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Mentzer company limited juice

  2. 2. VISION Maintain and Sustain MENTZER’s position as one of the Indias most valuable corporation through world class performance, creating growing value for the Indian Economy and the company stakeholders
  3. 3. MISSION Make People Healthy and Energetic in the form of freshly blended juice & creamy with an uncompromising commitment to making a difference through our values.
  4. 4. ORGANIC OBJECTIVES Survival Growth and Expansion Creation of Good Public Image
  5. 5. ECONOMIC OBJECTIVES Earning of adequate return on profits Creation and satisfaction of customers Innovation, developing new techniques, products, etc.
  6. 6. HUMAN OBJECTIVES Treating employees as partners in the business. Developing new skills and abilities among employees. Job satisfaction of the employees. Fair treatment of customers
  7. 7. NATIONAL OBJECTIVES Self-sufficiency in production. Import substitution and promotion of export. Facilitating development of scale and small scale ancillary units. Development of backward classes and regions. Promotion of national integration.
  8. 8. SOCIAL OBJECTIVES Supply of quality products at reasonable prices. Generating employment opportunities. Improvement of local community life. Generating facilities for the spread of literacy , health, services, etc. Pursing fair trade practices
  9. 9. GOAL Sustained efforts to enhance customer value and quality Ethical and professional service Compliance and respect for all community, environmental and legal requirements.
  10. 10. OUR VALUES Achieving customer satisfaction is fundamental to our business Provide products and services of the highest quality Practice dignity and equity in relationship and provide opportunities for our people to realize their full potential Ensure profitable growth and enhance wealth of the shareholders Foster mutually beneficial relations with all our business partners Manage our operations with high concern for safety and environ. Be a responsible corporate citizen
  11. 11. CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY MENTZER is committed to make determined efforts to help India emerge as a developed nation. It has always acted as a catalyst in the developmental projects of the country. The amount spent for various Social, Developmental, Cultural & Sports programmes by MENTZER .
  12. 12. Quality Statement Quality leadership is vital to the long term success of the MENTZER group in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Building quality into our workplace products and service is essential to a successful future for our costumers ,employees, suppliers, communities and shareholders. The MENTZER group will work to provide products and services that always meet or exceed expectation.
  13. 13. OUR COMPETATIVE ADVANTAGES Aggressive Marketing- High competitive domestic market Manufacturing Efficiency- Labor, Infrastructure, Global Quality Standards R&D Capabilities- Skilled Scientist Pool, Process Chemistry Expertise
  14. 14. SWOT ANALYSIS STRENGTH WEAKNESS1.Quality 1.Low brand recognition2.Work efficiency 2.Seasonal availability of fruits3.Adequate availability of raw materials 3.Brand acknowledgement4.Natural Product. 4.Late entry into the market.5.Price, a competitive advantage 5.Dependence on HP fruits. SWOTOPPORTUNITIES1.Expanding juice market in India THREATS2.Favorable changes in consumertaste 1.Cut throat Competition3.High demands of Indian products 2.Rising cost of inputsin international market 3.Unstable government policies.4.Participation with a growing 4.Rising Global Warmingindustry.
  15. 15. Industrial Map of Uttrakhand
  16. 16. Layout of The Plant
  17. 17. ProcessCleaning Selection CrushingExtracting Pulping Extinguishing enzymeVacuum Evaporating Sterilization Packaging
  18. 18. Machine used for first step
  19. 19. Machine used for second step
  20. 20. M/C used for third step(crushing m/c)
  21. 21. M/C used for extinguishingenzyme
  22. 22. M/C used for pulping (Pulpingm/c)
  23. 23. M/C used for extracting (Beltextracting m/c)
  24. 24. M/C used for evaporating(Vacuum evaporating m/c)
  25. 25. M/C used for sterilization(Drive pipe)
  26. 26. M/C used for packaging(Aseptic canning m/c)
  27. 27. Market Segmentation Selection Psychographic (Life style- Health & fitness conscious)and Demographic (Age).Full coverage with approach to company’s product market mix.
  28. 28. Market Segmentation Strategies- Homogenous preferences- All the products related to juice. Undifferentiated marketing- We sells LEMON, ORANGE,MANGO,PINE APPLE without distinguish the target audience.
  29. 29. 4 P’S of Marketing Product Price Place Promotion
  30. 30. Product Layer of product- Expected product Product variety- Juiceup (general) Juiceup junior Juiceup school pack Juiceup family packIts variant are mango, pineapple, orange, lemon.
  31. 31. Contd. Product with specialty-Mango (for Health) Orange (for Youthfulness) Pine Apple (for Refreshes) Lemon (for Thirst Quencher)
  32. 32. Labeling ECO-LABLE-
  33. 33. Information on Label Shake well before use. Do not buy if the pack is puffed. Refrigerate after opening and consume with in 5 days. Keep away from direct sun light. Best before six months from manufacturing. No added color, flavor and preservative. Manufacturing date, Expiry date, M.R.P., Batch no.
  35. 35. Contd. Visit us and know more on Fruit & Fruit nutrition log on to our website- WWW.MENTZER.COM. Call our executive : 4200 009211 Mail to consumer care sell : 20/40 ESSEL PLAZA , CANNAUT PLACE-NEW DELHI- 110001 E-mail :
  36. 36. Contd. Juiceup is also available in: Orange flavor Mango flavor Lemon flavor
  37. 37. StandardizationWith F.P.O. mark ( Food Processing Order) Product of India
  38. 38. GradingGrading with A++ Grade rating by Indian Medical Association.
  39. 39. Branding Brand name – Juiceup Headline – Sweet in taste & low in calorie Punch line – Grab it & Have it
  40. 40. Trade mark
  41. 41. Pricing ( Penetration policy)Juiceup junior 200ml – Rs.10/Juiceup 500ml – Rs.25/Juiceup school pack (two bottle pack) –Rs.18/Juiceup 1ltr.-Rs.40/Juiceup family pack (two bottle of one ltr each, one bottle of 500ml & one bottle of 250ml)-Rs.100/
  42. 42. Packagingjuiceup are brought to you in a Tetra pack with a double seal spill proof cap which retains the freshness of the juice. The special technology used in the packaging keeps the juice fresher for a longer period of time with no added preservatives. On opening, the pack has to be refrigerated and consumed within 5 days .
  43. 43. Contd.Juiceup are brought to you in hygienic packaging with added nutrients. They are processed and packed in state-of-the-art plants, absolutely untouched by hands to maintain hygiene and quality. They have the goodness of juice from a freshly plucked fruit. Juiceup bring the true taste of fruits you & your whole family can enjoy all year long, without waiting for the right season for fresh fruits.
  44. 44. Promotion Advertising agency . By media- With the help of Electronic media and Print media ( Television, Radio, News paper, Health magazine, Restraunt, Shopping mall, Hotels etc.) Hard advertising Heavy sales promotion
  45. 45. Promotional strategy Organizing of events ( sports events, cultural eventsTalent hunt events, sports quiz, sponsoring of sports events )Test marketing & Sample distribution – Take advantage of Indian Premier League and other sports competition at National level / Zone level / State level /District level.
  46. 46. Contd.To advertising worth 50 crore has been planned two set of commercials will be launched one is animated & second is regularAmitabh bacchan & Darshil safari has been signed up as brand ambassadors of the company.20cr. deal has signed up with Amitabh & 5cr .deal has signed up with Darshil safari .
  47. 47. Place (Distribution)Manufacturer Retailer Final Consumer
  48. 48. Thanks For Listening
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