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Mis case study

  1. 1. T.Z.A.S.P.MANDAL’S<br />PRAGATI COLLEGE OF ARTS, COMMERCE, AND SCIENCE<br />A CASE STUDY REPORT ON<br />HOTEL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM<br />PRESENTED ON: 13TH September 2010<br />ABLY GUIDED BY Madam Rupali Patil<br />T.Y.B.Sc. (IT)<br />SUBMITTED BY<br /><ul><li>Ms. Ashwini Vaykole - Roll No. 4
  2. 2. Ms. Ashwini Godage - Roll No. 2</li></ul>T.Z.A.S.P.MANDAL’S<br />PRAGATI COLLEGE OF ARTS, COMMERCE, AND SCIENCE<br />T.Y.B.Sc. (IT)<br />CERTIFICATE<br /><ul><li>This is to certify that Ms. Ashwini Godage (Roll No. 2)
  3. 3. Ms. Ashwini Vaykole (Roll No. 4) has completed the case study of Management Information System satisfactorily during academic year 2010-11.
  4. 4. Date: 13th September 2010
  5. 5. Professor-in-charge
  6. 6. (B.SC.IT)</li></ul>INDEX<br />Sr. No.ContentsPage No.1.Introduction2.Infrastructure3.Business4.Enterprise modal5.Raw material6Output7.Business strategy and analysis8.Guidelines for customers9.Guidelines for staff members10.Information flow11.Future scope<br />INTRODUCTION<br />Management is the art of getting work done through others. Each organization manages its day today activities by getting work done through their workers. To manage the organization the top level management maintains an information system that manages the information flow within the organization. Every organization maintains the Management Information System (MIS). <br />The management information system here we are discussing is the information system for Hotel diamond. Diamond hotel is situated in the Pune . Located just 20 minutes from Pune international airport and ten minutes from the domestic airport.<br />Hotel Diamond is a multi-dimensional lifestyle complex set on 12 acres of landscaped gardens & water features, encompassing luxury rooms and suites, contemporary serviced apartments, varied dining options, extensive leisure facilities, meeting rooms and an international shopping plaza. Our hotel in Mumbai is host to Club Oasis Fitness Centre & Spa. Restaurants & Bars at the hotel include China House restaurant & lounge, the Italian Celini for home-style cooking and Soma restaurant serving tandoor-grilled specialties.<br />In this case study we are discussing about the infrastructure of the hotel, hotel business, enterprise model, raw material and output or reports generated by the hotel, similarly the business strategies implemented by the hotel, and the future scope.<br />INFRASTRUCTURE<br />Hotel infrastructure Hotel management systemScopeTechnique Management levels<br />Infrastructure is the basic structure or feature of the system or organization. It contains basic physical and organizational structure needed for operation of society or enterprise on business facilities necessary for economy to function.<br />If we consider the infrastructure of the hotel, it covers all the aspects of any five stars or seven stars hotels such as restaurant, lodging and boarding facility, resorts, discos, pubs etc.<br /><ul><li>Customize hotel rooms.
  7. 7. Pre or advance booking of resort, rooms etc.
  8. 8. Good housekeeping facility.
  9. 9. Good maintenance of inventory.
  10. 10. Maintain good public relationship.
