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Ashva Corporate Presentation
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Ashva Corporate Presentation


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  • 1. Creating avenues for a successful partnership
  • 2.
    • Incorporated in January, 2004.
    • Operations in India, USA and Asia Pacific.
    • Digital Healthcare solutions
      • Value added imaging solutions for the Radiology segment
      • Business Process Management and Workflow solutions
    • Recognized by Frost & Sullivan as one of the top 5 PACS companies in India.
    • Installed base of over 750 customers across Asia Pacific.
    • Working with key business partners in India, Asia pacific, Middle East, and Americas.
  • 3.
    • Ashva’s Expertise
      • DICOM 3.0
      • HL7
      • Microsoft Windows/ Linux platforms
      • Use of programming languages include C++, Java, Microsoft .NET for various applications
      • Database – MSSQL, Oracle
    • Total team size - 35 employees
      • 10 employees in development & testing.
      • 5 employees in R&D and new product scouting
      • 5 employees in business development
      • 5 employees in PMC (Product Maintenance Cell)
    • Key Personnel
      • Varghese Mathew – Chief Operating Officer
      • Sriram Ananth – Chief Technology Officer
    Team Ashva
  • 4. Product Verticals Radiology Solutions PACS Accessories Image Management Solutions PACS In a Box DICOM Workstation DICOM CD/DVD distribution Modality Worklist Generator DICOM Converter IMS for Ultrasound IMS for Endoscope Enterprise PACS DICOM CD/DVD Burner
  • 5. Radiology Solutions
  • 6. The EDGE PACS - Introduction
      • Web based PACS system – Access images from anywhere
      • Built on the popular Windows based platform
      • Conformant to DICOM 3.0 standards
      • MSSQL database
      • First Indian PACS company to receive FDA 510 (k) clearance
    Enterprise PACS
  • 7. The EDGE PACS – Key Differentiators
    • Go digital with minimal investment – Accustom to existing hardware with standard system requirements
    • Consultative approach towards PACS implementation
    • Workflow mapping – Easy transition for customers
    • Scaleable solution – Configurable to customers current needs and adapts to future requirements
    • Hardware independent – Customer can choose his own hardware manufacturer
    • Integration with existing HIS/RIS through HL7 broker
    • Open architecture – Connect to DICOM based components from other vendors
    Enterprise PACS
  • 8. The EDGE PACS – Components
    • DICOM server
      • DICOM classes supported include STORE, QUERY/RETRIEVE.
      • Database Management – Set multiple data sources for storage of DICOM images
      • Volume Management – Store images to local hard drive, DAS, SAN, NAS.
      • User management to set different access rights between users.
      • Archive studies to external media including CD/DVD.
      • Built-in compression functionality – JPEG 2000 lossless or lossy
      • Rule based DICOM router
    • Web Server
      • Access to DICOM images through the internet 
    Enterprise PACS
  • 9. Enterprise PACS The EDGE PACS – Components
    • Radiology Viewer
      • Study Manager – Quick access to studies using pre-defined filters
      • Standard post processing image manipulation, measurement and annotation tools.
      • Optional 3D functionality
      • Customizable DICOM print composer
      • CD/DVD writing facility with option to integrate with RImage or Primera
      • Customizable template based reporting solution
    • Physician viewer – Web based viewer
      • Access rights different from Radiology viewer
      • View images from any PC using I.E
  • 10. Workflow – Columbia Asia, Puchong Enterprise PACS Average usage – 3 CT’s/day, 2 MRI’s/day, 20 Ultrasound/day and 40 X-rays/day. 700 images generated per day with storage 1 GB evryday. Viewing, post Processing & Reporting; EDGE PACS VIEWER - 5 Columbia Asia, Malaysia 5 Modalities, 5 Viewers, 20 Web Viewers EDGE PACS Server Web Viewers 20 CD Burning Writing DICOM / Windows Print Ultrasound MRI CT CR Ultrasound
  • 11. PACS Install (Indicative) Vikram Hospital, Bangalore KIDWAI, Bangalore CMH, Bangalore IRIS, Ernakulam Columbia Asia, Taiping Columbia Asia, Puchong
  • 12. PACS-in-a-box
    • Pre-configured PACS solution
    • Complete workflow mapping – From patient registration, image acquisition, report generation to image distribution.
    • Simple installation process
    • Teleradiology Ready - Built-in Web Server
    • Scalability – Expandable from 1 TB storage space to 4 TB
    • Scalability – 3 modality, 3 viewer to 5 modality to 5 viewer
    • Pre-configured PACS solution – easy to implement
    • Online support
    • Multi-threaded server – maintains peak performance at all times
  • 13. PACS-in-a-box
    • Connectivity upto 3 modalities – expandable upto 5 modalities at extra cost
    • 5 concurrent DICOM viewers for physicians
    • Built in web server
    • Built in compression - storage space is no longer a constraint
    • Create multiple storage volume for data management based on modality
    • Supports Image compression formats (including JPEG 2000 lossless, JPEG 2000 lossy, etc.)
