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  • Top four players in the Beer Industry- (ABInBev, SABMiller, Heineken & Carlsberg)Source:- Heineken Annual Report 2011- Investor Relations
  • *Heineken has beena major sponsor of the Champions League for last six years.
  • Live Game Questions: Users are given the chance to earn points throughout the match by correctly predicting the outcome of certain events, such as corner kicks, free kicks, and penalties. They have the choice of predicting a goal, a miss, a save, or a clear.GOAL button: One of the most difficult options for players is the GOAL button. Players can press this anytime in a match, as soon as they think a goal might be scored. If a goal is scored within 30 seconds, they win extra points.Bonus Questions: Throughout the match bonus questions test a player’s knowledge of the countries competing in the Champions League. The faster the answer, the more points scored.It’s Social: And of course, to make the game more enjoyable, scores can be shared over Face book. And Star Player also lets you form your a league of your own friends so that you can compete directly with them during every match.
  • One, they drink beer. Two, they surf the web and send messages on their mobile phone or laptop about the game, an activity called dual screening.
  • Digital marketing campaign_ashish.badyal

    1. 1. Heineken Dual Screen Campaign Ashish Badyal
    2. 2. Agenda Overview of Beer Industry & Heineken International Heineken Dual Screen Campaign 2011  Star Player Application  Digital Marketing Strategy- People, Objectives, Strategy, Technology Dual Screen Campaign- Return on Investment The Future
    3. 3. Beer Industry & Heineken International-Analysis BEER INDUSTRY HEINEKEN COMPANY * Consolidation in the Industry:- The World’s top four breweries’ total global market share *Heineken is the third largest beer company. In was 45.8% in 2011. 2010, it owns 141 breweries in 71 countries in the world. *Annual Growth rate of beer Industry was 3.5% in 2011. *Heineken markets itself as the “most international brewery “group in the world. *Emerging Markets showed a strong growth rate of 6.8% in 2011. *Advertising and promotion:- Heineken spends 12- 15% of total revenues on * Low Switching Cost:- Marketing & Advertising and Promotion. Advertising accounted for 20% of total costs of top players in 2011. * In 2011.Heineken spent 4% of its approximately €2 billion ($2.89 billion) annual * Average Gross Profit Margin for top players advertising budget on online marketing. is 38%.Deloitte Report 2011
    4. 4. Campaign- Heineken Dual Screen(2011). IDEA GENERATION CAMPAIGN *Multitasking:- 90% of respondents do multi- * Heineken launched a “Dual screen” mobile tasking on their Smart phones while watching marketing campaign around the 2011 UEFA live TV & commercials Champions League tournament. *70% of respondents multitask at least once a *Dual Screen Campaign is the world’s first week; 49% do so daily. social media gaming platform to go along with *94% of reported multi-taskers engage in the 2011 UEFA Champions League. mobile communication- exchanging email, *Heineken’s Star player App is a real-time texting, talking & social networking. mobile game- Engage fans with the brand and *Mobile traffic spikes during halftime shows of their favorite football team at same time. sporting events *Yahoo Sports saw a 305% increase during the last Super Bowl.Yahoo Mobile and Razor fish Survey (2010)
    5. 5. Star Player ApplicationLet’s Create Buzz!!!Source:-
    6. 6. Star Player Application- Features Live Game Questions • Earn points by predicting- Corner Kicks, Free Kicks and Penalties. Goal Button • Total 8 Press Goal Button- If a goal is scored with in 30 seconds; Win extra points. Bonus Questions • Questions during the Live Match- The faster the answer, the more points scored. Its Social!! • Scores can be shared on the Face book and players can form league of their own friends and compete.At then end of match, Heineken Star play can win Champions League tickets
    7. 7. Heineken Dual Screen- “Target People” * Sports Enthusiasts. * Perform Dual Screening. * Enjoy Football Matches in a Community with a beer. * Socially Active.150 million TV Viewers in 220 Different Countries for UEFA Champions League
    8. 8. Heineken Dual Screen- “Objectives” *Increase Consumer’s engagement with Brand Heineken- Put People in the game( 90 minutes of Brand Engagement). *Bring excitement to fingertips of fans through the cutting edge dual screen technology of Star Player Application. *Create a consistent Digital Marketing Communication via integration with Social Media Channel- Face book.Customer Engagement
    9. 9. Heineken Dual Screen- “Strategy” *To associate Heineken brand with excitement and competition of premium matches. * Create a more social experience around watching and enjoying matches. * To make ‘Heineken’, a mandatory accessory to football matches ,which can augment TV experience.Growth--- Engage--- Monetize
    10. 10. Heineken Dual Screen- “Technology” * Heineken Star Player application is compatible with Computer, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. *Social Media Integration- Publish real time scores with “Face book Connect”. *Available on other mobile platforms(e.g. Android) in 2012.Informa reported that mobile advertising in 2010 was worth $4.4 billion.
    11. 11. Heineken Dual Screen- “Campaign ROI” * 1 million downloads in one month period( Apr 27th – May 28th). *A great start:- Star Player has a shelf life considerably beyond that of an advertising campaign. *Heineken App combines gamification & social channel to expand a live event into a digital social event.Reputation and Awareness is the ROI
    12. 12. The Future *Tablets, Smart phones and Smart TV- Proliferate marketing initiatives in future *Social TV - Can multiply more opportunities for brands and mobile agencies *Live shows, sporting events and event based programs can greatly leverage Internet TVDuring the Oscar telecast 2012, 87% of all social-media comments were about the Academy Awards.Source:- Bluefin Labs- Social Media Analyst Company
    13. 13. Thank you