Informatica Cloud TechTuesdays Session 8 - Cloud Security: Data Masking as a Cloud Service


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For large deployments of SaaS applications, it is essential to have a subset of your production data in your sandbox or test environment in order to mimic what would happen in production. However, some of this data contains PII (Personally Identifiable Information) or other confidential information. Learn how you can use randomization algorithms to mask such data

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  • Many developers Use full sandbox copies which is Expensive and in many cases OverkillFor those that Use development-only sandboxesGuess what? they’re “empty”If you need to Plead with a business user to enter some basic values – this is a painManually create sample data that doesn’t look anything like production – this introduces riskTake a chance on sending minimally tested changes to production – could result in mission critical bugs in production
  • With Informatica Cloud Test Data Management, create masked test data subsets of salesforce data for test and development. With Informatica Cloud, leveraging the exact same framework, you can:connect to a production environment, select and filter data subsets that you want to copy to sandboxes, mask sensitive fields during the copy process, and have a testing environment that is available to developers quickly, with the right test data sets without exposing sensitive information.
  • Informatica Cloud TechTuesdays Session 8 - Cloud Security: Data Masking as a Cloud Service

    1. 1. #TechTuesdays @infacloud Cloud Security: Data Masking as a Cloud Service Jay Hill, ILM Product Management Pratik Parekh, Cloud Product Management Ashwin Viswanath, Cloud Product Marketing
    2. 2. Agenda • Explaining Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) • Challenges with creating test data sets • Informatica Cloud Demo • Creating Data Masking rules for Salesforce • Creating Data Masking rules for Oracle databases • Summary • Q & A • Next #TechTuesdays Session 2
    3. 3. Explaining Information Lifecycle Management 3 Development Testing Staging Production Archiving Our focus today
    4. 4. How Do Developers Create Salesforce Test Data Sets Today? Users Developers 1. Use developer or configuration-only sandboxes 2. Use full sandbox copies Either approach adds Time, Cost and Risk Sandbox Sandbox Sandbox Production
    5. 5. Solution: Create a Data Subset and Mask It Data Masking and Data Subsets Users Developers Reduce Cost and Risk  Create test data subsets from main production data  Not full sandbox copy  Mask sensitive data Test Data Management Production Sandbox Sandbox Sandbox
    6. 6. #TechTuesdays @infacloud Cloud Data Masking Demonstration Jay Hill, Cloud Product Management
    7. 7. #TechTuesday Tips for Success 1. Select all of the objects (including parent-child as well as related objects) that you want to mask data for 2. Identify appropriate masking rule for various data attributes 3. Have a separate Informatica Cloud account that maps to your Salesforce sandbox for test data for increased security 7
    8. 8. Q & A #TechTuesdays @infacloud
    9. 9. Next Steps • Read Chapter 11 of Informatica Cloud August 2013 User Guide on Data Masking: • Go to test-data-management/data-masking to try out Cloud Data Masking • Next #TechTuesdays Session 9 on October 1st: Custom Cloud Integration: Building Reusable Templates #TechTuesdays @infacloud