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Autism and down sydrome in children
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Autism and down sydrome in children


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  • 1. Speech Language Pathology
    Sign Language
    Non-Verbal Communication
    Conversation Skills
    Concept Skills
    Autism and Down Syndrome in Children
    Types of Down Syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • 2.
  • 3. Down Syndrome
    The adjustments and movements of speech organs involved in pronouncing a particular sound, taken as a whole
    It is very important for children with Down syndrome to receive speech therapy because they often have small mouths and enlarged tongues. This deficiency therefore causes them to have articulation problems, or trouble speaking clearly.
    Causes of Articulation Problems:
    The cause of the articulation problem in a child with Down syndrome is caused by the low muscle tone of their face muscles and their hearing problems
  • 4. Where Does the Speech Therapist Come In?
    Speech language pathologists will work with the children to help them communicate clearly. This task is done by simply talking to the child, but in many cases of children with Down syndrome, sign language is used as the means of communication.
  • 5. Chromosomal Disruption of Chromosome 21
    The American Sign Language Alphabet
  • 6. Different Types of Down Syndrome
  • 7. How Do You Know What Type of Down Syndrome Your Child Has?
    This is a test to examine chromosomes in a sample of cells, which can help identify genetic problems as the cause of a disorder or disease.
    What It Can Do:
    It can count the number of chromosomes and look for structural changes in chromosomes
    How Is the Test Performed:
    The test can be performed on almost any tissue, including amniotic fluid, bone marrow, and placenta.
    The test used to determine what type of Down syndrome is present in an individual is called karyotyping.
  • 8. Non-Verbal Communication:
    The SLP will teach the child gestural communication, or training with PECS, electronic talking devices, etc.
    Speech Pragmatics:
    The SLP will help the child understand how, when, and who to use certain phrases with.
    Conversation Skills:
    The SLP works on back-and-forth exchanges of words, sometimes known as “joint attention”
    Children with autism spectrum disorders are either non-verbal or extremely verbal, they are almost always recommended to a speech language pathologist to help them with a wide range of skills, including non-verbal communication, speech pragmatics, conversation skills, and concept skills.
  • 9. Concept Skills:
    Autistic children often have a tough time with ideas like “few,” “justice,” and “liberty.” They may be able to state something, but that doesn’t mean they understand the concept, and the SLP will help them to do so.
    Other Types of Therapies:
    Along with speech therapy, children with autism may also go to play therapy, drama therapy, and sensory integration therapy.
    More on Autism
    Although it may seem odd that children with autism are recommended to a speech language pathologist, but the reason they are is because they are more likely to misuse and misunderstand language on a regular basis. Over time, even the non-verbal children can develop communication skills and may even develop spoken language skills.
  • 10.
  • 11. Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • 12. More Autism Spectrum Disorders