    Product highlights
    • Optional rule-based DICOM router
    • Archive/ Backup data to external media including CD/DVD
    • MSSQL database – handles high volume of images
    • Supports DICOM Modality Worklist
    • User administration to set different access rights fro radiologists and physicians
  • 14. PACS-in-a-box Diagnostic/Reporting station EDGE PACS VIEWER - 5 EDGE PACS Server Web Based Viewers CD Burning Writing MRI CT CR
  • 15. DICOM Workstation
    • Diagnostic Workstation
    • Reporting station – Template based reporting module
    • Distribution solution – CD/DVD writing facility and customizable DICOM print composer
    • Teleradiology solution – Built-in compression functionality and rule based DICOM router
    • Save cost by buying a single solution for multiple uses – RADiON, the Versatile DICOM solution.
    • RADiON is perfectly suited for any imaging facility – No matter what size.
    Versatile DICOM Solution RADiON
  • 16. RADiON
    • Different Radiologists with different preferences for analysis and diagnosis. RADiON’s Highly customizable UI caters to every need.
    • Customizable image layout for DICOM print.
    • Customize toolbar , image overlay, image layout based for each user.
    Highly Customizable UI DICOM Workstation
  • 17. Titus
    • Enterprise DICOM disc creator for digital film distribution or archival purposes
    • Auto mode configured to an automatic CD/DVD writing and labeling system like Rimage or Primera
    • Stepping stone for a complete film less environment
    • Huge cost savings by not printing film.
    • Instant image distribution to patients and referring physicians.
    • Improve the image of the imaging facility by printing a customized CD/DVD label with logo and patient information.
    DICOM CD/DVD Distribution
  • 19. Titus – Key Features
    • Pre-defined filters to query retrieve from DICOM sources
    • Cue jobs based on priority – Change priority manually
    • Multiple disc creation options based on AE title
      • Write CD/DVD directly
      • Save to local archive and write to CD/DVD
      • Write CD/DVD with anonymized patient details
    Job Creation Media Burning
    • Embedded DICOM viewer
    • Auto spanning of discs based on size of job
    • Configure disc label based on DICOM information*
    • Track recipient of CD/DVD
    • Anonymize selective patient details
    DICOM CD/DVD Distribution
  • 20. Image Management Solutions
  • 21. iMagic
    • Windows based workstation solution for ultrasound image management and report generation
    • Supports capturing of images from non-DICOM machines and digital image transfer for DICOM 3.0 enabled machines
    • Easy to use single screen application
    • Optional RS232 connectivity for direct measurement transfer
    • Only FDA 510(k) cleared image management application in India.
    Ultrasound Image Management
  • 23. iMagic
    • Versatile workstation for Ultrasound
      • Superior image manipulation
      • Easy template based reporting
      • Quick retrieval of patient information
    • Simple UI
      • Drag and drop images onto reports
      • Pre-stored report templates/layouts
      • Canned annotations and export image directly to PPT
    • Better information management
      • Productivity charts based on study info
      • CD writing facility with embedded viewer
      • Tag anomalies as key images for future reference
    Ultrasound Image Management
  • 24. FOCUS
    • Windows based workstation solution image archiving and reporting and report distribution
    • Compatible with all Endoscope equipment – Laparoscope, Colposcope, etc.
    • Capturing of images through frame grabber card or direct transfer for DICOM enabled equipment
    • DICOM 3.0 conformant for transfer of images/cine loops to PACS
    Endoscope Image Management
  • 25. Integration Workflow Endoscope Image Management S-Video/ Composite Push To Pacs Image Capture & Post Processing CD Distribution Email Reports Distribution Options Print Reports
  • 26. FOCUS
    • Data management
      • Online archival of patient as against tapes
      • Apply MPEG4 compression while capturing
      • Distribute patient studies through CD
    • Advanced image/cine loop review
      • Play cine loops in continuous or frame by frame mode
      • Split cine loop into multiple loops
      • Insert new cine clip into existing one and delete unwanted portions
      • Extract single frame images from cine loop
    • Improved reporting efficiency
      • User defined customizable reporting templates
      • Customizable report header
      • Print images on Windows based printers
    Priced at INR 14,500 to OEM Endoscope Image Management
  • 27. PACS Accessories
  • 28. Visit for more info A multi-purpose DICOM converter that can convert non-DICOM modalities to DICOM; scan documents to PACS; Film to DICOM A modality worklist generator that streamlines flow of patient study information from patient registration to modality PACS Accessories An affordable manual DICOM burner used distribute DICOM CD/DVD with an embedded viewer. A hassle free application that allows query from any DICOM node.
  • 29.
    • 3 way support system
      • Email, telephone support during warranty period
      • Remote access for troubleshooting during warranty period
      • Secured web based support system for partners
    • Training on products to identified partners
    • Periodic product upgrades to incorporate improved features
    Support Structure
  • 30.
    • Work mainly with modality OEM’s – Ultrasound, CR, CT, MR, etc. to provide a complete solutions
    • Tie-up with Large distributors as channel partners
    • Allow partners to Re-brand products as their own
    • Tweak existing products to suit partner’s requirement
    Business Model
  • 31. Thank You