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  • Minimally invasive surgery (MIS) includes procedures where a camera is inserted into the patient's body to help the doctor visualize the procedures he or she is conducting. In one example, this form of surgery is aided with the use of AR imagery of a brain superimposed onto the patient's head, giving the doctor a more tangible visualization.Patient Data:- In order to check a patient's history, the doctor would need only to look the patient over while wearing a head-mounted display (HMD). Virtual tags could appear on the patient to locate previous injuries or illnesses and provide valuable data to the doctor instantly and in context with the patient.
  • This app is a application of augmented reality that usescamera, touch screen, and computational power to help surgeons measure halluxvalgus angles based on an X-ray.Video demonstrates the use of Hallux Angles Application
  • The benefit with AR learning is that there are no "real" errors. For example, if a firefighter learns how to fight various types of fires, or a surgeon learns laparoscopic surgery in an augmented reality situation, there are no real consequences if mistakes are made during training. These types of training provide opportunities for more authentic learning and appeal to multiple learning styles
  • AR Campaign helped Lynx brand to grab attention of thousands of people in the Victoria Bus Station
  • North America and Europe are the major contributors in the augmented reality application market; but, in the coming five years, Japan, China, and South Korea will have a major chunk in the market share of augmented reality. 
  • For further understanding of Competitive Landscape in the AR Market, each of major players are analyzed on the basis of four major parameters.
  • 1. Total Immersion:- 2. Metaio:- http://www.wikitude.comZugara :- :-
  • AR enabled Eyes:- Walking into a party and noticing somebody you have met before but you cannot remember their name, augmented reality technology would be able to draw from your personal databases, for example Facebook and other social media networks, and provide you with that information.Among other applications- People can try out different apparels without wearing them and this can be done in front of Smart TV with in living room.AR provides a safe, controlled environment to conduct exposure therapy within a patient’s physical surroundings, creating a more believable scenario with heightened ‘presence’ and greater immediacy than Virtual Reality (VR).Tanagram is developing a system of lightweight sensors and displays that collect and provide data from and to each individual soldier in the field. This includes a computer, a 360-degree camera, UV and infrared sensors, stereoscopic cameras and OLED translucent display goggles.
  • Business Perspective- Augmented Reality

    1. 1. Augmented Reality and Business Ashish Badyal 1
    2. 2. Agenda  Augmented Reality •Target Customers  Augmented Reality Applications •Positioning of • Location Based Services Bombardier • Gaming Q400 NextGen • Education • Health Sector •Summary • Marketing  Competitive Analysis  Future of AR 2
    3. 3. Augmented Reality Augmented reality (AR) technology offers a real-time view of ones immediate surroundings altered or enhanced by computer generated information.  Combines live video with computer-generated data & visualization.  Technology adds extra layer of digital information.  Information and entertainment with real world context.  Follows virtual reality.  Playground for virtual sights and sounds.  Real time phenomenon.The growth of augmented reality (AR) will almost certainly change the way we visuallyexperience the everyday world. 3
    4. 4. Augmented Reality- Applications 4
    5. 5. LBS(Local Based Services) Navigate around places with instant information available. Gather information around you on places, monuments etc. Notify people and objects with Social media Integration.LBS Technology using AR is already considered as a mainstream Technology 5
    6. 6. Local Based Services- ‘Layar’ AugmentedReality Browser Enhance Real World with digital Information(3D Objects & animation). Location-based layers help users to find nearby locations, cafés, shops and businesses.Over 10 Million Installs of ‘Layar’ Augmented Reality Browser 6* Source :-
    7. 7. Augmented Reality- Gaming Industry Microsoft, Sony & Nintendo are major players in AR enabled games. Play games in real world with real items using AR. Create an interactive, virtual playground with AR technologyAR is considered as future of Motion Control Gaming 7
    8. 8. AR Gaming- Sony PlayStation Vita Add a new dimension to your gaming environment- Create a character based on your personality. Play Vita augmented reality games wherever you want to (Project your game on Coffee table, Kitchen etc).Popular AR Games :- Reality Fighters, Droid Shooting, Parallel Kingdom, Cliff Driver etc*Source :- 8
    9. 9. Augmented Reality- Healthcare Industry Live interactive imaging for assisting physicians & medical Students. Minimally invasive surgery (MIS). Leveraging and managing the massive mine of patient data.AR is actively applied to medical communications and education 9