  11. 11. Maintains all personal hygiene and environmental sanitation.</li></ul>Today’s world is an automated world. Hence hotel Diamond uses software to manage the day-to-day activities of the hotel. It not only reduces the human efforts but also saves the time by automating each activity of the hotel. This software also generates the reports as per the need of an organization.<br />MiddleLowerTopManagement levels<br />Each and every organization has management levels that manage the organization. The figure shows the management levels of the hotel .i.e., Top Level Management, Middle Level Management and Low Level Management. The top level management includes the higher authorities of the hotel such as hotel owners, managing directors, etc. whereas the lower level management includes the hotel workers and the customers who visited the hotel. The middle level management contains a whole and sole person that is the manager, who acts as a link between the top level management and lower level management.<br />BUSINESS<br />As this hotel one of the popular hotel, the business provided by the hotel is also very large. Many investors would like to invest in our hotel.<br />The various strategies implemented by the hotel provide good profit to the organization. If we consider the business provided by the each service provided by the hotel then it is as follows.<br /> 9%9%5%14%65%Restaurant:65%Resort:14%9% 9%5%Logging & boarding:Auditorium:Disco/pubs:Business<br /> <br />The restaurant part of the hotel provides more business as customers normally visited to the hotel to take breakfast, lunch or dinner. The lodging and boarding section provides second largest business to the hotel. Resort provides 10 percent of the total business, Discos and pubs and auditorium provides 5 percent of the business.<br />ENTERPRISE MODEL<br />The enterprise modal of the hotel is as shown in the figure. First level of the include board members of the hotel. The next level of the hotel contains manager. The manager manages both insiders as well as outsiders. Insider parties include all departments and the workers whereas outsider contains suppliers, shareholders and customers. The figure shows the enterprise modal for the hotel Diamond.<br />SupplierCustomerShareholderStaff DepartmentManager Insider Outsider BoardManaging directorEnterprise model<br />RAW MATERIALS<br />Each and every organization wants raw material to provide the goods and services to the customers. The raw material may be in the form of products and the information. The suppliers supply the raw materials that are the things that are required for Kitchen, lodging and boarding facility and the many other sections of the hotel. Information may contain the data that is to be required for generating various types of reports for organization. These raw materials are processed in order to get the final repots and the products.<br />OUTPUT<br />The output provided by the hotel is nothing but the services which we are going to provide to the customers. The main goal of getting good output is to satisfy all the customers and to increase the business of the hotel. In hotel management system the output can be generated in the form of reports. The reports generated in the hotel are<br /><ul><li>Collection Report
  12. 12. Annual Report
  13. 13. Stock or Inventory Report
  14. 14. Other Reports </li></ul>The collection report contains total income of the hotel in one day, week, and month or in annual year. The annual report contains the whole year’s report of the hotel. Stock reports give the information about the inventory of the hotel. Other reports may contain the number of customers visited to the hotel or a particular employee’s or customer’s information repots, leave repots of employees etc.<br />BUSINESS ANALYSIS AND STRATEGIES<br />If anyone wants his business to be successful then he have to build the good business strategies and should provide the proper healthy environment to the working staff.<br />The business conducted in the hotel is on the basis of customer’s requirements. As the new inventions in the various fields have been taken place, the higher authority must do proper planning and business analysis and in order to increase the overall grade of the organization. <br />When the business is conducted according to the need of customers it has to be one of the successful businesses in this competitive world. The manager has to control all the employees in such a way that the objectives decided by the top level management are achieved within the specified time period. <br />While performing or managing the business in the hotel, the top level management has to be deciding long term plans as well as short term plans for the hotel. The long term plans for the hotel may contain: <br /><ul><li>Locating the many such hotels in each and every part of the country.
  15. 15. To provide special rooms, services, as per the customer’s need.
  16. 16. To increase long term investors.
  17. 17. Our marketing efforts must be concentrated on take out of delivery areas of most promising growth.</li></ul>The short term plan for the hotel may contain the following plans:<br /><ul><li>Increasing new flavors in the menus as per the need of customer.
  18. 18. To improve all functionality of the hotel.
  19. 19. To increase number of customers.
  20. 20. Achieving the total quality management in the hotel. </li></ul>GUIDELINES FOR CUSTOMERS<br />The customers have to follow some guidelines in the visiting periods of the hotel. The guidelines decided for the customers by the hotel Diamond are as follows:<br /><ul><li>While entering into the hotel the customer must provide the information to the reception whatever and whenever asked.
  21. 21. While ordering any service the customer must order the service only ot the respective staff member of the hotel.
  22. 22. In case of any damage to hotel property, it will be get paid by the customer.
  23. 23. The customer should behave properly with each and every staff of the hotel.
  24. 24. All the rules and regulations of the hotel must be followed by each and every customer of the hotel.
  25. 25. The customer should pay their bills in cash or credit cards. No cheques are accepted.
  26. 26. Customer has pay advance for booking of any particular service.
  27. 27. Customer should fill the feedback form before check out. Because your suggestions values us.</li></ul>INFORMATION FLOW<br />The purpose of implementing the management information system in the organization is to decide flow of information within the organization.<br />In each and every organization there are many departments in which various reports are generated. These reports are useful to decide the flow of information within the hotel. The repots generated by one department will act as input to the other department.<br />If we consider the flow of information within the hotel, if suppose a customer is visited to the hotel, he order something to the waiter that is the customer gives the information to the waiter. This information is carry forward to the kitchen department to serve the menu to the customer. While check out the customer is provided with the bill which he has to pay and contains all the information about the food ordered by the customer, its cost, customers check in time and checkout time etc. Hence, we can say that the repot generated here is nothing but the bill given to the customer.<br />Similarly, if we consider the information flow between the various departments of the hotel, the reports generated by the each department of the hotel helps in preparing the final that is annual report of hotel. <br /> <br />