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Ashton Lumley - Robert Hanson
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Ashton Lumley - Robert Hanson


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Was a presentation I did for criminal law class

Was a presentation I did for criminal law class

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  • 1. • A Murderer • A hunter • Another !FREAK!
  • 2. • Many woman were flown into the wilderness, released, then hunted down!!• Literally, he strapped on his hunting gear, and hunted humans.• Woman that were in terror, ran from him in the unknown wilderness.• Robert loved the thrill, a real hunt, what an insane psycho-path!
  • 3. • In the mountains around Anchorage, Hansen honed his skills as a hunter, and in 1969, 1970 and 1971, he had 4 animals entered into the Pope and Young record book.• In about 1971, though, he discovered that another type of hunting satisfied him more.
  • 4. Paula ~ After raping and torturing her, Hansen opened the cabin door and let her run away.Golding Robert Hansen: “It ~ He took off after her with his rifle. ~ He was hunting her, and talked with great was like how she had run across a some rather sharp going her feet excitement about rocks and cut after badly, forcing her to try and hide under a trophy Dall sheep or bush. a~ grizzly and called outup and started He spotted her bear.”her name, this frightened her and she jumped running. Unfortunately she chose open ground to run over, and Hansen raised his gun, and… !~BANG~!
  • 5. • Robert Christian Hansen was born on February 15, 1939, in Esterville, Iowa.• From a Danish immigrant baker and his wife.• His childhood was not easy, as his father was very strict.• Robert worked long hours in their bakery.• Although he was left-handed, Robert was forced to use his right hand, and he says the resulting stress made a stuttering problem even worse.• He had a slight build• He had acne so bad that he almost never socialized.• He was remembered as a "loner".
  • 6. • On December 7, 1960, the first major event occurred that would fit Hansen into the psychological profile of a developing serial killer.• As retribution for perceived abuses by the people of Pocahantas, Iowa, he forced a 16-year-old employee at the bakery to help him burn down the school bus garage.• Unfortunately, the teen had morals, though, and turned himself and Hansen in. Hansen was sentenced to 3 years in prison, and his wife of only 6 months divorced him• . He served only 20 months of that sentence - he was paroled despite being assessed as having an "infantile personality" which made him obsess about getting even with people.
  • 7. Within a few months of being released, Hansen was married again. Healso started stealing just for the thrill of doing it. Although he wascaught stealing several times, no charges were ever laid. In 1967, theHansens decided it was time for a new start, and left for Alaska.
  • 8. • Bob Hansen found all the victims he could want - women who, for $300, would go anywhere with him. From his looks, women apparently felt they had no reason to fear him; as one rape victim reported, "He sort of looked like the perfect dork."
  • 9. Paula Golding • Her body was found along Knik River. • The remains were partially decomposed and buried in a shallow grave • 17-year-old that was a topless dancer and prostitute from Anchorage • Shot with a .223-caliber bulletJoanne Messina • Her body was found in a nearby gravel pit • a local topless dancer • her body was badly decomposed • little evidence to be found
  • 10. On June 13, 1983, there is some hope in finding the killer. • In the evening, a trucker was passing through town when he noticed a frantic young female waving her arms and calling out to him. • The girl had a pair of handcuffs dangling from one of her wrists and her clothing was disheveled. • She told the trucker that a man was after her. she began telling him an extraordinary story.
  • 11. According to reports she gave to investigators: ~ she had been approached on the street by a 40ish, red-haired man, and offered $200 for oral sex ~ ~ she agreed to the price, but midway through the act the man locked a handcuff around her wrist and pulled out a gun ~ ~ he drove to his house in Muldoon, the man brutally raped her, bit her nipples, and at one point shoved a hammer into her vagina ~ ~ after a brief rest, the man said that he was going to fly her to his cabin in the mountains ~ ~ Upon their arrival at the airport, her kidnapper shoved her inside a small plane and began loading supplies. The young prostitute knew she was in serious trouble and that the man would probably kill her once they got to his cabin. Waiting until his back was turned, she shoved open the door and ran for her life ~
  • 12. -On February 22, 1984, Hansen had his defense attorney arrange a meeting withAnchorage D. A.- During the meeting, he offered Hansen a deal ~In exchange for a full confession~-The D.A. guaranteed him that he would--Be charged with the four cases that they knew of-And be able to serve his time in a federal facility, rather than amaximum-security institution -Hansen reluctantly agreed to these conditions-
  • 13. While searching Robert Hansenshome, officers discovered a hiddenspace tucked away in the attic rafters.
  • 14. Officers found:Jewelry newspaper clippings,drivers licenses, Newspaper Clippings Jewelryand various ID cards, some of which belonged to the deadwomen.
  • 15. They discoveredRemington 552 rifle Winchester12-gauge shotgun. !!And many more!!
  • 16. Hansen was provided with a large aerial map of theregion. He identified 15 gravesites, 12 of whichwere unknown to investigators.
  • 17. In 1988, Hansen was returned to Alaska and became an inmate in Spring CreekCorrectional Center, where he remains today. Shortly after his conviction, the recordkeepers for Pope & Young removed Hansens name from their record books. Spring Creek Correctional Center
  • 18. Hansens wife and two children tried to remain in Alaska, but after two years of harassment, his second wife filed fordivorce and left Alaska for good.
  • 19. THE END