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business research

business research

Published in Education , Technology , Business
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  • 1. Data Information Knowledge Knowledge is power
    • Basic research
      • Applied research
        • Business Research
    Leads to…
  • 2.
    • Concepts
    • Constructs
    • Definitions
    • Variables
    • Propositions and Hypotheses
    • Theories
    • Models
    Deductive: whole to part Inductive: part to whole Causal Research Exploratory Research Descriptive Research
  • 3. Survey Methods Telephone Personal Electronic Traditional Telephone Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing Mall Intercept In-Home E-Mail Internet Computer-Assisted Personal Interviewing Mail Mail Panel Mail/Fax Interview
  • 4. Types of Errors in Survey Research Total Error Systematic Error (Bias) Random Error Sample Design Error Population error Selection Error Frame Error Measurement Error Surrogate Info Interviewer Instrument Processing Error Response bias Nonsresponse Response Error Potholes
  • 5. Assess relevant existing knowledge Formulate concepts & Propositions Statement of Hypotheses Design research Acquire empirical data Analyze & evaluate data Provide explanation- state new problem COMPLETELY CERTAIN ABSOLUTE AMBIGUITY CAUSAL OR DESCRIPTIVE EXPLORATORY
  • 6. Research Pilot Study Initial study using a small amount of people to test a research question Exploratory Small to moderate scale research exploring the research question Focus groups Ethnogrophies Interviews Observations Case study Grounded theory Narrative Historical Phenomenological Triangulation Quantitative Research Qualitative Research Qualitative Research Quantitative Research Experimental Quasi-experimental Time series Predictive Correlational Comparative Descriptive Surveys Multivariate Longitudinal Large Scale Study Large scale study using many people to answers research questions
  • 7. Ethics Road Problem Discovery and Definition Research Design Sampling Data Gathering Data Processing and Analysis Conclusions and Report Problem Discovery And Definition and so on Researcher Respondents Client - Sponsor Decision Makers Ethics
  • 8. Iceberg Principle Most business problems lie below the surface Variables IV DV EV Categorical Continuous IV effect on DV Hypothesis
  • 9. Ascertain the decision maker’s objectives Understand background of the problem Isolate/identify the problem, not the symptoms Determine unit of analysis Determine relevant variables State research questions and objectives The Process of Problem Definition