven the beginning of the end. But itis, perhaps, the end of the beginning.” — Sir Winston Churchill (1942)25
  27. 27. Follow us on Twitter! @ESPNResearch26