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Summer project @coke georgia by ashwin

Summer project @coke georgia by ashwin



Georgia From Coca Cola

Georgia From Coca Cola



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    Summer project @coke georgia by ashwin Summer project @coke georgia by ashwin Presentation Transcript

    • Summer Internship Project at Presented By V.Ashwin Arjunan MMS III Marketing-55
    • ContentsA. Company and Product DetailsB. Purpose and ObjectivesC. FindingsD. Challenges came acrossE. Project Details including Target and conversionsF. Secondary data detailsG. Critical Factors that determine Georgia’s Market PotentialH. New Strategies
    • About the Company and the Product• The Coca-Cola Company is the world’s largest manufacturer, distributor, and marketer of non- alcoholic beverage concentrates and syrups.• The Coca-Cola Company operates in over 200 countries and sells more than 400 different brands that produce over 3000 different products.• Leading the Beverage Revolution in India - now “Garam matlab Coca Cola.” A hot new launch from Coca Cola. Georgia Gold made its India debut in 2002 via McDonalds outlets. After an enthusiastic start from Tea & Coffee lovers of country, it is now available to discerning few. Georgia Gold is its premium brand• Espresso Black Coffee• Cappuccino• Cafe Latte• Moccaccino• Cardamom Tea• Hot Chocolate• Creamy Cold Coffee• Cold Lemon Tea• Peach Ice Tea
    • Purpose(Why the hospital channels)• To establish new channels for more revenue generation for the company.Objectives• To understand the factors that affects the sale of hot beverage section in the hospital category.• To analyze the factors influencing perception and buying decision(for vending machines &teas and coffees) of consumers (HOSPITALS)• To open new distribution channels for the vending machines in the hospitals and convert the existing ones into Georgia.• To understand the challenges faced while entering into a new segment for conversion and apparently revenue generation.
    • FINDINGS• Targeting the Hospitals resulted in the discovery of many associated factors which the company didn’t bother while targeting the fast food chain restaurants.• The hospitals look for separate products for their patients as some of them are diabetic. So arrangement for sugar free diary whiteners was one of the new dimensions for the company.• Hospital channels looking for quality again ask for the waiver in the rent for the Vending Machines provided by the company.• Hospitals generally prefer for fresh bean coffees which was offered by the bean to cup machines gave a strong idea to pitch for the bean 2 cup machines.
    • Challenges came across were• Cost of the our certain products like the gold beans were too high from the competitors GEORGIA GODREJ 1. Roasted Gold Beans 1. Roasted Beans Rs.540 Rs.450 2. Diary Whitener 2. Diary Whitener Rs.340 Rs.275
    • Contd…• Company procures the cups sizes 90 ml and 150 ml from outside dealers which was disadvantage on the part of the buyer which is costly.• Only 1 distributor of Georgia in Mumbai.• Hospital Cafeterias with existing contracts with the rival companies.
    • Target Given, Achieved and the Conversion percent• 50-Sample Size• 07-Converted Hospitals• 50 –No. of Days required completing the task• 30- Target(Given by the company)• 0.7:5- Conversion Ratio• 14%-Conversion Percent
    • SourcesCOMPANY AND PRODUCT PROFILE• http://www.coca-colaindia.com/2010-05-02/news/52895625_1_coca-cola-/2006- STATISTICS & DATA ABOUT HOSPITALS• http://articles.economictimes.indiatimes.com/2006-12- 05/news/27444541_1_• http://northbridgeasia.com/ResearchReports/MUMBAI%20HOSP
    • Points used in Conversion wereAbility to compete• Minimum Gramage for any Georgia Product compared to the competing products.• Best Quality.• Same Taste at all associated outlets.• Annual Maintenance Services free of charge once in a month.• Toll Free Numbers to call in for assistance in case of breakdown.• Any repair to be sorted out within a time limit of 4 Hours
    • Critical Factors that determine Georgia’s Market Potential• Duration of the opportunity –People from any corner of the world won’t stop having teas and coffees and hence the only enduring window of opportunity is to introduce new varieties unlike the existing market and target for loyal customers for Georgia as a brand in the Indian market.• Growth potential-. Though in markets like Japan, ready-to-drink tea/coffee segment accounts for more revenues for Coke than colas, in India it will take some time to evolve and attain that size. For next five years, 60 per cent revenues will come from carbonated soft drink, and the rest 30-40 per cent revenues from Kinley, Georgia tea/ coffee and Sunfill. With tea/coffee, Coca-Cola took the first step to become a complete consumer beverage company from only a cola player.• Risks and rewards- The rewards compensate the risks as well. The company owns the machines which are provided to the outlets rent basis which is to be paid to the Distributors by the customers. So the sales team is advised by the company to procure the 3 months advance payment in form of a cheque of the rent in advance to avoid any future risks in case the client pulls out.
    • New Strategies used to grow in the hospital channels• There had been an innovative approach in the system we used one way of referral system with our existing clients for the various other Distributors in the city.• The main aim of this B2B meetings were to firstly giving them leads for some of their existing products and they provide the leads for the entry of our Vending Machines in some of the major Business Parks like SEEPZ and renowned Hospitals like Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital(which is covered by their existing reliance product of Java Green).• For the Hospitals who were into contract with company’s competitors like NESTLE Nescafe and Café Coffee Day were approached with a different pattern of providing discounts and creating emphasis on the quality provided by the company, the difference provided in the gramage for per 90ml or 150 ml of Tea and Coffee.