    10. 10. AR Health - Hallux Angles Application Hallux App measures Hallux valgus angles. It assists surgeons in pre- operation process for forefoot surgery.Whilst limited in its function, it opens the door for many more useful applications to take advantage of augmented reality. 10* Source :-
    11. 11. Augmented Reality- Education Dynamic processes, extensive datasets, & objects can be brought into a student’s personal space at a scale. Visit virtual representations of real world using Interactive AR. AR Learning is with no “real errors”.Could augmented reality be the one missing piece of the learning puzzle? 11
    12. 12. AR Education - Learn AR Learn AR combines real world with online-multimedia content, using a web cam and AR technologyAR applications can provide each student with his/her own unique discovery path.* Source :- 12
    13. 13. Augmented Reality- Marketing &Advertising Non- traditional( 3D Visualization, Animation) ways to enable consumers to interact with Brands. AR technology now resides on mobile phones and this platform can open exciting marketing opportunities.Augmented Reality is poised to change the dynamics of Advertising and Marketing. 13
    14. 14. AR Marketing- Lynx Campaign( AR-VERTISING) Lynx and Ad agency BBH launched a AR campaign- “To drop angels on to earth to interact with commuters”. Lynx AR Campaign created a lot of buzz, stillness & smiles in the Victoria station.The possibilities of augmented reality in the field of marketing are endless!Source :- 14
    15. 15. Augmented Reality- Business Cards AR Business Card features can provide a wealth of information- additional text, images, video etc.Make your business card a much more intense way to present yourself!Source:- 15
    16. 16. Augmented Reality-Competitive Analysis 16
    17. 17. Market Potential & Analysis • Annual Mobile AR Market is expected to approach $1.5 billion of 2015, up from less than Market size by AR Market $2 million in 2010. turboprops aircrafts in next 5 years • The most attractive of all the segments is the Smart phones segment; followed by the Segments tablets, and so on. Passengers and Fleet data analysis • Smart phones had increased from 8 million in 2009 to more than 100 million in 2010. Smart phones Project ions for year 2017 AR • In 2010, there were 380 Mobile applications based on Augmented Reality. Applications Drivers for growth • Location Based Services and Games are the most lucrative segments in AR market Potential* Juniper Research 2010- Focus on Mobile AR Market 17
    18. 18. Market Analysis(Mobile AR Market 2010) Market size of •Target turboprops Market Share Customers 15% aircrafts in next •Positioning 5 years of 25% Passengers and LBS Bombardier 6% Fleet data Games Q400 analysis NextGen 7% Project Multimedia ions for year Lifestyle & Healthcare •Summary 8% 2017 Enterprise 26% Social Networking Drivers for 13% growth Others North America and Europe are the major contributors in the augmented reality application market; but, in thecoming five years, Japan, China, and South Korea will have a major chunk in the market share of augmented reality. 18
    19. 19. Competitive Landscape- AR Market Major Players in the AR Market:- Total Immersion, Metaio, Wikitude, Zugara, and Layar. Analysis of major players on four different parameters:- •Target • The product market is segmented into five broad categories; Customers Products namely Smart phones, tablet PC’s, eye wear, head mounted displays, and head up displays •Positioning of Bombardier Q400 • Industrial Applications:- Military, Medical, Manufacturing etc Applications • Consumer Applications:- Gaming applications, E-learning, GPS NextGen navigation, and online advertisement applications •Summary • Monitor Based Technology Technology • Near to Eye Based Technology Geography • North America, Europe, Asia Pacific .Today only 0.1% of the users are using augmented reality (AR). It is estimated that in the coming five years, 1% ofthe population will be using this application; which is an exponential rise in the overall market. 19
    20. 20. Comparative AnalysisCompany Products Applications Technology Geography1. Total Eyewear, Head Industrial & Monitor Based & Asia EMEA, NorthImmersion mounted Displays, Consumer- Retail, Near to Eye Based •Target Europe America,(France) Smart phones, Auto, Telecom, Technology Customers Tablets &PC LBS •Positioning2. Metaio Smart phones, Industrial & Monitor Based & of and Europe US(Germany) Tablets & PC Consumer- Retail, Near to Eye Based Bombardier Gaming, Telecom Technology Q400 NextGen3.Wikitude Smart phones & Consumer – AR Monitor Based & US and Europe(Austria) Tablets Browser Near to Eye Based •Summary Technology4. Zugara Smart phones & Industrial & Monitor Based & US(US) Tablets Consumer – Near to Eye Based Engineering, Technology ecommerce, VC5. Layar Smart phones & Consumer- AR Monitor Based & Netherlands(Holland) Tablets Browser Near to Eye Based 20 Technology
    21. 21. Future - Augmented Reality Personal and Targeted Information- 1.5 billion($) (AR enabled Eyes) CAGR Marketing Tool 295% Health Care 1.5 Million($) Military Use 2010 2015 Market growth (2010)AR Technology is at a threshold of a tipping point* 21
    22. 22. Thank you 22