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Savvy Media & PR: The New Media
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Savvy Media & PR: The New Media


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Presentation looking at the intersection of Social Media, New Media and PR that come together to create "New PR" and what it means for the Nonprofit sector.

Presentation looking at the intersection of Social Media, New Media and PR that come together to create "New PR" and what it means for the Nonprofit sector.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Ash Shepherd | Project Strategist
    Savvy Media & PR: The New Media
  • 2. NPower Northwest
    NPower NW focuses technology on mission in a way that advances individual nonprofits and the sector as a whole.
    “We are motivated by mission and inspired by potential”
    Technology Strategy & Planning
    Websites & Web Applications
    Network Support
    Collaboration Systems
    Database Systems
    Social Media Strategy & Planning
  • 3. Technology Waiter
    “How am I suppose to do all of this, I already don’t have enough time to do my job(s)?”~Previous Participant~
    I provide the menu and recommendations

    You pick a couple items to try and go from there
  • 4. Don’t Overeat the Technology
  • 5. Road Map
    • Defining PR & New Media
    • 6. Real Value
    • 7. Integrating Efforts
    • 8. Learning To Share
    • 9. Tools
    • 10. Wrapping It All Up
  • Format For The Day
    Keeping it “Our Training”
  • 11. Defining PR & New Media
    Where we’ve come from & where we’ve arrived
  • 12. Traditional PR
    What is Traditional PR all about?
  • 13. Traditional PR: The Process
    Make a pitch to Media
    Their Needs
  • 14. New Media
    What is New Media all about?
  • 15. New Media: The Process
  • 16. The New PR Model
    Secondary support to relationship
  • 17. Not The Silver Bullet…But
    No one channel will reach everyone
    New Media: Fastest growing & can’t be ignored
  • 18. Major Differences
    Broadcasting is out -> Engagement is in
    The community shares ownership
    More direct relationship with folks
    Traditional media solicits you instead
  • 19. Questions
  • 20. Real Value
    What realistically is the value
  • 21. Does It Work
    What sort of results can I expect?
  • 22. Wave 5 Report
    Wave 5: The Socialization of Brands
    37,600 respondents
    53 countries
    Since 2006
  • 23. Wave 5 Report
    Those that have affiliated with a brand online
    Source: Universal McCann , Wave 5 Report
  • 24. Wave 5 Report
    Impact on feeling more positive and loyal
    Source: Universal McCann , Wave 5 Report
  • 25. Idealware Decision Guide
    Social Media Decision Makers Guide
    Survey (460)
    Discussion Groups (6)
    Case Study Analysis (273)
    Facebook Survey (271)
    Twitter Survey (69)
  • 26. Idealware Decision Guide
  • 27. Idealware Decision Guide
  • 28. Idealware Decision Guide
  • 29. Reactions
  • 30. Integrating Your Efforts
    All the activity staying focused on the mission
  • 31. Layers of Strategy
  • 32. Strategic Communication Plans
    “House of Balloons”
  • 33. Strategic Communication Plans
    “House of Balloons”
  • 34. Strategic Communication Plans
    **Important: Website is still the cornerstone of online communications
  • 35. Setting Your Context | Activity
    What Are Your Organizations Goals?
    • 3 Overall Communications
    • 36. 3 Online Communication Goals
    10 Min
    If you know the official goals please use them
    If unsure, then create what you think is most appropriate
  • 37. Setting Your Context | Activity
    Are Your Goals SMART???
  • 38. Didn’t Know Your Goals?
    What Might This Tell You?
    Organization has not established them?
    Not sharing them in a way that EVERYONE knows them?
    You should pay better attention in staff meetings?
  • 39. Editorial Calendar
    • See “Big Picture”
    • 40. See how various channels relate
    • 41. Become Proactive vs. Reactive
    • 42. Whatever system you use, just makeit one you WILL USE
  • Integrate Platforms
    Let Technology Work For You
    Most platforms are built to share with each other
    • Facebook Tabs
    • 43. Widgets on Website/Blog
    • 44. RSS Feeds
  • Power in Sharing
    Getting the word out
  • 45. The Mighty Share
    More likely to buy/support when recommended
    • Sharing is at the foundation of new media
    • 46. Facebook has seen more visits than Google
    • 47. 51.1 million visitors in October 2010
    • 48. Average user 130 friends
    • 49. 700 Billion minutes/month
  • 50. Tips To Make It Shareable
    Make It Easy
  • 51. Tips To Make It Shareable
    It’s Not About You
    Keep it focused on the community and issues
    not just your organization
  • 52. Tips To Make It Shareable
    Make It Timely
    Give people a reason (and the impact) for acting in “Real-Time”
    If I “Like” this what will that mean?
  • 53. Tips To Make It Shareable
    Tell Them What To Share
    Provide the content and snippets that are ready to share
    • Sample Twitter Post
    • 54. YouTube videos
    • 55. Direct Request to “share this post”
  • Building Your Toolbox
    The Key To Becoming More Efficient
  • 56. Social Media Press Release
    Twitter pitch
  • 57. Media Contact
    Help A
    Reporter Out
    Journalist Find You
    Listed As Expert
    Experts for your news
  • 58. Listening Dashboard
    Relevant Topics
    Brand Mentions
    Fans and Supporters
  • 59. Management Dashboard
    Multiple Platforms
    Monitor key terms
    Overlap with Mobile
    Schedule Posts
  • 60. Wrapping It All Up
    If you only remember a few things
  • 61. Major Takeaways
    Can’t ignore the momentum of new media
    Real value possible, but be realistic
    The right tools can increase impact
    Not “Likeable” offline = Not “Likeable” online
  • 62. Help Us Achieve Our Mission
    Feel free to use me as a resource if you have questions in the future
    Overall Questions???
    Ash Shepherd | Project Strategist|